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LEGO DC SDCC 2020 Wonder Woman (77906) Walmart Sale – June 2021

If you haven’t picked up the San Diego Comic Con 2020 LEGO DC Wonder Woman (77906) exclusive, Walmart currently has it on sale for about 43% off the retail price. It is now listed for $22.99 which is a great deal for a SDCC exclusive set that recreates the Wonder Woman #6 comic cover.


LEGO DC FanDome Supergirl Minifigure Review

LEGO DC FanDome Supergirl

If you remember way back in August, DC FanDome was held online and they partnered with LEGO to give away a LEGO Supergirl minifigure. For a few months there was radio silence from both companies and I even questioned if the sweepstakes was even held since the official rules stated that winners would be drawn within 5 business days after the contest ended.


LEGO Marvel Classic Suit Miles Morales SDCC 2020 PlayStation Sweepstakes

It looks like we finally know of the exclusive LEGO Marvel Super Heroes minifigure for San Diego Comic Con 2020 and it is the Classic Suit Miles Morales. LEGO and PlayStation is doing a contest to give away 1,650 minifigures by playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4. For a chance to win, you’ll have to beat the game and earn the “End Game” trophy and then connect your PlayStation account on the giveaway page and you’ll be entered to win. The LEGO Miles Morales Spider-Man is a lot harder to win than this year’s Supergirl but it is an exclusive with an updated printing on the torso and legs.


Two More LEGO San Diego Comic Con 2020 Exclusive Sets Revealed

The LEGO Building Instructions app has revealed two new San Diego Comic Con 2020 exclusive special limited edition sets with the LEGO Star Wars Nubulon-B Frigate (77904) and the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Taskmaster’s Ambush (77905). The Frigate has 459 pieces while the Ambush set has 230 pieces. There’s no word on pricing and availability at this time but they’ll most likely end up on the LEGO Shop here in the US some time in the near future like with the other SDCC 2020 sets.

Recreate every cool detail of the Nebulon-B Frigate with this brillant LEGO Star Wars construction set. Remember dramatic scenes aboard this Rebel cruiser as you build, then display your cretaion on its brick-built stand and show it off to friends. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Recreate Marvel movie action with this eye-catching display model featuring Black Widow, Taskmaster, and Red Guardian. The super villain is causing chaos and destruction in his 6-wheel monster truck. Black Widow launches an attack with her electroshock batons, Taskmaster fights back with his powerful sword, and Red Guardian charges into the battle with his mighty shield.


LEGO Super Mario Rumored SDCC 2020 Exclusive

San Diego Comic Con 2020 goes virtual this year and we’ve already reported that LEGO won’t be doing any panels as confirmed on the schedule. As for the LEGO exclusive, there’s no word on anything but there are rumors floating around Instagram about one that is LEGO Super Mario related. The set is called Toad’s Special Hideaway (77907) and it is priced at $19.99. There’s no details on where it will be sold at but it could be sold online at Target similar to the LEGO Star Wars Celebration 2019 Darth Vader Bust (75227). As always, nothing is confirmed so we’ll see if LEGO does anything next week.


No LEGO Panels at San Diego Comic Con 2020 @ Home

San Diego Comic Con 2020 has been officially cancelled but in its replacement, they have announced that there will be virtual panels held on all four days. The programming schedule for the days have been released and surprisingly there will be no LEGO related panels. That doesn’t mean that LEGO can’t or won’t be doing their own things on their social media channels.

Usually, LEGO shows off some products for the following year and it’s possible they could still do that. As for the exclusives, I have no idea if they will be doing any giveaways or selling any sets online if they already have things planned for SDCC so it’s just a wait and see situation.

The whole COVID-19 pandemic has put a hamper on things and San Diego Comic Con was the most anticipated event for me every year. I’ll missing driving to the convention center and doing all the LEGO related events including waiting in line for the LEGO exclusives. Hopefully we’ll get to see something that gives us our fill as a replacement for not going.


San Diego Comic Con 2020 Officially Cancelled

You may have seen the big pop culture announcement yesterday but in case you didn’t, it was announced that San Diego Comic Con 2020 has been officially cancelled. It’s not too surprising as businesses still aren’t ready to be opened and probably won’t be for some time due to the COVID-19 situation.

As for the LEGO exclusives that were planned for the event, nobody knows what will happen to them since everyone had to switch strategies. It is possible that LEGO puts them on the Reward Center as a raffle but that would be somewhat unfair for the attendees who were supposed to be there as it was an exclusive thing to them. Either way, we’ll see what LEGO does with the products they had planned for SDCC, if anything.


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