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More LEGO Harry Potter DOTS 2023 Sets Revealed

There are more of the LEGO Harry Potter DOTS sets that now have product listings on the LEGO Shop. For those who were wanting printed pieces, there is an accessory pack that have some featuring some of the main characters, the Hogwarts houses, and more. They will be released on March 1.

Hogwarts Accessories Pack (41808) – 234 pieces/$14.99

Want a fun kit for Harry Potter™ fans and kids aged 8 and up? Give them this LEGO® DOTS Hogwarts™ Accessories Pack (41808) kit and let them show off their passion! The set features 4 different DOTS canvases, including a double-row bracelet, stitch-on patch, rectangular bag tag, Harry Potter lightning bolt scar bag tag, key chain and a key. The included tiles come in different shapes and colors and feature charms, charm holders and 10 random decorated tiles (out of 16 possible designs). Kids cancreate endless designs to show off their love for Harry Potter or their favorite Hogwarts House and really express themselves.

Hedwig Pencil Holder (41809) – 518 pieces/£17.99

Know an animal lover or Harry Potter™ fan aged 6+ who’s into art and design? They can explore their passions with this useful, fun LEGO® DOTS Hedwig™ Pencil Holder (41809) kit. This desk accessory set is a great gift for everyday play or heading back to school and features a pencil holder with an owl-shaped front and movable wings, a letter-shaped note holder and lots of tiles. Assembly is easy with help from the included leaflet. The holders’ exteriors offer lots of space for kids to


LEGO Harry Potter DOTS Hedwig Pencil Holder (41809) Revealed

One of the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter DOTS sets have been revealed in the Play Zone on It’s the Hedwig Pencil Holder (41809) and it will be one of the last ever LEGO DOTS sets to be released as the theme will be ending.

Tidy up your school desk with help from a feathered friend! Create the LEGO® DOTS Hedwig™ Pencil Holder and letter-shaped note holder, then start decorating. Choose patterns from the included leaflet or unleash your creative magic and design your own. Once you’re done, use the pencil holder and stand to hold important items and keep your desk neat. Want to change it up? Redesign it!


LEGO BIONICLE Tahu and Takua (40581) Promotion Live on LEGO Shop

The promotion for the LEGO BIONICLE Tahu and Takua (40581) tribute set is now live on the LEGO Shop. The GWP runs through February 9 and requires a $100 purchase of City, Classic, Creator 3-in-1, DOTS, Friends, Monkie Kid, and Ninjago. Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back on your purchases. Make sure to activate the extension before you complete your purchase to get credit for it.

As a Rakuten/Linkshare Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


LEGO BIONICLE Tahu and Takua (40581) GWP Purchase Requirements Revealed

The LEGO BIONICLE Tahu and Takua (40581) promotion starts on January 27 and we confirm that it requires purchases from certain themes to get it. The GWP needs $95/£90/€100 purchase of City, Classic, Creator 3-in-1, DOTS, Friends, Monkie Kid, and Ninjago.

It isn’t ideal if you were waiting for the promo by purchasing something from another theme but LEGO has done restricted themes before with previous promos. Notice that all the themes that are on the list are in-house themes and none are licensed.


LEGO DOTS Theme Ending in 2023

It has been announced that the LEGO DOTS theme will sadly be coming to an end later this year. LEGO DOTS was launched back in 2020 with mixed reactions and the past few years, it also included some licensed products which will have designs from Harry Potter in the next few months. The January and March products will be released but that will be the end of it. While the theme will be ending, it will not affect other similar themes like LEGO Art.

Update on exit of the LEGO® DOTS theme from June 2023 assortment and onwards

Dear all,

After careful consideration, we have decided to exit the LEGO® DOTS theme and integrate tile-based play into other themes within our portfolio.

January and March launches of LEGO DOTS novelties will go ahead but also be our last on this theme, with all current items from 2022 remaining active in the product line up until the end of the year.

LEGO DOTS was launched in March 2020 with the ambition to connect with kids through their passion for arts & crafts – looking at encouraging self-expression and to attract new builders to the LEGO brand. It was a completely new style of building which used brightly coloured tiles to ignite creativity with LEGO fans, in a fun and unique way.

Whilst seeing great appetite for this type of proposition and playing a key role in retaining kids in the LEGO brand, we also recognise the challenges of establishing LEGO DOTS as a long-term brand in the


LEGO 2023 1HY Catalog Reveals New Classic, Creator, Harry Potter DOTS, DUPLO Sets

We’ve already seen some of the new LEGO 2023 sets that are slated to be released in the next few months such as Speed Champions and Technic but there are even more sets that have been revealed in the 2023 1HY catalog. The most interesting news here is that the LEGO DOTS theme will have a Harry Potter subtheme to it which is coming in March. Currently it just shows a teaser but I’m very interested to see how that is going to work.

LEGO Classic – March 2023

• Creative Neon Fun (11027)
• Creative Pastel Fun (11028)
• Creative Party Box (11029)
• Lots of Bricks (11030)

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 – March 2023

• Vintage Motorcycle (31135)
• Exotic Parrot (31136)
• Adorable Dogs (31337)
• Cosy House (31139)
• Magical Unicorn (31140)

LEGO Harry Potter DOTS – April 2023

LEGO DUPLO – March 2023

• Growing Carrot (10981)
• Fruit and Vegetable Tractor (10982)
• Organic Market (10983)
• Organic Garden (10984)


LEGO 2023 Sets Now Available on LEGO Shop

Happy New Year 2023! LEGO has just released over 100 new sets that are now available for purchase on the LEGO Shop. There are a few promotions going on at the beginning of the month including the LEGO Blacktron Cruiser (40580) with purchases of $190/€190/£170. The promo will run from January 1-14, while supplies last. The LEGO Lunar New Year VIP Add-On Pack (40605) will be free with purchases of $50. Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back on your purchases.


Hokusai – The Great Wave (31208) – $99.99


Ilu Discovery (75575) – $24.99
Skimwing Adventure (75576) – $34.99
Mako Submarine (75577) – $59.99
Metkayina Reef Home (75578) – $79.99
Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit (75579) – $99.99


Tusken Raider (40615) – $9.99
Frodo & Gollum (40630) – $14.99
Gandalf the Grey & Balrog (40631) – $19.99
Aragorn & Arwen (40632) – $19.99


Bear Stunt Bike (60356) – $7.99
yber Stunt Bike (60357) – $7.99
Mobile Police Dog Training (60369) – $29.99
Police Station Chase (60370) – $39.99
Emergency Vehicles HQ (60371) – $69.99
Police Training Academy (60372) – $99.99
Fire Rescue Boat (60373) – $29.99
Fire Command Truck (60374) – $64.99
Fire Station and Fire Truck (60375) – $39.99
Vet Van Rescue (60382) – $9.99
Electric Sports Car (60383) – $9.99
Penguin Slushy Van (60384) – $19.99
Construction Digger (60385) – $19.99
Recycling Truck Continue

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