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LEGO Double VIP Points Event Live – December 2022

The LEGO Double VIP points event for December is now live on the LEGO Shop. From now until December 13, you can earn double point on all your purchases and you can also get some freebies as well. Some promos work for both online and in-store while some are online only.

• Santa’s Workshop (40565) – $150 purchase – Online/In-store
• Fun and Funky VIP Add On Pack (40512) – $50 purchase – Online/In-store
• Fleece Blanket (5007622) – $200 – Online only
• Eiffel’s Apartment (40579) – Online purchase of LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower (10307)

As a Rakuten/Linkshare Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


LEGO Inside Tour 2023 Signups Live

Signups for the 2023 LEGO Inside 2023 is now live if you want a chance to experience one of the most exclusive events that LEGO provides. You have until December 9 to fill out the form and LEGO will choose the lucky few from everybody who enters.

Tickets cost 20,000 DKK (~$2830) per person and price includes three overnight stays at the LEGOLAND hotel with breakfast and snacks. You also get a full year free pass to the LEGO House and a season pass to LEGOLAND. Travel costs to Denmark are not included.

• May 10-12
• May 24-26
• June 21-23
• August 30 – September 1
• October 4-6
• November 1-3


LEGO House Tour 2023 Signups Start Tomorrow

Registration for the 2023 LEGO House Tour will be kicking off tomorrow if you’re interested in attending one of the most exclusive events that LEGO offers. The event will take place six times next year and you’ll get a guided tour of the LEGO internal museum, shop at the employee store with discounted prices, and also get the exclusive LEGO Inside Tour set.

• May 10-12
• May 24-26
• June 21-23
• August 30 – September 1
• October 4-6
• November 1-3

Tickets cost 20,000 DKK (~$2830) per person and price includes three overnight stays at the LEGOLAND hotel with breakfast and snacks. You also get a full year free pass to the LEGO House and a season pass to LEGOLAND. Travel costs to Billund are not included so you’ll have to factor that in to the total costs. The price did go up from last year but from everyone that I’ve talked to who attended, it’s worth the cost.

Registration starts on December 6 at 10:00am CET (1am PT/4am ET) and ends on December 9. Note that signing up doesn’t guarantee you a spot.


The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks Now Shipping

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks crowdfunding project but it looks like there’s some good news. The books are finally shipping out to supporters and some of you may have yours delivered already. An update on one of Unbound’s posts says the rewards should be sent out with the books and everything comes in one package. I’ve already heard from people that isn’t the case.

One of the more popular rewards was the LEGO pogo stick prototype element and minifigure which is one of LEGO’s first 3D printed elements. Some people who had that reward tier didn’t get theirs in the package and only got the book. I can only say contact Unbound in this situation and see if they can fix it. Just a side note, the pogo stick proto is already going for over $1000 on the secondary market.


You Can Now Change Your LEGO Nickname

We’ve had this on the LEGO Ambassador Network to test out for about a month now but you can now change your username for your LEGO account. You will be able to choose a universal LEGO nickname to use instead of the random generated one that you got when you first signed up. For obvious reasons, you can’t use the word “LEGO” in it. You can read up on the full list of rules here. Goodbye SergeantTrainedZebra.

Follow this link to log in to your LEGO Account
• Click the Edit icon next to your avatar
• Choose your preferred nickname in the field
• Click Submit and wait a few seconds for your nickname to be approved


LEGO Subscription Program Name Survey in Rewards Center

Last year, LEGO did a survey in the Rewards Center to gauge interest on new subscription programs that includes a number of perks. Today a new survey has gone up that is looking for feedback on names that this subscription service could be called. The names seem to be different for other countries or even VIP members as I have seen ones with totally different names. The names that my survey had are:

• LEGO Central
• LEGO Nogle
• LEGO Imagination
• LEGO Click
• LEGO Play
• LEGO Imagine
• LEGO Together
• LEGO Limitless
• LEGO Unlimited
• LEGO Universe

The survey ends on November 20 and you can earn 50 VIP points if you complete the entire survey which takes about 10 minutes.


LEGO Breaks Ground on New Kornmarken Campus

LEGO has recently announced that they have broken ground on the Kornmarken Campus which is the newest addition to their headquarters in Billund. The campus will house around 1,900 employees and focuses on an inspiring and playful working environment.

The LEGO Group breaks ground on another state-of-the-art Billund campus focusing on an inspiring and playful working environment

• Kornmarken Campus is the newest addition to the Danish headquarters and will bring together around 1,900 employees under one roof.
• The Mayor of Billund Municipality participated in the groundbreaking ceremony.
• Designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation for engineering, quality and production teams.
• Aim to meet LEED Platinum standards (the highest possible LEED environmental ranking).
• Areas open to school children and visitors to learn about sustainability through play.

Billund, November 11, 2022: Today the LEGO Group celebrated breaking ground on yet another state-of-the-art campus in Billund, Denmark, where 1,900 engineering, quality and production employees from across seven locations will come together under one roof.

There to mark the special occasion was Mayor of Billund Municipality, Stephanie Storbank, Chief Executive Officer of the LEGO Group, Niels B. Christiansen, and Chief Operations Officer, Carsten Rasmussen.

Carsten Rasmussen says: “Today, we are one step closer to opening another state-of-the-art campus in Billund with focus on sustainability, technology and an inspiring and playful workplace for our employees. We are investing significantly in our headquarters these years, and I’m excited that we are also able to contribute to the development of Billund.”

Innovative working environment with learning through play

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