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LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender (42110) Zavvi Sale – September 2021

If you’re looking for a great deal on the LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender (42110), Zavvi currently has it on sale for about 23% off the regular price. They have it listed for $154.99 plus free shipping when you use the code LEGOROVER during checkout. This has been the lowest I’ve seen the set priced at. Before was on Amazon when it was only 20% off on and off the past year.


LEGO Monkie Kid Continuing Through 2023

A few days ago, LEGO Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton did a Q&A on Instagram and he listed off some themes he has been put in charge of for 2023 and some of them may surprise you. As VP of Design, he has his hands full for quite a few product lines for 2023 which include City, Friends, Creator, Classic, Technic, Speed Champions, Monkie Kid, Ninjago, Collectible Minifigures, and DOTS.

What’s most interesting is that Monkie Kid will continue releasing products for the next few years. Although Monkie Kid is a very unique theme that caters mostly to the Asian market, I’m not really sure if it’s that popular in the west. They’ve recently announced that the show will finally be available in the US through Amazon Kids+ but it seems quite late since a lot of people have been waiting over a year to watch it and the hype for the theme has substantially cooled down. Original IPs tend to do well with LEGO and they usually run for about two years but if Monkie Kid extends to 2023, that’ll be four years which makes it one of the longer running ones and that isn’t a bad thing.


LEGO 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck (42129) Review

For my other review of the summer 2021 LEGO Technic sets, I have the other larger set in the wave with the 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck (42129). The set has 2,110 pieces and retails for $299.99. It is able to use the newer CONTROL+ system to remotely control it. The parts are packed into bags numbered to six as well as bags for the motors and hub. There is also a very large sticker sheet as well. Again, I’m not all too familiar with Technic so I probably will get some of the terminology wrong.


LEGO Technic App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer (42131) Official Images and Product Details

Earlier today, we got a first look at the LEGO Technic App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer (42131) and now we have official details and images of the set. Coming out on October 1, the set will have 3,854 pieces and will retail for $449.99.

Celebrate a hero of the construction world as you build a replica version of the biggest Cat® dozer with this LEGO® Technic™ App-Controlled Cat® D11 Bulldozer (42131) kit. This large set lets adults enjoy quality ‘me time’ focusing on their passion. Just like the real Cat® bulldozer, this model is built in modular sections. LEGO fans will love the new-for-October-2021 LEGO element – a large track that can be tightened and loosened. And the build is just the start! With many authentic features and functions packed into this model, there’s lots to discover.

Take control of your bulldozer model
Use the CONTROL+ app to operate and explore this heavy-duty machine. Use the app to drive and steer. The app delivers realistic movement as you raise, lower and tilt the blade or raise and lower the ripper and ladder.

Explore engineering
LEGO Technic buildable models feature realistic movement and mechanisms that let LEGO builders explore engineering concepts in an approachable and realistic way.

• Build a mighty construction vehicle packed with details with this huge LEGO® Technic™ App-Controlled Cat® D11 Bulldozer 42131 model building set for adults.
• Enjoy a rewarding build, then explore the model’s many features and functions. See the new-for-October-2021 LEGO® track element that gives the bulldozer its realistic movement.


LEGO Technic CAT D11 Bulldozer (42131) First Look

LEGO’s Weibo account has given the first look at the upcoming LEGO Technic CAT D11 Bulldozer (42131). The set is based on the Caterpillar D11 and it comes in at 3,854 pieces. There’s no word yet on price point but we’ll get that when LEGO releases the press release. The set will be available starting on October 1.

Like many of the recent Technic sets, the CAT D11 Bulldozer will utilize the CONTROL+ app to use its features such as steering and moving the blade, rippers, and ladders.


LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111) Amazon Sale – August 2021

Amazon currently has the LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111) on sale for 20% off. You can essentially save $20 off the retail price for a set that doesn’t go on sale that often. Note that the discount only applies to the Frustration-Free Packaging style which means that it’ll ship in the LEGO shipper box.


LEGO Sets Reportedly Retiring at End of 2021

It’s about that time of the year when various media outlets get information about LEGO sets that will be retiring at the end of the year. StoneWars has given an extensive list on what has gone out of stock in Germany and what sets we can expect to leave store shelves soon in other parts of the world. As usual, this is just a reported list and not all the sets listed are confirmed to be retired but there’s a chance they could be.


San Francisco (21043)
Trafalgar Square (21045)
Empire State Building (21046)


Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (31197)
The Beatles (31198)
Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199)
Star Wars The Sith (31200)


Valentine’s Bear (40379)
Easter Sheep (40380)
Monkey King (40381)
Wedding Bride (40383)
Wedding Groom (40384)
Belle Bottom, Kevin and Bob (40421)
Frankenstein (40422)
Lucky Cat (40436)
German Shepherd (40440)
Dalmation (40479)
Cockatiel (40481)
Hamster (40482)
La Catrina (40492)
Voldemort, Nagini & Bellatrix (40496)

Brick Sketches

Batman (40386)
The Joker (40428)
BB-8 (40431)
First Order Stormtrooper (40391)


Mobile Command Center (60139)
Burger Bar Fire Rescue (60214)
Fire Station (60215)
Downtown Fire Brigade (60216)
Garbage Truck (60220)
Diving Yacht (60221)
Mars Research Shuttle (60226)
Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (60228)
Rocket Assembly Transport (60229)
Police Patrol Car (60239)
Police Dog Unit (60241)
Police Highway Arrest (60242)
Police Helicopter Transport (60244)
Police Monster Truck Heist (60245)
Police Station (60246)
Forest Fire (60247)
Street Sweeper (60249)
Mail Plane (60250)
Monster Truck (60251)
Construction Bulldozer (60252)
Race Boat Transporter (60254)
Racing Cars (60256)Continue

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