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European Space Agency Using 3D Printed Meteorite LEGO Bricks to Build Shelters on Moon

Scientists at the European Space Agency have used dust from a 4.5 million year old meteorite to print 3D LEGO-style bricks to help design astronaut shelters on the moon. The ESA is exploring ways how buildings can be made using materials found in space. For a limited time, the space bricks will go on display at select LEGO Stores and at the LEGO House from June 24 – September 20.

SPACE BRICKS: How LEGO® Bricks Are Helping Scientists Build Astronaut Shelters On The Moon

• Inspired by the LEGO® system in play, scientists at the European
Space Agency (ESA) have used dust from a 4.5 billion year old
meteorite to 3D print bricks, similar to a LEGO brick, to help design
astronaut shelters on the moon
• The ESA Space Bricks have helped the ESA team explore how buildings
could be made using materials found in space
• A selection of these bricks will now go on display in select LEGO
Retail stores and LEGO House from 24th June to 20th September 2024

15:00 CEST 18th June 2024, Billund: Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) have turned to their love of LEGO brick building when designing launch pads and shelters for astronauts visiting the moon, as part of the Artemis program. To test whether space materials could be used to create structures, the team 3D printed similar to LEGO bricks with meteorite dust to see if could still be used as a building block on small scale versions of structures.

The resulting ESA Space Bricks


LEGO Celebrates Inaugural International Day of Play

Today the world celebrates the first ever International Day of Play which was adopted by the United Nations. Whether you’re an adult or have kids, just take some time today and play. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new LEGO set or playing a board game with familiy and friends, the point of today is to have fun.

Everyone needs to play more – our future depends on it

The first International Day of Play is celebrated on June 11, 2024. On this day every year hereafter, the world will celebrate the power of play.

By Niels B. Christiansen, CEO, LEGO Group
Sidsel Marie Kristensen, CEO, LEGO Foundation

Play is never just play. Play is universal and taps into children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity to learn. Play teaches children to explore, to wonder, to connect ideas and experiences and help them gain a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds them. When children play, they develop essential life skills such as creativity, confidence and resilience that help them thrive as they grow up.

Playing takes little more than picking up a stone or a stick. The only real investment is time. Yet, both parents and children indicate that the demand for children’s time away from play is increasing – with play time often being deprioritized.

In a recent survey of 25,500 children and 36,000 parents in 36 countries commissioned by the LEGO Group, 59% of parents indicated they worry that their children do not have enough playtime, do not have enough access to fun activities


LEGO Insiders Community Shutting Down June 26

A while back, LEGO launched the LEGO Insiders Community which served sort of a forum/news area for AFOLs by AFOLs. LEGO today has announced that it will be shutting down June 26 and the content will be integrated into LEGO Ideas. I don’t think many people used the LEGO Insiders Community platform since it was newly launched and I didn’t really see LEGO advertising it too much. The last content update was back in March while fans sparingly posted in the forum area. Did you use this platform or did you even know about it in the first place?

We wanted to share an update with you. As part of the LEGO Group’s journey to offer fantastic experiences for adult builders, we’ve decided to close the LEGO® Insiders Community platform, effective June 26, 2024.

We’re eager to innovate and find more ways to connect with you and other builders, and whilst we’ve taken lots of great learnings from the platform, this decision allows us to streamline and focus on making improvements to our other experiences.

We’re asking our fans who use LEGO Insiders Community to join LEGO Ideas. Additionally, we’re moving the content from LEGO Insiders Community over to LEGO Adults Welcome and we’ll be broadening out our offerings there as well.


LAPD Recovers Almost 3,000 Stolen LEGO Sets – Two Arrested

A few days ago, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Harbor Division conducted a raid in connection of retail thefts involving LEGO sets. Two persons have been arrested and over 2,800 LEGO sets have been recovered from $20 sets to $1,000 sets at a house in Long Beach which are valued about $100,000.

LEGO sets have been a popular target among theives as this is the second larger bust within a few months. Back in April, there was another incident involving over $300,000 worth of stolen LEGO sets.


Upcoming LEGO Brand Store Building Events – June 2024

LEGO Brand Stores here in North America will have some building events in the next few weeks of June. The first one is actually tomorrow for a LEGO Photo Frame and will be held from 12-2pm local time. The other build is a LEGO Progress Flag to celebrate Pride Month and it will be happening on Friday, June 14 from 5-7pm local time. Both building events are free and will be on a first come, first serve basis.


Piece by Piece Official Trailer Released

Focus Films and LEGO has released the official trailer for the Pharrell Williams animated LEGO biopic Piece by Piece. releasing on October 11, the movie will star Pharrell Williams along with other stars including Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Kendrick Lamar, Timbaland, Busta Rhymes, and Snoop Dogg.

Focus Films and the LEGO Group have announced the trailer for PIECE BY PIECE, a unique cinematic experience that invites audiences on a vibrant journey through the life of cultural icon Pharrell Williams. Told through the lens of LEGO® animation, turn up the volume on your imagination and witness the evolution of one of music’s most innovative minds.

From Focus Features, PIECE BY PIECE was directed by Academy Award® winner Morgan Neville and produced by Neville and Caitrin Rogers (Tremolo Productions) alongside producers Pharrell Williams, Mimi Valdés, and Shani Saxon (i am OTHER). Jill Wilfert and Keith Malone are executive producing for the LEGO Group.

The film will debut in theaters on October 11, 2024. In the meantime, explore a wide range of LEGO sets here.


LEGO Announces New Belgium Distribution Center

The LEGO Group has announced that they have opened a new distribution center in Belgium to help its supply and distribution network for market growth. The new location will help service the company’s omnichannel customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland and northern France, as well as LEGO Brand Retail Stores.

The LEGO Group announces opening of new distribution centre in Belgium

• The newest regional distribution centre brings greater flexibility and resilience to the LEGO Group’s supply chain network.
• Customers in scope will benefit from a lead time reduction of up to two working days, on average.
• On-site wind turbines and solar panels will directly supply significant renewable energy to the site.
• Kuehne+Nagel to operate the site, extending the long-term partnership between the two companies.

TESSENDERLO, BELGIUM, June 4, 2024: The LEGO Group today officially opened its newest regional distribution centre (RDC) in Tessenderlo, Belgium. The opening marks an important milestone in the company’s strategy to expand its supply and distribution network to support long-term growth in the market.

Its location in Belgium will service the company’s omnichannel customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland and northern France, as well as LEGO® Brand Retail Stores. LEGO factories in Nyíregyháza, Hungary and Kladno, Czech Republic will supply products to the centre, which will be operated by Kuehne+Nagel.

Carsten Rasmussen, Chief Operations Officer of the LEGO Group, said: “We’re thrilled to celebrate the opening of our Belgium distribution centre. Expanding our supply and distribution network will ensure that we can

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