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LEGO House Exclusive LEGO Building Systems (40505) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially revealed the next LEGO House set that will be released which is the LEGO Building Systems (40505). The set pays tribute to different three LEGO building systems which include LEGO System, Technic, and DUPLO. Releasing tomorrow, the set has 1,211 pieces and retails for 699 DKK.

The main build features three models from each building system. First is the DUPLO train which is a mix of sets 2700 and 2705, the middle one features the Town Plan from 1955, and the last one is based on the 853 Car Chassis.

The back of the build also features 19 nano builds which include The Wooden Duck, DUPLO Building Set (511), Yellow Castle (375) Technic Space Shuttle (8480), and Bionicle Tahu and Takua (40581), just to name a few.

Since the LEGO Building System is a LEGO House exclusive, it’ll be fairly hard to get unless you get it from the secondary market or have connections to someone in Billund.

LEGO® House Exclusive #5 is here: LEGO® Building Systems

This year’s LEGO® House Exclusive honors the LEGO System in Play and a rich history of iconic builds.

• The fifth LEGO House Exclusive LEGO set celebrates three LEGO building systems – LEGO System, LEGO Technic, and LEGO DUPLO – with iconic builds from each system.
• The set is exclusively available in the on-site store at LEGO House, Home of the Bricks in Billund, Denmark.

1st March 2024, LEGO® House in Billund: Today, LEGO House launches its 5th LEGO Exclusive set, and this year is


LEGO Teases Next LEGO House Exclusive Set

The LEGO House social media accounts looks to have started their teasers for the next LEGO House exclusive set. In the short clip, LEGO House Master Builder Stuart Harris is seen picking up a yellow DUPLO brick and having an idea after. The video doesn’t give to much information but it could suggest that a DUPLO brick could be part of the upcoming set. Let’s see if there will be more teasers in the next few days leading up to the reveal.

The next LEGO House exclusive will be releasing on March 1 and if you’re local or visiting Denmark at the time, you can also attend the event


LEGO House Announces Build the Change Experience

LEGO has announced a new LEGO House experience for 2024 called Build the Change which is the most ambitious addition to LEGO House since the opening in 2017.

LEGO® House Kicks off the 2024 Season with a New Experience to Help Shape the Future through Play and Imagination

‘Build the Change’ is the most ambitious addition to LEGO House since the opening in 2017

• The new activity aims to inspire LEGO® fans of all ages to articulate their own ideas on various current themes such as sustainability and biodiversity through play and imagination.
• The highly purposeful storyline of the activity underpins LEGO® House’s ambition to create experiences and spaces that give access to Learning through Play.

Billund, Denmark, January 29 2024: LEGO House welcome the start of the 2024 season by working with the LEGO Group’s Build the Change initiative to introduce a new experience in the Blue Zone, championing cognitive Learning through Play. LEGO House opened in 2017 as the ultimate LEGO experience situated in Billund, Denmark, where the LEGO brick was invented more than 90 years ago. Since the start, LEGO House has continued to evolve, and from today, this new Build the Change in the Blue Zone will be available for LEGO fans of all ages to enjoy.

The new activity, which has been in development for over one year, is a close collaboration with the LEGO Group’s Build the Change program, originally launched in 2007. Taking lead from the original program designed for kids, whilst reinforcing LEGO House’s role as


LEGO House 2024 Exclusive Set Announcement Event

LEGO has announced that there will be a new LEGO House exclusive set releasing on March 1 with a whole event planned for it. The event will be held on February 29 and you can purchase your ticket here to get access to an early reveal as well as meeting the designers of the set. If you remember, last year’s set was A Minifigure Tribute (40504) which was a large scale model of Captain Redbeard.

Special events: New LEGO® House exclusive product

On 1 March, LEGO House will launch this year’s exclusive collector’s set. Every year, a new LEGO House Exclusive set is launched, celebrating the most iconic moments in the LEGO Group’s history – all connecting to the story of LEGO House. This year, we invite LEGO fans of all ages to get a world-first introduction to the exclusive product in LEGO House at a pre-launch after-hours event!

29 February 2024 at 4:15pm CET at LEGO House

Buy your ticket via the “Event & Tour” calendar at the bottom of this page.

Join us and get a peek behind the curtains as we unveil this year’s exclusive LEGO House set at LEGO House a day before the official launch. Meet the designers behind the 2024 set: Stuart Harris and Markus Rollbühler and learn the stories of how this LEGO House exclusive product came to fruition. In addition, you can also dive into the historical aspects of this year’s product with Corporate Historian, Kristian Reimer Hauge.


4.15pm: Arrival

4.30pm: Event in LEGO FORUM

• Welcome


LEGO Minifigure Tribute (40504) Sweepstakes in Rewards Center

The LEGO Insiders Rewards Center has put up a sweepstakes to enter for a chance to win one of three signed copies of the LEGO Minifigure Tribute (40504). This set is exclusive to the LEGO House and it features an upscaled version of Captain Redbeard. It costs 50 points to enter and there is a max of 50 entries. The sweepstakes ends on November 12.


LEGO House A Minifigure Tribute (40504) Review

LEGO House A Minifigure Tribute (40504)

A few days ago, LEGO revealed a new LEGO House exclusive set with A Minifigure Tribute (40504) and it is now available for purchase at Billund. It has 1,041 pieces and this set is the fourth LEGO House exclusive set which features Captain Redbeard, one of the more iconic pirate minifigures. We were fortunate enough to get sent a review copy to check out.


LEGO House A Minifigure Tribute (40504) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially revealed the next LEGO House exclusive set with A Minifigure Tribute (40504). The set has 1,041 pieces and will retail for 599 DKK, releasing exclusively at the LEGO House store starting on March 1.

The fourth LEGO House exclusive set features Captain Redbeard as a brick-built figure that stand about 30 cm tall and it includes a treasure map with secret references to the designers behind the product. It also has a blue LEGO House wristband behind the hook as a special detail.

LEGO® House Exclusive 2023: A Minifigure Tribute

LEGO® House releases tribute to the iconic LEGO minifigure

This year’s LEGO House Exclusive set “A Minifigure Tribute“ (40504) is a celebration of the LEGO minifigure – an indispensable part of the LEGO history since 1978. For 45 years, the tiny character has made it possible for children and adults to step into any adventure built in LEGO bricks. This limited edition set will be released on March 1, 2023.

Every year, the LEGO House Limited Edition set celebrates an iconic moment in LEGO history. One such moment was the launch of the LEGO minifigure in 1978. The small figure magically gives you the opportunity to become part of any LEGO adventure you choose to build — whether you dream of a noisy battle at sea, putting out a fire in LEGO city, entering hyperspace in a rocket, or hosting a feast in a castle. That magical ability turns 45 this year.

That’s why this year’s LEGO House Limited Edition had to be


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