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LEGO Monkie Kid Continuing Through 2023

A few days ago, LEGO Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton did a Q&A on Instagram and he listed off some themes he has been put in charge of for 2023 and some of them may surprise you. As VP of Design, he has his hands full for quite a few product lines for 2023 which include City, Friends, Creator, Classic, Technic, Speed Champions, Monkie Kid, Ninjago, Collectible Minifigures, and DOTS.

What’s most interesting is that Monkie Kid will continue releasing products for the next few years. Although Monkie Kid is a very unique theme that caters mostly to the Asian market, I’m not really sure if it’s that popular in the west. They’ve recently announced that the show will finally be available in the US through Amazon Kids+ but it seems quite late since a lot of people have been waiting over a year to watch it and the hype for the theme has substantially cooled down. Original IPs tend to do well with LEGO and they usually run for about two years but if Monkie Kid extends to 2023, that’ll be four years which makes it one of the longer running ones and that isn’t a bad thing.


New September 2021 LEGO Sets Now Available on LEGO Shop

It’s September and that means there are new LEGO sets available for purchase on the LEGO Shop. There’s not that many new sets coming out but there are a lot of big hitters. As for the promotions for September, it’ll mostly be repeats from August and you can check out the dates for them below.

• LEGO® VIPs will receive a free Swing Ship Ride GWP with any purchase of $85 or more while supplies last from 9/6 – 9/12.
• Until 9/19, receive a free LEGO® Super Mario Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform Expansion Set GWP with purchase of any LEGO® Super Mario product $40 or more.
• During the month of September receive a free LEGO® Master’s Book of Secrets GWP with purchase of any LEGO® Classic product over $60.
• From 9/13 – 9/30, shoppers will receive a free fan-created LEGO® Sailboat Adventure GWP with any purchase over $200 while supplies last.

Advent Calendars

LEGO Friends 2021 Advent Calendar (41690) – $29.99
LEGO City 2021 Advent Calendar (60303) – $29.99
LEGO Star Wars 2021 Advent Calendar (75307) – $39.99
LEGO Marvel The Avengers 2021 Advent Calendar (76196) – $39.99
LEGO Harry Potter 2021 Advent Calendar (76390) – $39.99

Jurassic World

T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition (76940) – $29.99
Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape (76939) – $39.99
Carnotaurus Dinosaur Chase (76941) – $49.99
Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape (76942) – $79.99


LEGO Marvel Studios Collectible Minifigures (71031) – $4.99/Limit 16

Star Wars

The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge (75319) – $29.99


LEGO Announces Pilot Program for New Set Color Schemes

After the accidental reveals of some existing LEGO sets in new color schemes earlier this month, LEGO has officially announced a pilot program for these sets. Unfortunately, they are exclusively doing it over in the UK so the rest of the world won’t be able to participate and there will be limited availability for them. You’ll have until November 30 to get your orders in, while supplies last. The only set that is not exclusive to the UK is the Fiat 500 which ships internationally. Below is a list of what retails have which sets available for purchase.

The LEGO Group is running a pilot with a small number of products to gain a deeper understanding of what our fans want from our portfolio and where they prefer to shop for new or unique products.

The pilot includes variations of some of our existing products, so we can find out more about the colors and sizes of sets that fans of all ages want to see more of in our portfolio.

Fiat 500 – Blue (77942)

Zavvi US, LEGO Stores, Zavvi, IWOOT

Mighty Dinosaurs – Brown (77940), LEGO Stores, Smyths

Mighty Dinosaurs – Blue (77941), LEGO Stores, Tesco UK and Ireland

Fire Station Starter Set (77943), LEGO Stores, Tesco UK and Ireland

Fire Station Headquarters Set (77944), LEGO Stores, Smyths


LEGO City Stuntz Line Officially Announced

Even though they’ve been on the LEGO Shop since the beginning of July, LEGO has officially announced the LEGO City Stuntz line. Available starting on October 1, there are ten sets that feature bikes that are powered by a new fly-wheel.

Soar through new action-packed adventures with LEGO® City Stuntz

Billund, Denmark (August 24, 2021): A sensational new play experience has burst into the LEGO® City arena, expanding the play theme to new heights and storylines with LEGO® City Stuntz. The adrenaline-fueled range features exciting new fly-wheel powered bike functionality and endless role play opportunities to spark creativity and imagination through play.

Featuring 10 new products, each set enables kids to play out real-world scenarios and decide what their heroes do, giving them the ultimate opportunity to be in control of their own stories and adventures. New features include launch ramps, flywheel stunt bikes, obstacles, building LEGO flames and more endless challenges, competitions and performances to excite even the biggest daredevil! Those looking for even greater thrills can combine sets from LEGO City Stuntz together for even more show stopping performances and endless possibilities.

