LEGO Summer 2018 Sets Now Available on [email protected]

LEGO Wizarding World Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures (71022)

It’s August 1 and that means that there are a ton of new LEGO sets are now available for purchase on LEGO [email protected]. LEGO sets from various themes ranging from DC Super Heroes to Ninjago to Unikitty are now available. The rest of the Wizarding World sets, mainly the Fantastic Beasts ones, and the Collectible Minifigures are now up for grabs and I’m sure those will be pretty popular. In addition, there are a couple of promotions that are going on simultaneously including the LEGO Plants from Plants (40320) with purchases of $35 or more and the LEGO Unikitty Castle Room (5005239) with purchases of $25 or more.

I’ve linked pretty much every set that have gone live online below and as always, please use our links as they do help support the site.


Great Wall of China (21041)


Passenger Train (60197)
Cargo Train (60198)
Capital City (60200)

LEGO City Freight Train (60198)


Treehouse Treasures (31078)

LEGO Creator Treehouse Treasures (31078)

DC Super Heroes

Aquaman: Black Manta Strike (76095)
Batman: The Attack of the Talons (76110)
Batman: Brother Eye Takedown (76111)
App-Controlled Batmobile (76112)

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile (76112)


Heartlake City Airplane Tour (41343)
Andrea’s Accessories Store (41344)
Heartlake City Pet Center (41345)
Friendship Box (41346)
Heartlake City Resort (41347)
Spinning Brushes Car Wash (41350)

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Resort (41347)

Harry Potter/Wizarding World

LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures (71022)
Grindewald’s Escape (75951)
Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures (75952)


Voltron (21311)

LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311)


Ariel’s Underwater Concert (10765)


The Skull Arena (21145)
The Skeleton Attack (21146)
The Bedrock Adventures (21147)
BrickHeadz Steve & Creeper (41612)


Destiny’s Wing (70650)
Throne Room Showdown (70651)
Stormbringer (70652)
Firstbourne (70653)
Dieselnaut (70654)
Dragon Pit (70655)
NInjago City Docks (70657)
Oni Titan (70658)

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Ninjago City Docks (70657)

Star Wars

Hoth Medical Chamber (75203)
Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (75214)
Cloud Rider Swoop Bikes (75215)
Snoke’s Throne Room (75216
Imperial Conveyex Transport (75217)
X-Wing Starfighter (75218)
Imperial AT Hauler (75219
Sandcrawler (75220)
Imperial Landing Craft (75221)


Heavy Duty Forklift (42079)
Forest Machine (42080)
Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX (42081)
Rough Terrain Crane (42082)


Unikitty Cloud Car (41451)
Prince Puppycorn Trike (41452)
Party Time (41453)
Dr. Fox Laboratory (41454)
Unikingdom Creative Brick Box (41455)
Unikingdom Fairground Fun (41456)

LEGO Unikitty Dr. Fox Laboratory (41454)


LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262) Review

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

For the past month or so, LEGO has been teasing of a new LEGO Creator set and it was announced that the set would be the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262). The famous car from the 007 franchise has 1,290 pieces and retails for $149.99 and is now available for purchase on [email protected]

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LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262) Officially Announced

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

After much teasing on social media, LEGO has officially announced the next LEGO Creator set with the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262). It has 1,290 pieces and retails for $149.99. VIP Early Access for the set is today July 18 and will be available to the general public on August 1.

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

Uncover the secrets of 007’s most famous vehicle with the LEGO® Creator Expert James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5

Combining a wealth of sophisticated gadgetry and the elegance of 007’s iconic Aston Martin DB5, LEGO Group have today announced the launch of the LEGO Creator Expert James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5, available exclusively from LEGO Stores and shop.LEGO.com from 18th July, 2018.

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from the 1964 hit film Goldfinger is the latest in the LEGO Creator Expert series and features a wealth of authentic gadgets and gizmos all created in Q’s workshop.

The model has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience full of nostalgia—a must-have for fans of Aston Martin, James Bond movies and LEGO building sets.

