LEGO BIONICLE The Makuta Challenge ReBrick Contest Announced

LEGO BIONICLE ReBrick The Makuta Challenge

A few days ago, LEGO announced that the LEGO BIONICLE theme will be discontinued at the end of 2016 which saddened many fans of the theme. To send it off with a bang, LEGO ReBrick has launched a new building competition called The Makuta Challenge. The contest is pretty simple, create your own version of the evil overlord Makuta using mostly Constraction and Technic parts and submit your entries on ReBrick. The deadline to submit your entry is September 5, 2016.

LEGO BIONICLE ReBrick The Makuta Challenge

There are some cool prizes for the winners which you can check out below:

Tier One Winners

There will be 3 tier one winners. They will receive:

1. Limited edition LEGO Bionicle Art Book signed by the team behind LEGO Bionicle

2. The full 2015 and 2016 LEGO Bionicle assortment

Tier Two Winners

There will be 3 tier two winners. They will receive:

1. The full 2015 and 2016 LEGO Bionicle assortment

Bonus Prize Winner

One LEGO BIONICLE art book

LEGO BIONICLE ReBrick The Makuta Challenge


LEGO BIONICLE to be Discontinued at End of 2016


You may or may not have read about it this morning but today marks a sad day in the LEGO community as LEGO has announced that LEGO BIONICLE will be discontinued at the end of 2016 after a two year run.

LEGO BIONICLE was pretty popular when it came back in 2015 and the CCBS community was back in full swing with the revival. There’s no mentioning on why LEGO has decided to end the theme but safe bets are due to lack of sales. LEGO did mention that the final wave of BIONICLE sets will be coming to Europe and North America but will not be released in Asia and the Pacific markets. This usually happens when themes or subthemes are ending such as LEGO Legends of Chima and the LEGO Star Wars Planets sets.


Fans, today we have to share the news with you that we have made the tough decision to discontinue LEGO® BIONICLE® at the end of 2016. NETFLIX has just started streaming the final two episodes of “The Journey to One” the ending of which, will put an end to any speculation about the future of LEGO® BIONICLE®.

With the 2015 relaunch of LEGO® BIONICLE®, we set out to revive a childhood favorite of fans worldwide, and bring it to a new group of children who were too young to have known and played with LEGO® BIONICLE® Generation 1. From your wonderful feedback over the last year, we feel very proud to have performed that task. Currently, the last wave of LEGO® BIONICLE® products is launching in Europe and North America. These products will, however, not reach the shelves in Asia and the Pacific markets.

Next up is the #BIONICLEbuildmakuta Rebrick Contest, starting August 1st, that will give you a chance to compete for some unique prizes. All you have to do is to give us your best shot at the Evil Overlord himself. Through the rest of the year, we will keep sharing artwork and other things that may be of interest to you on LEGO.com/bionicle and facebook.com/LEGOBionicle

On behalf of the LEGO® BIONICLE® team we would like to say that it has been absolutely thrilling to work on a theme that evokes so much interest, dedication and emotion. We would like to thank you for taking in LEGO® BIONICLE® Generation 2 and sharing all your builds, stories, artwork, joy, criticism and praise. By doing so you have not only expanded the universe but also made the amazing BIONICLE® Community even stronger and more amazing. We are confident that you will ensure that BIONICLE® lives on.



LEGO Bionicle Toys R Us Promotion

Toys R Us is having a new promotion this month where you can get a free LEGO Bionicle set with purchases of $40 or more. You can choose between Skull Warrior (70791), Skull Slicer (70792), or Skull Basher (70793). This promo is obviously to move out older inventory to make way for the summer 2016 sets but it’s nice to get a fairly larger set instead of polybags. The promo is available in stores and online and it lasts until July 23.


LEGO Bionicle Summer 2016 Official Images

The upcoming summer 2016 images of the LEGO Bionicle sets have been uploaded to Toy R Us’ website which includes the descriptions of the sets. The only set missing is the Quake Beast (71315) which could mean that it’s another store exclusive.

