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LEGO Japan Teases Bricktober 2021 Sets

LEGO Japan has released a teaser for what could be the upcoming LEGO Bricktober 2021 sets. The video shows a brick-built book with the caption “once upon a time, somewhere.” As we know by now, the Bricktober promotions have mainly been centered in the Asian markets in the month of October. North America used to have them at Toys R Us but there’s been nothing here ever since the toy store chain shut down a few years ago in the US. LEGO Stores and the LEGO Shop usually don’t have anything going on for Bricktober which is a shame since there’s no alternative to getting them besides the secondary market or if you have connections.


LEGO Queer Eye Apartment (10291) Teased in Social Media

LEGO has released a teaser for what could be the accessories for the LEGO Queer Eye Apartment (10291). The accessories seem to be related to the Fab 5 but I can’t confirm since I never seen the show. LEGO Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton has recently teased one of the bricks from the set which was a white masonry brick so they could be related. The official reveal of the set should be some time this week.


LEGO VP Design Matthew Ashton Teases Licensed Collectible Minifigures Series in 2022

Yesterday, LEGO Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton did a short Q&A and he has revealed there will be another licensed LEGO Collectible Minifigures series coming next year. Someone asked about his dream licensed minifigure series and he has teased that one of his will be released in 2022 but couldn’t say anymore other than that. What license do you think will be coming out for the LEGO Collectible Minifigures line?


LEGO VP Design Matthew Ashton Teases New Set Reveal Soon

LEGO Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton has revealed that there will be a new set being announced some time this week. Obviously, it’s still Saturday here in the US so it’ll probably be next week. Furthermore, the set will include some white masonry bricks in his latest bricktease post and will be released in October. It has been rumored that the set Matthew is referring to could be LEGO Queer Eye Apartment (10291) based on the hit Netflix series. The white bricks mentioned do match some of the walls in the loft so that gives some credence to the rumor.


Disguise Announces Multi-Year Contract Renewal for LEGO Costumes

Our local friends at Disguise, Inc. has announced a multi-year renewal of global rights for their LEGO costume line. The company has made LEGO themed costumes and accessories since 2015 and have recently expanded into costumes for adults. They have made costumes for a number of LEGO themes includes Ninjago, Nexo Knights, and The LEGO Batman Movie, just to name a few.

POWAY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Disguise, Inc., a leading global costume company today announced a multi-year renewal of global rights for their LEGO® costume line. Disguise will continue to design, market, manufacture and distribute costumes and costume accessories for the LEGO Group across the world. The Disguise and LEGO partnership first started in 2015 and helped Disguise launch its costume footprint around the world with high-quality products designed specifically for a premium brand such as the LEGO brand.

“The LEGO brand is a massive global brand that continues to lead and innovate in the toy world and has shown unprecedented growth, and we are pleased to continue our costume range with them. We have enjoyed working with the LEGO team over the years through many innovative iterations and interpretations of classic minifigure characters, the LEGO brick, their hit series Ninjago and several of their lines that fall under the LEGO umbrella,” said Tara Hefter, President and GM of Disguise, Inc. “Disguise matches the level of quality and innovation that the LEGO brand maintains in all their products. This is proven out year after year in stores and online through the solid retail performance of this Disguise line.


LEGO CON 2021 DOTS Mosaic Displayed at LEGO House

During LEGO CON 2021 back in June, LEGO did a mosaic building event with people around the world and the final product is now completed and is on display at the LEGO House. Over 50 countries participated and there are over 27,000 LEGO DOTS mosaics created for this project. Fans can check it out at the LEGO House until the end of the year.

LEGO® art from more than 50 countries is decorating LEGO House

Over the summer, LEGO® fans from all over the world have creatively turned small LEGO mosaics into a giant work of art, which launches today, 3 September, at the large LEGO experience house in Billund.

The artwork is for everyone by everyone. More than 27,000 LEGO DOTS mosaics have been created both physically and digitally by LEGO fans from near and far, either in LEGO House or from their own home. Here, they have built, designed or with the LEGO DOTS online design tool dotted their contribution to this unique artwork.

LEGO fans from more than 50 countries including the US, Germany, Australia, as well as Ecuador and Chile have contributed to the giant LEGO DOTS wall installation. They have each contributed with at least one small work of art, which have all been put together to form one giant masterpiece

“We are hugely overwhelmed by the amount of mosaics that have been created both from our guests at LEGO House as well as everyone who participated online. We have received far more contributions than expected. Each and every one of


LEGO Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton Teases New Set Announcement

A few months ago, LEGO released the Everyone is Awesome (40516) which was designed by Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton and it looks like he’ll have another set that will be released later this year. Over on his Instagram, he did a Q&A and someone asked when should we expect Matt Ashton set #2 of this year. He replied with “If everything goes according to plan, there should be an announcement coming out on this fairly soon within the next two or three weeks so watch this space.”

It has been rumored that the set Matthew is referring to could be the LEGO Queer Eye Apartment (10291) set coming out later this year. We’ll just have to wait and see LEGO’s announcement of whatever Matthew is talking about.

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