Featuring 1,290 pieces, you can combine the understated sophistication of Aston Martin with the joy of LEGO building and create your very own piece of James Bond™ memorabilia. An authentic replica of the world-famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 sports car, this 1:8 scale model includes many of the unique features showcased in Goldfinger, from a working ejector seat, revolving number plates, radar tracker, hidden telephone, bulletproof shield, front wing machine guns and wheel mounted tyre scythes’.

The exterior of the car, painted in Silver Birch just like the original, features the smooth curves and sleek edges of the original Aston Martin DB5 and includes key details including sloped headlamps and drum lacquered silver front and rear bumpers. The moulded silver wire wheel rim inserts also feature the iconic Aston Martin wings that match the wings on the front and rear of the car. Pop open the bonnet to find a detailed six cylinder engine and open the doors of the car to reveal a radar tracker, as well as a telephone tucked away in the secret door compartment.

This LEGO Creator Expert model packed with a wealth of James Bond™ gadgetry is sure to have fans rubbing their hands with excitement.

The finished model measures over 3” (10cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide, making this a perfect display piece whilst showcasing the timeless elegance of 007’s iconic sports car.

To celebrate the launch, LEGO Group is also offering the chance to win a once in a lifetime trip to 007 Elements in Sölden, Austria ‘the ultimate James Bond™ experience’. Simply visit shop.lego.com/promotions.

Available directly from LEGO Stores & shop.lego.com/db5 from 18th July, 2018

LEGO® Creator Expert James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5
RRP £129.99
Age 16+
1,290 pieces

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)


LEGO Creator Aston Martin DB5 (10262) Box Teaser

LEGO Creator Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

LEGO has revealed another teaser for the LEGO Creator Aston Martin DB5 (10262) has they have showed off another image for the set. This time, there is a silhouette of the box in front of the gun barrel. There’s also the 007 and Aston Martin symbols at the bottom but at the top we have the LEGO Creator Expert which is the first time they have acknowledged what theme the Aston Martin DB5 is from. If you saw my post this morning, the Budapest LEGO Certfied Store already started their own promotion for it by taking pre-orders.

There’s still no word on when the set will be released but the July 18-31 VIP Early Access event seems like the best guess since there is also an event at the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store happening on the same day.


LEGO Creator Aston Martin DB5 (10262) Confirmed for Release

LEGO Creator Aston Martin DB5 (10262)

It looks like the cat is out of the bag for the “top secret” LEGO James Bond set that will be coming out soon. The Budapest LEGO Certified Store has posted a pre-order page for the LEGO Creator Aston Martin DB5 (10262) which confirms all of the teasers that LEGO and Aston Martin has been pushing out the past few weeks. It has a release date of August 8 but but I’m assuming that it’ll be the July 18 for the VIP Early Access set. Stay tuned as the official announcement will be coming soon.


LEGO James Bond Aston Martin Leicester Event

LEGO James Bond Aston Martin

LEGO has finally revealed a set date for possibly the reveal of the rumored LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 set. According to a Facebook event at the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store, there is a top secret event being held on July 18 at 10:07am UTC. I’m going to guess that date will indeed be the reveal of the set and could be available for purchase as well since there is a VIP Early Access from July 18-31. If you don’t know about the LEGO Aston Martin DB5, LEGO along with Aston Martin and James Bond’s social media feeds has been doing teasers for the set for the past few weeks.


LEGO Releases James Bond Spectre Aston Martin Teaser

LEGO James Bond Aston Martin

LEGO has released another teaser for the LEGO James Bond Aston Martin set which contains another quote from a movie. This time they have the following quotes:

Oh, yes. That old thing is taking quite a bit of time. Mind you, there wasn’t much left to work, only a steering wheel.

I believe I said bring it back in one piece, not bring back one piece.

Both quotes were from the 2015 James Bond movie, Spectre, starring Daniel Craig. As we know by now, LEGO will be releasing some kind of set and most believe will indeed be the Aston Martin DB5 as the next LEGO Creator set. Adding on to the news, the August 2018 LEGO Store Calendar is now out and it is possible that it could be released for Early Access on August 15 however it could also be the one for July 18-31 slot because the LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) is slated for July 23.

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