Ekimu The Mask Maker (71312)

Ekimu The Mask Maker has emerged from sleep and is ready to fight with his Crystal Hammer and Crystal Saw Shield. Turn the wheel to rotate the torso and twist the battle arm for fast-action play with this sturdy Bionicle® hero, featuring posable joints, unique rune decoration and mask pop-off trigger.

The LEGO Bionicle Ekimu The Mask Maker (71312) Features:
Features a Bionicle® head with mask pop-off trigger, powered-up Mask of Creation, Crystal Saw Shield, armor chest piece with unique rune decoration and posable joints.

Twist the arm wheel to activate the battle arm.

Includes a Crystal Hammer weapon.

Stands over 8 Inch tall.

Lava Beast (71313)

The only Elemental Beast in the 2016 LEGO® Bionicle® series that can fly, this buildable Lava Beast features 2 lava-crystal-like wings and slicing lava blades. Turn the wheel to activate the rotating torso for fast-action combat scenes, but avoid the enemy’s strikes to the jaw that will pop off the beast’s mask. Power up by popping off the Beast Mask of Corruption and add the corrupted Unity Mask of Tahu to gain the edge in battle.

The LEGO Bionicle Lava Beast (71313) Features:
Features a Bionicle® head with mask pop-off trigger, 2 pairs of slicing lava blades, Beast Mask of Corruption, punchable jaw mask pop-off function, lava crystal wings, armor chest piece with unique corruption decoration and posable claws and joints.

Open the posable claws and then tighten them around the corrupted Unity Mask of Tahu.

Pop the trigger of the beast’s Bionicle® head to release the Beast Mask of Corruption and power up with the corrupted Unity Mask of Tahu.

Sturdy design for intense crash-and-bash play.

Stands over 8 Inch tall.

Storm Beast (71314)

Enter the biomechanical world of LEGO® Bionicle® with the Storm Beast. Activate the battle tail to knock Bionicle heroes off their feet or swipe at them using the claws. Role-play fast-action battle scenes with this highly posable action figure featuring Bionicle head with mask pop-off trigger, punchable jaw mask pop-off function and a rotating torso.

The LEGO Bionicle Storm Beast (71314) Features:
Features a Bionicle® head with mask pop-off trigger, Beast Mask of Corruption, punchable jaw mask pop-off function, armor chest piece with unique corruption decoration, posable joints and interconnected claws and battle tail that move at the same time.

Place the corrupted Unity Mask of Kopaka in the Storm Beast’s battle tail.

Pop the trigger of the beast’s Bionicle® head to release the Beast Mask of Corruption and power up with the corrupted Unity Mask of Kopaka.

Includes the corrupted Unity Mask of Kopaka.

Stands over 7 Inch tall.

Umarak The Destroyer (71316)

Enter the epic sci-fi fantasy world of LEGO® Bionicle® with Umarak the Destroyer. Activate the twisting torso for intense battle role-play and open the claws wide to take hold of your enemy before closing them with the grabbing mechanism. Deflect your opponent’s strikes that will pop off Umarak the Destroyer’s powerful Beast Mask of Corruption. Fast-action fighting awaits with this durable Bionicle action figure.

The LEGO Bionicle Umarak The Destroyer (71316) Features:
Features a Bionicle® head with mask pop-off trigger, Beast Mask of Corruption, punchable jaw mask pop-off function, armor chest piece with unique corruption decoration, posable claws and joints.

Turn the wheel to rotate the torso for fast-action play.

Place your opponents in the claws and activate the grabbing mechanism.

Stands over 10 Inch tall.

**Via Brickset**


LEGO Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 Set Images

Just like that and then 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair has started and there are now some images of the summer wave of LEGO sets. The guys over at PromoBricks and Zusammengebaut are there and they have provided the images for the world to see. There will also be videos as well from both sites later as well as more higher quality images when they are settled in after each day. Again, I’ll keep this post updated as more images are shared. Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, I’ve compiled a list of some of the sets we should be seeing in summer 2016. Images continued after the break.

