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LEGO Tweet Suggests New LEGO Stranger Things Set

LEGO has possibly dropped another hint that we could be seeing a new LEGO Stranger Things set. A few days ago, we got a look at the Stranger Things 4 trailer and LEGO did a LEGO-ized still shot of one of the scenes. I took it as just LEGO getting in on the hype for the new season but a fan on Twitter asked if there would be any new sets and LEGO responded with: “Keep an eye out for more information!”

I haven’t heard anything new for LEGO Stranger Things but this tweet suggests that we may be getting something in the near future. We’re still missing a lot from the theme that we didn’t get from The Upside Down (75810) like Bob or the Mind Flayer. We did get Barb as a minifigure but it was exclusive to SDCC 2019. Let’s do what LEGO says and keep an eye out for more details as they come.


LEGO Stranger Things 4 Teaser

LEGO is getting hyped up for Stranger Things 4 as they have recreated a scene from the trailer that dropped yesterday. The trailer itself was pretty confusing as it shows some kids inside some sort of institute playing with puzzles. There’s one short scene that shows a child stacking some blocks which LEGO has recreated showing a minifigure stacking some bricks. I’m not sure if LEGO is teasing some more LEGO Stranger Things sets or just getting in on the hype. I’m guessing the latter.

Currently there’s only one set based on the show which is The Upside Down (75810). There was also a Barb minifigure that was exclusive to SDCC 2019. Are you excited that the show is finally coming back soon after a short delay and seeing the kids grown up?


LEGO Stranger Things 2019 SDCC Signed Barb Minifigure Sweepstakes Live on Reward Center

The sweepstakes for the 2019 San Diego Comic Con LEGO Stranger Things Barb minifigure is now live on the LEGO VIP Reward Center. The packaging is signed by LEGO designer Justin Ramsden during SDCC last year. Each entry is 50 VIP points and there is a maximum of 15 entries for 750 points. The sweepstakes will end on November 20. You can check out my review of the minifigure here.

Enter the VIP Sweepstakes for a chance to win this “Barb” Minifigure – signed by LEGO designer Justin Ramsden, designer of the LEGO® Stranger Things The Upside Down set. Redeem 50 points to enter. Many will enter, only one will win! Ends 11/20.

Maximum of 15 entries per VIP Member – please see full terms and conditions for details and eligibility requirements. Sweepstakes closes 11/20/2020. Eligible countries: Canada (excluding Quebec), Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States. Please note, you are not eligible to enter from the following locations: Canada: Quebec is ineligible.


LEGO Sets Not Retiring in 2020

I’ve recently talked about some LEGO sets that are set to be retiring at the end of the year but I’ve also been asked if certain sets will be staying or not. I have some new information about a couple of sets that you don’t have to worry about it going away after 2020. I’ve been told from my source that the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) and The Disney Castle (71040) will not be retired and will be available for the foreseeable future.

Currently The Upside Down is still in stock on LEGO [email protected] but the Disney Castle has been on backorder status for a while now. Fortunately, LEGO is accepting backorders and it’ll be shipped in 60 days. You can also use the stock check to see if your nearest LEGO Brand Store has it on the shelves.


LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb Minifigure Review

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

Today is the second day of San Diego Comic Con 2019 and LEGO’s minifigure giveaway is for the LEGO Stranger Things Barb. The way the giveaway was done was the same as yesterday for the Advanced Suit Spider-Man except for a couple of things. First is that the time changed from 9:30am start time to 8:30am so I’m going to assume it’ll be like that tomorrow as well for the Zebra Batman. Also they added another iPad to make the line go a lot faster and I was out of the line by 9:00.

As for the packaging, it’s the same clamshell style as before. The card features the LEGO Stranger Things logo along with the SDCC 50 years on the bottom left. The back side has an advertisement for The Upside Down (75810).

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

As you can see above, my card has scribbles all over it. That is because the LEGO designer of The Upside Down, Justin Ramsden, was in town and he had a signing event at the LEGO booth so I headed there to get my signed along with many other fans. My inscription shows, “To The Brick Fan”, along with a speech bubble that says “Help”. All of it including the signature is written upside down.

As for the Barb minifigure itself, she is wearing the pink plaid ruffle shirt that is knotted on the top. The legs are just her blue jeans with some printing of the button and pockets. She has a double-sided head showing her with glasses and having … Continue

LEGO at San Diego Comic Con 2019

San Diego Comic Con 2019 is just right around the corner and as usual, LEGO will have a big presence there. Here’s a recap of all the LEGO happenings that will be going on there including panels, exclusives, and giveaways.

One thing to note is that there is no dedicated LEGO Ninjago panel like with previous years but I’m guessing it will be included in the content releases panel. As usual, I’ll be live tweeting it so follow my Twitter to stay updated as things are announced.

Thursday, July 18

LEGO Marvel Advanced Suit Spider-Man Minifigure Giveaway – There’s still no word on how the randomized instant-win drawing will taking place but I’m assuming it’ll be back at the Sails Pavilion along with the other minifigures. I’ll update when there is more information.

LEGO SDCC 2019 Advanced Suit Spider-Man

LEGO Marvel Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902)

Friday, July 19

LEGO Stranger Things Barb Minifigure

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

LEGO Star Wars Sith Trooper Bust (77901)

LEGO Star Wars Sith Trooper Bust (77901)2

Saturday, July 20

New LEGO Content Releases – Room 6A/11:15am-12:15pm

Go behind the scenes and get a sneak peek of upcoming LEGO animation. Jason Cosler (LEGO producer) and Robert May (LEGO producer) will be sharing exciting new LEGO animated content and hold a Q&A session moderated by Joshua and John Hanlon (Beyond the Brick).

LEGO DC Zebra Batman Minifigure

LEGO DC SDCC 2019 Zebra Batman

LEGO DC The Dark Knight of Gotham City (77903)

The Dark Knight of Gotham City (77903)

Sunday, July 21

LEGO DC Batman: Family Matters World Premiere – Room 6BCF/2:15pm-4:15pm

LEGO DC Batman - Family Matters

Batman, Robin, and Batgirl must stick together even when Gotham’s most dangerous villains attempt to pull them apart in


LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Exclusive Barb Minifigure Revealed

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

LEGO has revealed another exclusive minifigure they will be giving away at San Diego Comic Con 2019 with LEGO Stranger Things Barb. This minifigure will be available on July 19 through a randomized instant win drawing. I’m sure Barb will be very sought after for collectors and fans of Stranger Things.

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

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