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LEGO Ninjago 2022 Sets Revealed

German retailer JB Spielwaren has revealed the new 2022 LEGO Ninjago sets. Something new about this wave is the new artwork style on the boxes and they look pretty cool. Another new thing is the different banners that each of the ninjas have that you can collect. For me personally, I’m really digging the Ultra Combo Mech which looks a lot like a Power Rangers style combiner.

Lloyd’s Ninja Mech (71757) – 57 pieces

Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO (71760) – 140 pieces

Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO (71761) – 95 pieces

Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO (71762) – 204 pieces

Lloyd’s Race Car EVO (71763) – 279 pieces

Ninja Ultra Combo Mech (71765) – 1,104 pieces

Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon (71766) – 747 pieces

Ninja Dojo Temple (71767) – 1,394 pieces

Jay and Nya’s Race Car EVO (71776) – 536 pieces

More 2022 LEGO Sets Revealed on Building Instructions App

LEGO has revealed a lot more 2022 sets from various themes on the LEGO Building Instructions app. The official details of them should be coming soon but we do have piece counts for them so we can gauge the price point.

LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger (31129) – 755 pieces

LEGO Friends Street Food Market (41701) – 592 pieces

LEGO Friends Friendship Tree House (41703) – 1,114 pieces

LEGO Friends Tree-Planting Vehicle (41707) – 336 pieces

LEGO Minecraft The Mushroom House (21179) – 272 pieces

LEGO Minecraft The Rabbit Ranch (21181) – 340 pieces

LEGO Minecraft The Training Grounds (21183) – 534 pieces

LEGO Ninjago Jay and Nya’s Race Car EVO (71776) – 536 pieces

LEGO Technic Monster Jam El Toro Loco (42135) – 247 pieces


LEGO Ninjago Comic Book Officially Announced – Garmadon #1 Releasing in April 2022

LEGO and Skybound has officially announced the LEGO Ninjago comic book series that will be releasing in April 2022. The first of a five part series will be Garmadon #1 and it will be in comic book stores and on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play on April 6, 2022.

The first issue will focus on Lord Garmadon after his disappearance and coming back to Ninjago City. The synopsis is fairly stil vague but we’ll see what happens with the story next spring. We do know during the Skybound panel that the comics will be canon to the LEGO Ninjago universe.


A New Chapter in The LEGO® NINJAGO® Saga Begins April 2022

Los Angeles, CA (October 29, 2021) – Today at The Skybound Halloween Xpo, Image Comics and Skybound announced LEGO® NINJAGO® GARMADON #1, an official new chapter in the worldwide phenomenon that arrives in stores April 6, 2022 from rising star writer/artist Tri Vuong (the upcoming Everyday Hero Machine Boy)!

This is the first LEGO® branded comic book series release from the landmark partnership between multiplatform content company Skybound Entertainment and global children’s book publisher AMEET, with additional top-secret new series to be announced in the coming year.

“When it came to our first LEGO® comic book series launch, we knew it had to be full of action, adventure and heartfelt drama. Everything that’s made the LEGO® NINJAGO® franchise so iconic,” said Sean Mackiewicz, Senior Vice President, Editor-in-Chief at Skybound Entertainment. “We’re excited to expand


LEGO Ninjago – Fate of Cole’s Character Announced

Last year, the voice actor for LEGO Ninjago’s Cole, Kirby Morrow, passed away suddenly and the LEGO Ninjago team had to figure out what to do with the character. They had four options on what to with Cole and they have given a reasoning on why they did it.

1. Retire Cole as a character.
2: Use existing dialogue from all available Ninjago content since 2011 to keep Kirby’s performance in the show.
3: Come up with a story reason that Cole wouldn’t speak.
4: Recast.

Ultimately, the team went with a recast of the character with Andrew Francis. He has previously done work on Ninjago for other characters such as Shade, Beta Jay 137, and Morro. You will be able to hear Andrew as Cole in a series of short films in early 2022.

Dear Ninjago fans

It’s about time we talk about this:

When Kirby was first cast as Cole, it was a matter of finding a voice that fit the character which was written by the Hageman brothers. It wasn’t a hard choice to make as Kirby hit everything, we wanted right out of the gate … maybe he had some guidance from voice director Michael Donovan, and if so, well done Michael!

But what we received to base our casting decision on was just perfect. From then on it became a matter of writing a character that fit the voice. Any animation which has been done on Cole since then has been based on Kirby’s performance. He became instrumental to the development


LEGO Ninjago Seabound Official Trailer

LEGO has released the official trailer for the upcoming LEGO Ninjago season, Seabound. This season’s main storyline focuses on Nya who has some issues with her elemental powers. There are some new LEGO Ninjago sets that have already been released to coincide with the upcoming episodes.

Oh no! Something has happened to Nya’s elemental powers! She needs your help to figure out what went wrong. Let’s go – we don’t have much time!

When Nya and the other ninja realize it might have something to do with a mysterious recurring energy signal, her mom, Maya, P.I.X.A.L., Zane, Lloyd and Jay, go to the deepest part of the Endless Sea in search of answers. Hop on board their shiny new under-water ship, the Hydro-Bounty. It’s time to get this mission started!

When the ninja run into the Prince Kalmaar, the evil Prince of Merlopia, things go from bad to worse. He already has one amulet, but if he gets his hands on both the Storm and Wave amulets, he could unleash the deadly sea-serpent, Wojira. That would not be good for NINJAGO® City!

Just like her mother before her, Nya is the Master of Water, but without the full force of her powers, how will she overcome the two villains of the deep-sea and save NINJAGO? Join the crew on their epic Seabound adventure to find out. It just takes some courage, sacrifice and a little help from your friends.


LEGO Ninjago Microgame Contest on LEGO Ideas

LEGO has officially announced the new LEGO Ideas contest which is for the LEGO Ninjago Microgame. LEGO will be putting in arcade cabinets in LEGO Brand Stores and it will feature fan-made LEGO Ninjago games in them for others to enjoy. There are three different categories that you can enter in and everything is in the press release below.

For our next LEGO Ideas contest “LEGO NINJAGO + One-Button Digital Game using the LEGO® Microgame” we are putting some arcade cabinets into our LEGO retail stores and would love to showcase your own game creations on them.

Both Unity and the LEGO Group have been hard at work improving the tools from the submissions and feedback from the last LEGO Ideas competition to help make it easier and more fun to make a game, and most importantly easier to share the fun you have made with others. There is an arcade cabinet in LEGO House at the moment, and we will be announcing some of the other global locations shortly. We have also been working closely with the LEGO NINJAGO team to help develop a library of resources and inspirations to spark your imagination. Want to know what makes a great LEGO NINJAGO game, see in the video what the LEGO NINJAGO Design Lead says.

So to the competition, we have three different categories:

– A LEGO NINJAGO themed game. Be Ninja!
– A game with a theme of your choice. What is one-button fun to you (Use of third-party IPs is NOT allowed).
– A


LEGO Ninjago Unity Microgame Announcement on September 29

A few days ago, LEGO teased something on social media about a LEGO Microgame that involves LEGO Ninjago. As you may or may not know, LEGO has partnered up with Unity to create LEGO Microgames which allows ordinary people to make unique, playable games. This teaser shows the ninjas along with Master Wu with something exciting coming this Wednesday, September 29.

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