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LEGO London Toy Fair 2016 Set Details

The 2016 London Toy Fair has kicked off and it looks like our friends over at Brick Fanatics has the initial scoop of some of the LEGO sets that have been shown off to invited attendees. Again, photography is not allowed in the LEGO booth so we’ll have to wait a few days for the Nuremberg Toy Fair to see them. Note that these sets do correspond to some of the rumor posts I have previously done. Stay tuned as I’ll keep this post updated when more news come in.

Update: Huw over Brickset has given more in-depth details of some of the non-licensed sets.
Update 2: CapnRex101 has done his report on the LEGO Star Wars sets as well as DC sets.
Update 3: LostinTranslation has updated with more themes.
Update 4: Angry Birds and Minecraft info has been added.
Update 5: The details for the Marvel sets are up.
Update 6: Info on Ninjago, Nexo Knights, and Bionicle are up.

Angry Birds

Images of these sets have already been available.

Piggy Car Escape (75821) – £11.99
Piggy Plane Attack (75822) – £19.99
Bird Island Egg Heist (75823) – £34.99
Pig City Teardown (75824) – £39.99
Piggy Pirate Ship (75825) – £59.99
King Pig’s Castle (75826) – £74.99


Simpler storyline and 4 22-minute Netflix movies.

Ekimu the Mask Maker (71312) – £9.99
Lava Beast (71313) – £9.99
Storm Beast (71314) – £9.99
Quake Beast (71315) – £9.99
Umarak the Destroyer (71316) – £17.99


Airport sub-theme

Starter Set (60100) – £8.99 – Includes 4 minifigures
Cargo Place (60101) – £17.99
VIP Service (60102) – £39.99 – Includes a private jet and a white limo.
Airshow (60103) – £69.99 – Includes 6 minifigures in a stunt show set with Red Arrow planes and an orange bi-plane.
Passenger Terminal (60104) – £79.99

New sub-theme called Volcano Explorers. Lime and yellow colored rocks.

Volcano Starter Set (60120) – £8.99
Exploration Truck (60121) – £14.99
Volcano Crawler (60122) – £24.99
Volcano Supply Helicopter (60123) – £39.99
Volcano Research Base (60124) – £79.99


Dual Rotor Helicopter (31049) – £19.99
Cape Lighthouse (31051) – £39.99 – Includes brick-built whale and a lighthouse
Vacation Getaways (31052) – £49.99 – White and blue RV and a brick-built bear
Tree House Adventures (31053) – £24.99

DC Comics Super Heroes

Scarecrow’s Harvest of Fear (76054) – £59.99 – Includes Scarecrow, Batman, Blue Beetle, Killer Moth, and a farmer. Set has a Bat-copter and Scarecrow’s combine harvester.
Killer Croc’s Sewer Smash (76055) – £69.99 – Includes a bigfig Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Red Hood, and Katana.

Disney Princess

Rapunzel’s Best Day Ever (41065) – £19.99 – Includes Rapunzel and her horse Maximus.
Belle’s Enchanted Castle (41067) – £49.99 – Includes Belle, Beast, Mrs. Pott, Cup, Cogsworth, and Lumiere.


Precious Crystal Mine (41177) – £24.99 – Includes Naida, Farran, baby earth dragon, and a grey mouse.
Dragon Sanctuary (41178) – £34.99 – Includes Aira, male dragon trainer, and lavender wind dragon.
Queen Dragon’s Rescue (41179) – £59.99 – Includes Emily Jones, Azari, a fox, a mouse, and a large white dragon.
Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle (41180) – £74.99


Foal’s Washing Station (41123) – £8.99
Puppy Daycare (41124) – £24.99
Horse Trailer (41125) – £34.99
Horse Riding Club (41126) – £49.99

New amusement park sub-theme

Amusement Park Arcade (41127) – £12.99
Amusement Park Space Ride (41128) – £17.99
Amusement Park Hot Dog Stand (41129) – £24.99
Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130) – £89.99


Friends Stephanie’s Horse Carriage (10726) – £8.99
Emma’s Ice Cream Truck (10727) – £17.99
Mia’s Clinic (10728)
DC Batman and Superman vs Lex Luthor (70724) – £29.99 – Includes old versions of Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor. Luthor wears the same armor as in the polybag promo (30164).