The new LEGO® City Stuntz sets for builders ages 5 and up will be available from October 1st and later globally on, LEGO Stores and other select retailers. The range includes:

• LEGO® CITY Stunt Park 60293: (29.99 EUR/ 39.99 USD)
• LEGO® CITY Stunt Show Truck 60294: (59.99 EUR/ 69.99 USD)
• LEGO® CITY Stunt Show Arena 60295: (89.99 EUR/ 99.99 USD)
• LEGO® CITY Wheelie Stunt Bike 60296: (7.99


LEGO Sets Reportedly Retiring at End of 2021

It’s about that time of the year when various media outlets get information about LEGO sets that will be retiring at the end of the year. StoneWars has given an extensive list on what has gone out of stock in Germany and what sets we can expect to leave store shelves soon in other parts of the world. As usual, this is just a reported list and not all the sets listed are confirmed to be retired but there’s a chance they could be.


San Francisco (21043)
Trafalgar Square (21045)
Empire State Building (21046)


Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (31197)
The Beatles (31198)
Marvel Studios Iron Man (31199)
Star Wars The Sith (31200)


Valentine’s Bear (40379)
Easter Sheep (40380)
Monkey King (40381)
Wedding Bride (40383)
Wedding Groom (40384)
Belle Bottom, Kevin and Bob (40421)
Frankenstein (40422)
Lucky Cat (40436)
German Shepherd (40440)
Dalmation (40479)
Cockatiel (40481)
Hamster (40482)
La Catrina (40492)
Voldemort, Nagini & Bellatrix (40496)

Brick Sketches

Batman (40386)
The Joker (40428)
BB-8 (40431)
First Order Stormtrooper (40391)


Mobile Command Center (60139)
Burger Bar Fire Rescue (60214)
Fire Station (60215)
Downtown Fire Brigade (60216)
Garbage Truck (60220)
Diving Yacht (60221)
Mars Research Shuttle (60226)
Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (60228)
Rocket Assembly Transport (60229)
Police Patrol Car (60239)
Police Dog Unit (60241)
Police Highway Arrest (60242)
Police Helicopter Transport (60244)
Police Monster Truck Heist (60245)
Police Station (60246)
Forest Fire (60247)
Street Sweeper (60249)
Mail Plane (60250)
Monster Truck (60251)
Construction Bulldozer (60252)
Race Boat Transporter (60254)
Racing Cars (60256)Continue

More LEGO Sets Coming in New Color Schemes

Last week, we reported that a couple of LEGO Creator sets will be coming soon with new color schemes which included the Fiat 500 (77942) and the Mighty Dinosaurs (77941). It looks like there are even more sets that have surfaced that have new colors. First is the Mighty Dinosaurs (77940) which will have another color scheme, this time with the brown. The other set is the LEGO City Fire Station Headquarters (77944) which has some slight changes to the build. Again, we’re not sure why LEGO has opted to make similar sets in new color schemes.

Mighty Dinosaurs (31058)

Mighty Dinosaurs (77940)

Mighty Dinosaurs (77941)

Fire Station (60110)

Fire Station Headquarters (77944)

**Via Brickset**


LEGO City 2021 Advent Calendar (60303) Revealed on LEGO Shop

LEGO has revealed the official images of the LEGO City 2021 Advent Calendar (60303) with a product listing on the LEGO Shop. The 349 piece set costs $29.99 and will be released on September 1. There are six minifigures included from the LEGO City Adventures TV series.

Build the excitement as the festive celebrations approach with the LEGO® City Advent Calendar (60303) toy playset. Kids can count down to the big day with fun mini-builds, popular LEGO City Adventures TV series characters and cool accessories. Just fold down the snowy city play mat and the scene is set for endless imaginative adventures.

Fun models that are quick and easy to build
This LEGO City Advent Calendar makes a great gift for children aged 5 and up. Each surprise toy comes with easy-to-follow building instructions ensuring that even new LEGO builders can enjoy a fun build-and-play experience.

Cool Christmas toys for kids
LEGO City Advent Calendars are packed with inspiration, festive excitement and wonderful surprises for kids who love creative play. The buildable toys, LEGO City Adventures TV series characters and accessories included in this calendar can also be combined with existing LEGO toy playsets for even more fun.

• Kids aged 5 and up can enjoy imaginative play each December day with this LEGO® City Advent Calendar (60303) – bursting with awesome mini-builds, fun LEGO City TV characters and cool accessories.
• Includes LEGO® City Adventures TV series minifigure characters Top Hat Tom, Bob, Betty, Sam Grizzled, Shirley Keeper and Fendrich, plus a buildable Duke DeTain

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