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LEGO Reveals New York Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue

LEGO has revealed their new flagship LEGO Store in New York in a new “retailtainment” concept. It has two stories filling 7,175 square feet and features a new retail format with things that will be introduced to more than 100 stores worldwide in the near future.

The LEGO Group unveils groundbreaking ‘retailtainment’ concept at NYC flagship store

• Stores to feature first-of-a-kind immersive digital and physical shopper experiences to inspire creativity and imagination.
• New concept platform to be introduced to LEGO® stores around the world.
• Store transformation part of the Group’s strategy to innovate across retail channels.

JUNE 24, 2021: The LEGO Group today shared a glimpse into the future of experiential retail as it opened its doors on a dazzling new store in New York City. The 7,175 sq. ft, two-storey store on Fifth Avenue is the first LEGO® flagship store to feature an innovative new retail format, elements of which will be introduced to more than 100 stores worldwide in the coming year.

The format is designed to create an immersive world of LEGO bricks by blending unique digital and physical experiences. It has been developed as part of the Group’s strategy to innovate its stores as shoppers seek more personalised and interactive retail offerings. Despite the rapid growth in e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores continue to play a critical role in strengthening consumers’ connections with a brand and in helping people to discover new products.

Colette Burke, Chief Commercial Officer said: “For a number of years we’ve seen the trend towards people visiting


LEGO Reveals First Prototype LEGO Brick Made From Recycled Plastic

LEGO has revealed the first prototype LEGO brick made from recycled plastic. Continuing their journey to make LEGO products from sustainable materials, the new brick uses PET plastic from discarded bottles. It has taken the team of 150 people over three years to meet several of their quality, safety and play requirements, including clutch power. A one-litre plastic PET bottle will provide enough raw material for ten 2×4 LEGO bricks. It’ll still be a while before we see recycled material bricks in LEGO sets as their next phase of testing will take at least another year.

The LEGO Group reveals first prototype LEGO® brick made from recycled plastic

The LEGO Group today unveiled a prototype LEGO® brick made from recycled plastic, the latest step in its journey to make LEGO products from sustainable materials.

The new prototype, which uses PET plastic from discarded bottles, is the first brick made from a recycled material to meet the company’s strict quality and safety requirements.

A team of more than 150 people are working to find sustainable solutions for LEGO products. Over the past three years, materials scientists and engineers tested over 250 variations of PET materials and hundreds of other plastic formulations. The result is a prototype that meets several of their quality, safety and play requirements– including clutch power.

Vice President of Environmental Responsibility at the LEGO Group, Tim Brooks said: “We are super excited about this breakthrough. The biggest challenge on our sustainability journey is rethinking and innovating new materials that are as durable, strong and


LEGO CON 2021 Hosts Announced

LEGO CON 2021 is next week and the hosts of event have been announced today. There will be two hosts next week and they are Melvin Odoom and Michelle Khare. Odoom hosted the UK version of LEGO Masters while Khare is a YouTuber. LEGO CON will be happening on June 26 at 12pm EST/9am PST with a number of events including a LEGO Star Wars set announcement.


World’s Largest Football Made of LEGO Bricks

The 2020 European Football Championship qualifiers are well underway and LEGO has created the world’s biggest football and is displayed at the LEGO House. The build uses 173,600 classic 2×2 LEGO bricks and it stands over 4 meters tall. It took builders 150 hours to complete the 2.5 ton football.

It will be displayed at the LEGO House and can be viewed free of charge in the publicly accessible Square until the UEFA finals on July 11. Which team are are rooting for in the EURO 2020?


BrickLink Designer Program Reveals First Eight Projects for Crowdfunding

BrickLink has given an update on which projects in the BrickLink Designer Program will be available for the first crowdfunding round that starts on July 1. If you may remember, BrickLink made a change to the timeline last month and split the projects into three crowdfunding rounds to give more projects a chance to be able to be crowdfunded. There are a couple of crowd favorites in this round and hopefully each of them does well.

LEGO Observatory Mountain View

The Great Fishing Boat

Sheriff’s Safe with Combination Lock

Pursuit of Flight

The Legend of the Bionicle


The Castle in the Forest

Particle Accelerator


Ask LEGO Designers Questions for LEGO CON 2021

LEGO CON 2021 is exactly two weeks away and LEGO is giving you a chance to ask a LEGO designer questions. Head on over to Twitter or Facebook and post your questions and if chosen, your question could be answered live. The post didn’t limit what you can ask so it’s pretty much free rein as to what you can ask. Obviously, keep it constructive and not ask about future sets as they will most likely not answer those.

LEGO CON will be held live on July 26 at and there will be Q&As, building challenges, interviews, and even a LEGO Star Wars set reveal.


LEGO CON 2021 Event Details Revealed

LEGO has released the first details on what will be going on their inaugural LEGO CON which will be happening on June 26. The events listed includes a LEGO Minecraft Q&A with LEGO designers and Lydia Winters of Mojang Studios, a LEGO Technic race, a closer look at the new LEGO Super Mario sets, a LEGO Harry Potter building challenge, a LEGO City interview with a real-life astronaut, and also a new LEGO Star Wars sets reveal. Could the new set finally be the Republic Gunship (75309) that we’ve all been waiting to be announced for a whole year?

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