LEGO October 2016 Store Calendar Promotions & Events

LEGO October 2016 Store Calendar

It looks like the October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar is now available and we can see some of the promotions and events for the month. I’ll update with higher quality images when they become available.

September 30: The LEGO Star Wars Death Star (75159) will be available for purchase for the general public.

October 1: The LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train (10254) will be available for purchase for the general public.

October 1-25: FREE Exclusive Holiday Countdown Calendar (40222) with purchases of $99 or more, while supplies last. Build and rebuild 24 new sets as you count down to the holidays.

October 1-31: Double VIP Points are back for the month.

October 4-5: LEGO VIP Monthly Mini Model build is a Werewolf (40217).

October 14 & 28: Family Game Night at LEGO Brand Stores from 4pm-7pm. Bring in the family to play Who Am I? and the Pirates Chess set. For participating, you can get Who Am I? for 50% off when you purchase the Pirates Chess set.

October 15: LEGO Friends exclusive VIP building event at LEGO Brand Stores. You’ll also get an exclusive LEGO Friends Pop Star Red Carpet set too.

LEGO October 2016 Store Calendar

  • Crzypengu

    I kind of wish the Death Star was the same price as the last one, it is nice to have updated minifigures even though I already own the previous version of it. I hope Lego releases a new updated version of the UCS Millennium Falcon or a Re-release of the original one for maybe a 2 year period mostly because it will be difficult to sell for a while because of the price point although the Death Star may be OK.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      I don’t understand why the Death Star is $100 more. The only difference is that it has roughly 200 more pieces, which aren’t even noticeably different. Then again, the price hasn’t been confirmed, has it?

      • Legence

        yes it’s confirmed 499.99 on lego shop online, dont know what lego group is doing making sets especially for star wars, $20 dollars over its 10 cents per piece ratio, before it is $10, and gussung they make free shipping at $35 or more they just bumped those prices up or no idea, wont be surprised if there is a new death star that costs $600 the next time

  • Jake

    It looks cool the Death Star!
    I guess I’ll wait until Oct 1 to my winter train so I can get double points and a free advent Calendar!

    • OhioBricker

      That’s what I was thinking. I bet it goes quickly, though.

  • Jeff

    Snooze. Saving $500 this year

  • Deanna Weaver

    Can u order online to get the free advent calendar?

    • I believe so.

      • Tapeworm

        Asked a lego rep about this. She said it’s an “In-Store” promo only and not online. 🙁

    • wendy

      I just ordered $99 online and got the free advent calendar so it is not exclusive to “In-Store”!!!!!

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