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New LEGO Hero Factory Polybag Mini-Mech (40116) Polybag Found

LEGO Hero Factory Hero Mini-Model (40116)

Coming out of Brickset’s database, there is a new LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below polybag that will be coming out in the near future, a Mini-Mech (40116). This 31 piece polybag features Natalie Breez from the Alpha Team riding a small mech wielding two swords. These new minifigures for Hero Factory were introduced this year’s winter wave sets. There’s no word yet on how this polybag will be distributed.

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Various LEGO Summer Sets at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014

Here’s some images from various summer wave LEGO sets from Fedro’s photostream including City, Creator, Friends, Hero Factory, and Ninjago.

Ultra Agents Mission HQ (71065) – 1048 pcs

LEGO City Arctic Helicrane (60034)

Arctic Outpost (60035) – 374 pieces

Uncover secrets of the ice in the LEGO® City Arctic Outpost including truck, trailer and hi-tech mobile laboratory with all-terrain vehicle.

Investigate remote polar areas with the awesome LEGO® City Arctic Outpost!

Drive out into remote areas with the mobile LEGO® City Arctic Outpost and investigate the secrets of the ice in its high-tech laboratory! The truck’s powerful engine and massive tires means it can cope with the toughest conditions. Pull out the box of too Investigate remote polar areas with the awesome LEGO® City Arctic Outpost!

Arctic Base Camp (60036) – 735 pieces

Lead a mission from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp with laboratory, conveyor belt, scooter, husky sled, tracked vehicle, helicopter and more.

Plan and go on the ultimate expedition from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp!

Head out into the wilds and set up the hi-tech LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp to explore the secrets of the ice! Set out on major expeditions with the snow scooter and husky sled team. Investigate the secrets of the ice with the powerful tracked exploration Plan and go on the ultimate expedition from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp!

LEGO Creator Bike Shop & Cafe (31026) – 1023 pcs – $89.99

The LEGO® Creator Bike Shop & Café is packed with exciting, imaginative details and can rebuild into an


London Toy Fair 2014 LEGO Set Report

The London Toy Fair 2014 is currently going on right now and the teams over at Brick Fanatics as well as All About Bricks has been covering what’s been going on. They have done initial reports of the LEGO sets displayed at the convention. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed. but Exhibit 3 Sixty has managed to get one of the LEGO City display. In addition to all the reported information, I’ve also added information that we already had from previous posts.

Ultra Agents

Each set comes with a different mission with an online comic which uses augmented reality to make your own comics.

Riverside Raid (71060) – 88 pcs – £9.99
Tremor Track Infiltration (71061) – 241 pcs – £17.99
Infearno Interception (71602) – 313 pcs – £24.99
Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown (71063) – 429 pcs – £34.99
Hurricane Heist (71064) – 589 pcs – £49.99
Ultra Agents Mission HQ (71065) – 1048 pcs – £79.99


Arctic Snowmobile (60032) – 44 pcs – $6.99
Arctic Ice Crawler (60033) – 113 pcs – $14.99
Arctic Helicrane (60034) – 262 pcs – $39.99
Arctic Outpost (60035) – 374 pcs – $49.99
Arctic Base Camp (60036) – 733 pcs – $89.99
Train Station (60050) – 423 pcs – $64.99
High-Speed Passenger Train (60051) – 610 pcs – $149.99
Cargo Train (60052) – 888 pcs – $199.99
Arctic Ice Breaker (60062)

Collectible Minifigures

Series 12 will be available in October. They will have a code to go along with the LEGO Minifigures Online MMO to unlock the characters in the … Continue

LEGO January 2014 Deals and Promotions

LEGO January 2014 Calendar

December is almost over so it’s time to talk about the LEGO deals and promotions for January 2014. Not only are there promotions, a lot of new sets that we’ve been reporting on the past few months will be available for purchase at LEGO brand stores and on Shop@Home as well as at other major retailers.

From January 1-20, while supplies last, for every purchase of $50 or more, you can get a free LEGO City Police ATV Polybag (30228). During the month of January, LEGO will be heavily promoting The LEGO Movie and they have some promotions for it. Beginning each week of the month, you can get a free poster of some of the characters in the movie including Wyldstyle, Emmet, Lord Business, and Batman. Starting January 20 through February 16, visit your local LEGO store to build something and put it on display to get a free The LEGO Movie Accessory Pack, while supplies last. Finally on January 7, the Monthy Mini Model Build is a Snow Plow.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of new sets from many themes that should be on the shelves including the newest modular set, the Parisian Restaurant (10243) as well as the Maersk Line Triple E (10241). More new sets include the LEGO CUUSOO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21004) and the Architecture Eiffel Tower (21019). Check out the images of all the new sets in the links below:

Disney Princess
Hero Factory
Legends of Chima
The LEGO Continue

LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below App Announced

LEGO Hero Factory: Invasion From Below

Today Azumo, creator of the LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack app, has announced a new game that will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 in January 2014. Below is their official press release and images of the new game.

