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Smaller LEGO 2021 Sets Revealed

Yesterday, a lot of smaller LEGO sets have been revealed over on Brickset which comes from LEGO’s certifications that they have to file to produce them. This includes the LEGO Ideas Vintage Car (40448) that we saw already. The resolution on the images are bad but you get an idea of what they should look like.


New LEGO xtra Tape Sets Revealed

Brickset’s database bas been updated with some new LEGO xtra products that you may be interested in. LEGO is rolling out some new LEGO xtra Tape that you can use for certain layouts including Roads (854048) and Water (854065). Both are 49 ft in length and you can cut them to your desired length. I’m not sure if the back side is the sticky kind of tape but I’m guessing they will be reusable. Both also comes with a number of accessories as well.


LEGO xtra Botanical Accessories (40376) Polybag Review

LEGO xtra Botanical Accessories (40376)

The LEGO xtra theme will be releasing a few small polybag sets tomorrow and the other one that I’ll be reviewing is the Botanical Accessories (40376). It has 32 pieces and retails for $3.99 each.


LEGO xtra Sports Accessories (40375) Polybag Review

LEGO xtra Sports Accessories (40375)

I’m back to reviewing some of the LEGO 2020 sets and today I have a small one with the LEGO xtra Sports Accessories (40375) polybag. It has 36 pieces and retails for $3.99. If you’re not familiar with the LEGO xtra theme, it is basically sets that are added accessories that can be used for various settings.

For this Sports Accessories polybag, there are pieces of equipment used for various sports. Some of the items included are a pair of skis along with ski poles and a helmet. There are also some ice skates as well as roller skates with its respective helmet. To be used with those, there are a pair of hockey sticks, goal posts, and puck. In addition, there’s also an archery target with a bow and arrow. Lastly, there’s a pearl-gold trophy.

Overall, the LEGO xtra theme isn’t for everybody but it is available for those who would like some extra accessories for their displays. At $4 a polybag, you can get a decent amount of specialized parts that you usually don’t find in every set.

LEGO xtra Sports Accessories (40375)

Thank you to LEGO for sending in this set for me to review. The content above represents my own opinion and not the company. Review sets sent in does not guarantee a positive review.


LEGO xtra 2020 Polybags First Look

The LEGO xtra polybags have been a great source of accessories for a very reasonable price. Brickset has revealed two new ones for 2020 which have been uploaded to LEGO’s servers. The two include Sports Accessories (40375) and Botanical Accessories (40376). The sports one has a number of equipment for various sports while the botanical one has a wide range of plants and leeaves. Again the images uploaded were only thumbnail sizes so they are a bit blurry when blown up but you can still see what the items are.


LEGO xtra Xmas Accessories (40368) Polybag Review

LEGO xtra Xmas Accessories (40368)


LEGO Xtra Christmas Accessories (40368) Polybag Revealed

LEGO Xtra Christmas Accessories (40368)

The LEGO Xtra theme has been pretty popular as they provide additional accessories that can fit into your builds. The latest offering coming out soon is the Christmas Accessories (40368) which contains 32 pieces. Some of the accessories include a husky, snowman, tree, white leaves, a wreath on a candy cane, and presents. There’s no details on the pricing but I assume it’ll be $3.99 like with the other Xtra polybags.

**Via Brickset**

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