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LEGO Harry Potter Wizarding World Minifigure Accessory Set (40500) Revealed

LEGO has revealed a new summer 2021 LEGO Harry Potter set on their building instructions page which is the Wizarding World Minifigure Accessory Set (40500). It includes four minifigures and there’s a variety of fairly obscure characters for it. Harry Potter is in his Order of the Phoenix robes and there’s also the Minister of Magic from the Deathly Hallows, Rufus Scrimgeour. The last two are from The Sorcerer’s Stone with Dedalus Diggle and Doris Crockford. The set will most likely be priced at $14.99 like with the previous accessory set.


LEGO BrickHeadz Harry Potter Summer 2021 Sets Revealed

The LEGO BrickHeadz lines continues on this summer with some Harry Potter sets that have just been revealed. There are two of them which include Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hagrid (40495) and Voldemort, Nagini and Bellatrix Lestrange (40496), both of which have been reviewed by Brickset and both sets will be available on June 1. There’s no pricing listed but I’m guessing it’ll be $24.99 and $19.99, respectively.


LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2021 Set Pre-Orders Now Live

You can now pre-order some of the new summer 2021 LEGO Harry Potter sets that were announced earlier today. There are only three sets that are available for pre-order but according to fan feedback, these are some of the more popular ones. Keep in mind that you will be able to earn double VIP points on your order. These sets will be released on June 1.

Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess (76392) – $59.99

Harry Potter & Hermione Granger (76393) – $119.99

Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix (76394) – $39.99

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LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Sets Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced the LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary sets which consists of eight brand new sets for your enjoyment. Releasing on June 1, these sets will contain golden anniversary minifigures of various characters to collect. The sets are based on the first couple of Harry Potter movies. The new sets will be available from, LEGO Stores and selected retailers from June 1 and more widely from August 1. You can start pre-ordering a few of these sets starting today on the LEGO Shop. Check out the press release and images of the sets below.

New LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets explores the wonderment of the Wizarding World™

BILLUND, April 16th, 2021: Today, the LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have revealed a new captivating mix of LEGO® sets to help young witches and wizards explore the enchanting adventures of Harry Potter’s second year at Hogwarts™.

From the tantalizing tactics of Wizarding Chess to Polyjuice Potion trickery, the sets are packed full of popular characters, creatures and imaginative features to help young builders reenact their favorite adventures from the films, as well as crafting magical storylines of their own.

While the enchanted walls of Hogwarts set the scene for many of the new sets, builders can spread their wings and explore the rest of the wizarding world by taking flight with the fiery feathers of Dumbledore’s beloved Phoenix, Fawkes, or visiting the snow-capped streets of Hogsmeade Village. Many of the sets also interconnect to extend the play into different areas of Hogwarts.



LEGO Harry Potter The Monster Book of Monsters (30628) Confirmed for January 2021 GWP Release

Yesterday I reported that we could soon be seeing the LEGO Harry Potter The Monster Book of Monsters (30628) on the LEGO Shop and at LEGO Brand Stores and I can now confirm that we will indeed be getting next month. I’ve been told it’ll be available all January with purchases of $75 in LEGO Harry Potter products, while supplies last. It’ll be pretty easy to get if you’re planning on getting the new LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments sets.


LEGO Harry Potter The Monster Book of Monsters (30628) Coming Soon to LEGO Shop?

For those who weren’t able to get the LEGO Harry Potter The Monster Book of Monsters (30628) from Barnes & Noble last month as part of a GWP or earlier this month by itself, you may have another chance on the LEGO Shop. There is now a product listing for the set which states it is a free item. If I were to guess, it’ll most likely be a promo item some time in January. We’re not sure of the exact date it will launch or the price threshold as the LEGO Store Calendar hasn’t been published yet but we’ll let you know once we have some info.


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments: Charms Class (76385) Review

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments: Charms Class (76385)

The last set from the new LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments sets that I’ll be checking out is the Charms Class (76385). It comes in at 256 pieces and will retail for $29.99 like with the other ones.

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