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LEGO House A Minifigure Tribute (40504) Review

LEGO House A Minifigure Tribute (40504)

A few days ago, LEGO revealed a new LEGO House exclusive set with A Minifigure Tribute (40504) and it is now available for purchase at Billund. It has 1,041 pieces and this set is the fourth LEGO House exclusive set which features Captain Redbeard, one of the more iconic pirate minifigures. We were fortunate enough to get sent a review copy to check out.


LEGO House A Minifigure Tribute (40504) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially revealed the next LEGO House exclusive set with A Minifigure Tribute (40504). The set has 1,041 pieces and will retail for 599 DKK, releasing exclusively at the LEGO House store starting on March 1.

The fourth LEGO House exclusive set features Captain Redbeard as a brick-built figure that stand about 30 cm tall and it includes a treasure map with secret references to the designers behind the product. It also has a blue LEGO House wristband behind the hook as a special detail.

LEGO® House Exclusive 2023: A Minifigure Tribute

LEGO® House releases tribute to the iconic LEGO minifigure

This year’s LEGO House Exclusive set “A Minifigure Tribute“ (40504) is a celebration of the LEGO minifigure – an indispensable part of the LEGO history since 1978. For 45 years, the tiny character has made it possible for children and adults to step into any adventure built in LEGO bricks. This limited edition set will be released on March 1, 2023.

Every year, the LEGO House Limited Edition set celebrates an iconic moment in LEGO history. One such moment was the launch of the LEGO minifigure in 1978. The small figure magically gives you the opportunity to become part of any LEGO adventure you choose to build — whether you dream of a noisy battle at sea, putting out a fire in LEGO city, entering hyperspace in a rocket, or hosting a feast in a castle. That magical ability turns 45 this year.

That’s why this year’s LEGO House Limited Edition had to be


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