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LEGO Friends Summer 2022 Official Set Images

There are now official images of the summer 2022 wave of LEGO Friends sets from JB Spielwaren. There doesn’t seem to be a majority subtheme but there are three sets that are in the water environment.

Pony Washing Stable (41696) – 60 pieces

Heartlake City Pizzeria (41705) – 144 pieces

Roller Disco Arcade (41708) – 642 pieces

Surfer Beach Fun (41710) – 288 pieces

Emma’s Art School (41711) – 844 pieces

Recycling Truck (41712) – 259 pieces

Andrea’s Theater School (41714) – 1,154 pieces

Ice-Cream Truck (41715) – 84 pieces

Stephanie’s Sailing Adventure (41716) – 304 pieces

Mia’s Wildlife Rescue (41717) – 430 pieces

Mobile Fashion Boutique (41719) – 94 pieces

Water Park (41720) – 373 pieces

Organic Farm (41721) – 826 pieces

LEGO May 2022 Sets Now Available on LEGO Shop

It is now May on the east coast and that means there are brand new LEGO sets available for purchase on the LEGO Shop. There is a wide variety of sets from various themes that should something for everyone.

In addition, the traditional LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promotions are now live as well. The main promos include:

• Lars Family Homestead Kitchen (40531) – LEGO Star Wars purchases of $160
• The Mandalorian Beskar Keychain (5007403) – VIP exclusive with LEGO Star Wars purchases of $70
• AT-ST (30495) – LEGO Star Wars purchases of $40

Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back on your purchases.

Botanical Collection

Succulents (10309) – $49.99
Orchid (10311) – $49.99


90 Years of Play (11021) – $49.99


Olivia’s Space Academy (41713) – $69.99


Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck (76989) – $79.99


LEGO The Muppets Collectible Minifigures (71033) – $4.99 each
LEGO The Muppets Collectible Minifigures 6 Pack (71036) – $29.94

Star Wars

UCS Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder (75341) – $199.99


LEGO Friends Andrea’s Theater School (41714) Official Images

A short while ago, we got our first look at the upcoming LEGO Friends Andrea’s Theater School (41714) and now there are official images of the set coming out from toy retailer We now know that it will be released in June and it will have 1,154 pieces. The theater is able to open up to reveal the stage and a wide variety of props and costumes are stored in the back. The set included minidolls of Andrea, Ollie, Freya, and Professor Adrian. I suspect many will be using the set for the LEGO Muppets Collectible Minifigures (71033).


LEGO Friends Andrea’s Theater School (41714) Preview

The LEGO Building Instructions page has given a preview of a new LEGO Friends set with Andrea’s Theater School (41714). The image isn’t the clearest but it shows a theater flanked by some box seats. The set also includes four minidolls along with some costume accessories. The product listing for the set should be coming soon so we’ll know the details on the pricing and piece count.


LEGO Build Together Adds 16 Sets to App

Back in December, LEGO announced Build Together which is a new feature that allowed multiple people to build at set at the same time using the LEGO Building Instructions App. Today, LEGO has added 16 more 2022 sets to the growing list and the most recent update has decreased idle time for builders as well as improved algorithms structure. Below are the sets that have been added:


Police Station (60316)] Police Chase at the Bank (60317)
Fire Station (60320)
School Day (60329)
Hospital (60330)
Lunar Research Base (60350)


Batcave: The Riddler Face-off (76183)


Aurora, Merida and Tiana’s Enchanted Creations (43203)


Canal Houseboat (41702)
Friendship Tree House (41703)

Monkie Kid

Chang’e Moon Cake Factory (80032)
Evil Macaque’s Mech (80033)
Nezha’s Fire Ring (80034)
Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer (80035)


Jay and Nya’s Race Car EVO (71776)

Star Wars

Hoth AT-ST (75322)


LEGO Friends Olivia’s Space Academy (41713) Revealed

LEGO has revealed a brand new LEGO Friends set with Olivia’s Space Academy (41713). In another set that is collaborating with NASA, similar to LEGO City, the mission control station gives it a Friends take with the colors that we’re used to seeing from the theme. There’s no details on the pricing for the 757 piece set but it will be available on May 1.

Boldly go where no kid has gone before! Join Olivia as her dreams come true and she gains entry to the Space Academy. Thanks to all her hard work she’s earned a place in the Academy where she can train to be an astronaut! Learn about space travel in the high-tech academy building. Go for a spin in the multi-axis trainer. Take the helm in mission control and monitor the Space Shuttle’s progress.


LEGO March 2022 Sets Now Available on LEGO Shop

It is March on the east coast and there are a ton of new LEGO sets that are now available for purchase on the LEGO Shop. Listed below is everything that you should be able to buy now unless there’s some sort of delay on LEGO’s end, which happens pretty frequently in recent times.

As for any LEGO promotions, there aren’t any going on until March 3 when the LEGO Jane Goodall Tribute (40530) set kicks off and double VIP points event from March 12-14. If you’re willing to wait on your purchase, there’s a chance that products will go out of stock before the promos actually begin so there’s that to think about.

USA | Canada | UK | France | Germany


Elvis Presley “The King” (31204) – $119.99
Jim Lee Batman Collection (31205) – $119.99


Spice Girls Tribute (40548) – $49.99
Chip & Dale (40550) – $19.99


Lunar Roving Vehicle (60348) – $39.99
Lunar Space Station (60349) – $79.99
Lunar Research Base (60350) – $119.99
Rocket Launch Center (60351) – $149.99


Creative Monsters (11017) – $9.99
Creative Ocean Fun (11018) – $19.99
Bricks and Functions (11019) – $29.99
Green Baseplate (11023) – $9.99
Gray Baseplate (11024) – $14.99
Blue Baseplate (11025) – $9.99
White Baseplate (11026) – $7.99


Super Robot (31124) – $9.99
Dolphin and Turtle (31128) – $9.99
Off-Road Buggy (31123) – $14.99
Fantasy Forest Creatures (31125) – $14.99
Supersonic Jet (31126) – $19.99
Street Racer (31127) – $19.99
Vespa (40517) – $9.99

Creator Expert

Vespa 125 Continue

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