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Toy Fairs Delayed/Cancelled Around the World

This is usually the time of the year where we get excited for some of the toy fairs that where we get details of the 2HY LEGO sets. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is still wrecking havoc around the world and that means that many of the events that should be happening have been delayed further or cancelled altogether. The big one is the New York Toy Fair which is when we get a first glimpse at the sets but they have announced that the show will not be taking place this year, at least in New York. It was originally planned for May 2021. In addition, the London Toy Fair has announced that their event will not be taking place either while the Nuremberg Toy Fair has been pushed to summer 2021.

Obviously this is disappointing but not unexpected and understandable due to the events happening throughout the world. LEGO has been doing their own reveals, as seen late last year, when they revealed some of the new products that have been recently released on the LEGO Shop. It’s wishful thinking but maybe they could something like what Hasbro is doing with Hasbro Pulse and Fan First Friday’s where they reveal new products every week but that probably won’t happen. As least we’ll still get guaranteed reveals of the D2C sets that will be released this year.


The Brick Fan Turns 9 Years Old

It’s January 18 and that means that The Brick Fan turns nine years old today. For those who have recently found the site, it went by another name when I first started out but had to change it to The Brick Fan and January 18 was the day that domain went live. I’m even surprised that I kept up with it throughout these years which actually doesn’t seem that long. I still remember the day that I got my first LEGO set after my Dark Age and wanted to do something fun with it. And boom, here we are. FYI, it was the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7965).

Last year, it was a terrible year for the world but a lot of you had time to be online more and it marked the best year we had on the site in terms of pageviews and first time visitors. For 2021, we are currently on pace to be even better than last year which is very remark considering we’re only just barely past the halfway point of the first month. I just also realized that we’ve just past 100 million pageviews, a goal that I never imagined hitting!

Again, thank you to everyone who takes time out of your busy day to read something on this side of the internet. It really means a lot that you guys continue to read what I put out there. Even though we’re not the best LEGO news site, we are part of a collective of Recognized LEGO Fan … Continue

LEGO Castle Collectible Coin and Display Case Available on VIP Rewards Center

It looks like there are new rewards available in the LEGO VIP Rewards Center for a LEGO Collectible Coin and Display Case. First up is the LEGO Castle Logo Collectible coin that costs 1,150 VIP points. The other item is the Collectible Coin Display Case that costs 700 points which has space for five different coins.

From the looks of it, we can expect to see other coins featuring LEGO Space, LEGO Octan, LEGO Pirates, and a generic LEGO logo in the future. Once you redeem it, you’ll get a code to use at checkout on the LEGO Shop and it has to be used within 60 days. Thanks to the anonymous emailer for the heads up.


LEGO Launches Adults Welcome Section on the LEGO Shop

Last year, LEGO rebranded some sets that target adult builders with the 18+ box style. LEGO has recently launched an Adults Welcome section on the LEGO Shop featuring sets that are tagged as 18+. There are also some interesting articles already posted to help you get the best out of your LEGO experience. In addition, LEGO is also sending displays to retailers to engage more with AFOLs.

Fun Fact: 100% of LEGO sets purchased online are bought by adults.

An Even More Fun Fact: They aren’t all given away to kids…

The truth is, LEGO building means a lot, to a lot of adults.

That’s why we are creating sets specifically designed for people like you, all of which are featured below, alongside loads of related articles.


LEGO World Builder: “Holiday Heroes” Fan-Made Project Acquired by LEGO

Back in August, LEGO announced a new platform to allow creators to build content called LEGO World Builder and for fans to test out. If the content is good enough, LEGO may decide to purchase it from the creators and today LEGO has announced that Holiday Heroes by Eddy Beals is the first fan-made world to be acquired for development by LEGO. There’s so other details at this time but hopefully there will be some details about Holiday Heroes later on.

Holiday Heroes is officially the FIRST fan-made world on LEGO World Builder to be acquired for development by the LEGO Group! Created by Canadian AFOL, Eddy Beals, this world is a globe-trotting adventure inspired by his passion for exploring different cultures. Just weeks after Holiday Heroes was published, the LEGO Group took note and Eddy was invited to pitch his original world directly to their development team – and boy, did he impress! Have an idea for the next big LEGO world? Come build it on LEGO World Builder!


The Brick Fan 2020 Recap

2020 was a challenging year for everyone around the world but we’ve managed to continue grinding it out here on The Brick Fan. Today is one of my favorite times of the year as we can take a look at some of the stats for the site and how it compares to the previous years.

Since a majority of the world was under lockdown for a few months, people had a lot of time to go online. This means more time to read LEGO fan sites for news and updates as well as reviews and such. We ended the year at 25,803,380 pageviews which is up 13.5% from 2019. This also resulted in an increase of unique views and first time visitors as well.

There were 1,025 posts which was the most number of posts in a year for the site. The highest traffic day was on November 23 in which a combination of posts contributed to it including the reveal of the the LEGO Botanical Collection, and LEGO Star Wars sets as well as the December Store Calendar.

On social media, our counts are still slowly going up which you can see below:

Facebook – 18,672 likes/21,603 followers (16.4% increase)
Twitter – 10,824 followers (12.9% increase)
Instagram – 16.420 (7.3% increase)
Reddit – 538 readers (28.5% increase)

Overall, 2020 was a very successful year on the site and I truly appreciate everyone who comes to read it. I know it’s pretty hard doing normal stuff right now with the pandemic still going on. … Continue

LEGO Kicks Off LEGO Build Day Campaign

LEGO has kicked off a new tradition they are starting called LEGO Build Day. If it continues, it’ll happen on December 26 and basically it is just building whatever you like. LEGO would like you to share your creations online using the hashtag #LEGOBuildDay and your build may be shared by LEGO’s social media team. Although you can build whatever you want, LEGO is more likely to share your builds if they are original ideas.

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