LEGO Hero Factory: Invasion From Below LEGO Hero Factory: Invasion From Below LEGO Hero Factory: Invasion From Below

Calling all heroes; we’re going to need some BIG battle machines!

Bournemouth, UK (17th December 2013) – Today, Amuzo are proud to announce that their latest title, LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below, will launch on iOS, Android and Windows 8, as well as web platforms, in Europe early January 2014.

Work on a construction site within the heart of Antropolis City has come to an abrupt halt as a deadly new threat has accidentally been uncovered. Suddenly a swarm of beasts invade the city from below causing chaos, their motives are unknown and their intelligence is brutal.

To save the city from swarms of menacing minions and their five gigantic, evil boss beasts the experienced champions of the Hero Factory must combine forces and create new powerful Battle Machines to once again save the galaxy. Their quest will take them through Antropolis city and down to an underground world of crystal caves, acid pits and magnetic chambers. Can Rocka, Furno, Evo, Bulk, Breez, Surge and Stormer once again save the day or have the Heroes met their match?

Where a single encounter could mean game over, timing is everything as players must dodge, jump, squish and blast scuttling enemies whilst collecting vital components in order to build one of nine mighty Battle Machines.


LEGO Hero Factory 2014 Sets Revealed

LEGO Hero Factory STORMER Freezer Machine (44017)

Continuing with the 2014 LEGO set reveals, here are the Hero Factory sets.

STORMER Freeze Machine (44017)

Get ready for battle, STORMER! In the fight to take back the city streets from giant beasts and wild little jumpers, your new Freeze Machine suit is a game-changer. Strap yourself in and support the other heroes. Fire missiles at the invaders and freeze them with the rotating ice blaster. Then capture the jumpers in the cryo chamber for analysis back at LEGO® Hero Factory. Includes STORMER mini robot with a weapon and accessory.

LEGO Hero Factory STORMER Freezer Machine (44017)

FURNO Jet Machine (44018)

Report for duty, FURNO! LEGO® Hero Factory has built a new Jet Machine to help you to overpower the giant beasts and dangerous jumpers causing havoc across the city. Don’t let the speedy little jumpers wreck the Jet – put the heat on them with the flame gun, capture them in the furnace canister and engage the wings to zoom away from the evil enemy. Includes FURNO mini robot with a weapon and accessory.

LEGO Hero Factory FURNO Jet Machine (44018)

LEGO Hero Factory FURNO Jet Machine (44018)

ROCKA Stealth Machine (44019)

Hurry, ROCKA, go into invisible mode! Power up with the Stealth Machine at LEGO® Hero Factory and venture onto the city streets. The mission is clear – save the other heroes and capture the evil jumpers using the grab claw. Jumpers are everywhere waiting to attack so keep the seat visor down and goo shooter and scanning canister ready at all times. Includes ROCKA mini robot with a gun.

LEGO Hero Factory ROCKA Stealth Machine (44019)

LEGO Hero Factory ROCKA Stealth Machine (44019)

FLYER Beast vs. BREEZ (44020)

Red alert! FLYER Beast, a gigantic skeleton-winged creature


LEGO 2014 Tentative Set Pricing

German online retailer Werst has listed quite a few 2014 LEGO sets with pricing to their inventory for pre-order. The only theme that wasn’t listed were the 2014 Chima sets. The prices are in Euro but it’s usually the same or close to US pricing.


60041 Crook Pursuit – $5.99
60042 High Speed Police Chase – $14.99
60043 Prisoner Transport – $19.99
60044 Mobile Police Unit – $29.99
60045 Police Patrol – $39.99
60046 Helicopter Surveillance – $59.99
60047 Police Station – $99.99
60048 Hideout – $29.99
60053 Race Car – $9.99
60054 Light Repair Truck – $9.99
60055 Monster Truck – $9.99
60056 Tow Truck – $19.99
60057 Camper Van with Canoe – $19.99
60058 SUV with Watercraft – $19.99
60060 Auto Transporter – $29.99
60061 Airport Fire Truck – $29.99


31013 Red Thunder – $4.99
31014 Power Digger – $4.99
31015 Emerald Express – $4.99
31017 Sunset Speeder – $9.99
31018 Highway Cruiser – $9.99
31019 Forest Animals – $17.99
31020 Twinblade Adventures – $14.99
31021 Furry Creatures (Cat and Mouse) – $17.99
31022 Turbo Quad – $19.99
31025 Mountain Hut – $39.99

Disney Princess

41050 Ariel’s Secret Treasures – $12.99
41051 Merida’s Highland Games (Merida’s Castle Festival) – $19.99
41052 Cinderella’s Enchanted Carriage – $29.99
41053 Ariel’s Magical Kiss – $29.99
41054 Rapunzel’s Tower of Creativity – $39.99
41055 Cinderella’s Castle Romance – $69.99


Animals – Series 4
40141 Turtle’s Little Paradise – $3.99
40142 Tiger’s Beautiful Temple – $3.99
40143 Penguin’s Playground – $3.99

Animals – Series 5

40144 … Continue

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