Marvel Super Heroes

Web Warrior’s Bridge Battle (76057) – £99.99 – Includes Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider, Aunt May, Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, and Scorpion. Set includes a New York taxi falling through a hole in a bridge.
Ghost Rider Team-Up (76058) – £19.99 – Includes Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Hobgoblin. Set includes Ghost Rider’s bike about the size of Wyldstyle’s bike and the Goblin Glider. Ghost Rider’s chains are the normal ones but in trans-orange.
Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap (76059) – £44.99 – Includes Spider-Man, Classic Doc Ock, White Tiger, Captain Stacy, and Vulture. Doctor Octopus has a mech.
Doctor Strange (xxxxx) – £34.99 – Vignette-style set of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum based on the upcoming movie. Has bookshelves, a table, and a portal with a “red tentacle demon beast” coming through. They couldn’t make out the minifigures but I have a feeling that they might be Doctor Strange, Wong, and the demon could be either Dormammu or Shuma-Gorath.


The Fortress (21127) – £89.99

Nexo Knights

The Glob Lobber (70318) – £7.99
Macy’s Thunder Mace (70319) – £17.99
Aaron Fox’s Aero Striker V2 (70320) – £29.99
General Magmar’s Siege Machine (70321) – £34.99
Axl’s Tower Carrier (70322)
Jestro’s Volcano Base (70323) – £99.99
Ultimate Axl (70336) – £6.99
Ultimate Lance (70337) – £6.99
Ultimate General Magmar (70338) – £6.99
Ultimate Flama (70339) – £6.99


Titanium Ninja Tumbler (70588) – £24.99
Cole’s Rock Raider (70589) – £34.99
Kryptarium Breakout (70591) – £17.99
Salvage M.E.C. (70592) – £34.99
Lloyd’s Green NRG Dragon (70593) – £39.99
Lighthouse Siege Defense (70594) – £59.99
Stealth Raider 2.0 (70595) – £79.99

Star Wars

Eclipse Fighter (75145) – £34.99 – Includes 2 minifigures. Based on new LEGO Star Wars IP.
Star Scavenger (75147) – £49.99 – Includes 4 minifigures. Set also has a mini salvage vehicle. Based on new LEGO Star Wars IP.
Encounter on Jakku (75148) – £49.99 – Includes Unkar Plutt, Rey, BB-8, Teedo, a Jakku Thug, and a brick-built Luggabeast. The Force Awakens set where Rey encounters Teedo riding a Luggabeast while he’s capturing BB-8.
Resistance X-Wing Fighter (75149) – £79.99 – Includes Poe Dameron, BB-8, Lor San Tekka, and a Flame Trooper. The blue and white/gray version of The Force Awakens X-Wing.
Darth Vadar’s TIE Advanced (75150) – £79.99 – Includes Sabine Wren, an A-Wing Pilot, Darth Vader, and Grand Moff. Set has Vader’s TIE Advanced and an A-Wing.
clone Turbo Tank (75151) – £99.99 – Includes Clone Scout Trooper, Commander Gree, two Battle Droids, Luminara Unduli, and Quinlan Vos.
Captain Rex’s AT-TE Walker (75157) – £99.99 – Includes Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, Commander Gregor, a Stormtrooper, and an Inquisitor.


Volvo EW (42053) – £69.99 – Pneumatic digger
Class Xerion 5000 Trac (42054) – £119.99
Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) – £179.99 – 3,000+ piece set
Confidential Technic Ultramotive (42056) – £249.99 – Sportscar that is similar to a Porsche body type.


LEGO BIONICLE Summer 2016 Rumored Set Names


It’s been pretty slow LEGO news-wise but there are now new details on the summer 2016 wave of LEGO BIONICLE sets. From what I see, there will be at least 5 sets in the wave which you can see the list below. They’ll be available in August so we should probably see them at the upcoming toys fairs in a few weeks.

Ekimu the Mask Maker (71312)
Lava Beast (71313)
Storm Beast (71314)
Quake Beast (71315)
Umarak the Destroyer (71316)

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