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New LEGO Elephant Molds Teased Back in March

It’s fairly rare that LEGO designers reveal their secrets but there’s one that has been revealed for an upcoming LEGO City set. Designer George Gilliatt has disclosed that the new elephants in the upcoming summer 2021 LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Operation (60302) were actually teased back in March in the LEGO Creator Safari Wildlife Tree House (31116). As you can see, there’s a printed picture tile of the prototype elephants in the treehouse. I guess we’ll just have to scrutinize every little details in sets for hints on future items.

The Wildlife Rescue Operation will be available starting on August 1 and it is one of two sets in the wave with the new adult elephant molds, the other set being the Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307).


LEGO Volkswagen T2 Camper Van (10279) Rumored for 2021

Continuing with some of rumors of new LEGO summer 2021 sets, there’s now one for a LEGO Volkswagen T2 Camper Van (10279). The original Volkswagen T1 Camper Van was finally retired last year after being on the market for a whopping nine years and it looks like there’s a replacement for it coming soon. There’s no word on piece count or the color scheme but it is reported that it could retail for 179.99€ which is a lot more expensive than the T1. This could suggest that it will have more pieces than the T1 as well.

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LEGO The Friends Apartment (10292) Designer Video

The LEGO The Friends Apartment (10292) has been out for a few weeks now and LEGO has just dropped the designer video for the set. Designer Andy Grubb talks about some of detail for the two apartments including some of the references from the hit show. Senior graphic designer Ioana Popescu talks about the details for the minifigures as well as some of the stickers throughout the set.

The Friends Apartments has been recently been restocked on the LEGO Shop and it now available for purchase again for the general public.


LEGO June 2021 Double VIP Point Sets

If you haven’t seen it yet, LEGO is offering double VIP points on two sets for the month of June. The first set is the LEGO Creator Surfer Beach House (31118) and you can get 650 points for it. The other set is the LEGO Classic Creative Building Bricks (11016) and you can also get 650 points for it but this set is more worth it if you’re looking for parts in various colors. The promotion will run from now until the end of the month.


LEGO Creator Fish Tank (31122) Walmart Pre-Order – 35% Off

Taking a page out of LEGO’s playbook, Walmart is now offering pre-orders for the new LEGO Creator Fish Tank (31122) for 35% off the normal retail price. Even at $19.49 as of this post, it’ll still be cheaper with shipping and applicable taxes than if you were buying from the LEGO Shop so if you’re wanting this set, now is a great time to put an order in for it. The only bad thing is that it won’t ship until August which is the release date here in the US so it doesn’t really matter that much.


LEGO The Friends Apartments (10292) Now Available on LEGO Shop for VIPs

The new LEGO The Friends Apartments (10292) is now available for purchase for VIP members on the LEGO Shop. The 2,048 piece set retails for $149.99 and it had an overwhelmingly positive response when it was announced last week. The build features both Rachel and Monica’s apartment as well as Joey and Chandler’s apartment and it also has the hallway that goes between the two.

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LEGO Summer 2021 Sets Pricing and Release Dates

A majority of the summer 2021 sets now have product listings on the LEGO Shop and we can finally see the pricing and release dates for them in case you need to set your budget. Note that here in the US, we have a staggered release with some sets coming out in June while the rest release in August.

BrickHeadz – June 2021

Daisy Duck (40476) – $9.99
Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey & Louie (40477) – $24.99
Dalmation (40479) – $14.99
Harry, Hermione, Ron & Hagrid (40495) – $24.99
Voldemort, Nagini & Bellatrix (40496) – $24.99

City – August 2021

Wildlife Rescue ATV (60300) – $9.99
Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader (60301) – $49.99
Wildlife Rescue Operation (60302) – $89.99
Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307) – $99.99
Seaside Police and Fire Mission (60308) – $49.99

Classic – August 2021

Around the World (11015) – $49.99

Creator – August 2021

Space Shuttle Adventure (31117) – $39.99
Ferris Wheel (31119) – $79.99
Medieval Castle (31120) – $99.99
Crocodile (31121) – $29.99
Fish Tank (31122) – $29.99

Disney – August 2021

Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane (10772) – $9.99
Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop (10773) – $19.99
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket (10774) – $19.99
Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck’s Farm (10775) – $29.99
Mickey & Friends Fire Truck & Station (10776) – $39.99
Minnie’s House and Café (10942) – $49.99
Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland (43194) – $39.99
Belle and the Beast’s Castle (43196) – $79.99

DOTS – August 2021

Extra DOTS Series 5 (41932) – $3.99
Lots of DOTS Continue

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