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LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet (10280) Amazon Sale – September 2021

The LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet (10280) is currently on sale at Amazon for 20% off. At $40, this is the lowest the set has been on the site and it could be the start of a consistent 20% off discount for it. The set is listed as “in stock soon” but they usually ship pretty fast.


LEGO August 2021 Sets to be Released Tonight

Tonight at midnight EST, LEGO is set to drop the summer 2021 sets on the LEGO Shop. If you don’t know what will be coming out, below is a list of everything that should be available for purchase. For the US, there are more new sets than the rest of the world since we had a delayed release for a few themes.

In addition, there will be some great promotional items available with your purchases. First is the LEGO Ideas Sailboat Adventure (40487) with $200 or more. Also you can get the LEGO Classic Masters’ Book of Secrets (5006978) with Classic purchases of $60 or more and the LEGO Marvel Shang-Chi and the Great Protector (30454) polybag with Marvel purchases of $40 or more.


Ginger Tabby (40480) – $14.99
Cockatiel (40481) – $14.99
Hamster (40482) – $14.99
La Catrina (40492) – $9.99

Botanical Collection

Bird of Paradise (10289) – $99.99


Wildlife Rescue ATV (60300) – $9.99
Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader (60301) – $49.99
Wildlife Rescue Operation (60302) – $89.99
Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307) – $99.99
Seaside Police and Fire Mission (60308) – $49.99


Around the World (11015) – $49.99


Volkswagen T2 Camper Van (10279) – $179.99
Space Shuttle Adventure (31117) – $39.99
Ferris Wheel (31119) – $79.99
Medieval Castle (31120) – $99.99
Crocodile (31121) – $29.99
Fish Tank (31122) – $29.99


Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane (10772) – $9.99
Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop (10773) – $19.99
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket (10774) – $19.99
Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck’s Continue

LEGO Botanical Collection Bonsai Tree (10281) Amazon Sale – July 2021

If you’re still looking for the LEGO Botanical Collection Bonsai Tree (10281), Amazon currently has it on sale for 20% off. They have it priced at $40 which saves you $10 off the retail price of $49.99. The set is still a pretty popular one even after six months of release and it has finally starting to hit the Amazon discounts again. Thanks to Giovanni for the heads up.


LEGO Botanical Collection Bird of Paradise (10289) Available for Pre-Order on LEGO Shop

The LEGO Botanical Collection Bird of Paradise (10289) is now available for pre-order on the LEGO Shop. The set has 1,173 pieces and will retail for $99.99. While you can pre-order now, it won’t be released until August 1. Thanks to everyone who emailed in about it.


LEGO Tulips (40461) Back in Stock on LEGO Shop

The new LEGO Tulips (40461) is now back in stock on the LEGO Shop. I will say that this small set has been very hard to find as it is rarely in stock and I think this is the first time I’ve seen it in stock since January. It may have came back between then and now but it didn’t stay in stock for that long.


LEGO Botanical Collection Bird of Paradise (10289) Designer Video

LEGO has released the designer video for the newest LEGO Botanical Collection set with the Bird of Paradise (10289). Designer Chris McVeigh talks about some of the details that goes into the 1,173 piece set. As of right now, it is available around the world except for North America which will be available on August 1 for $99.99.


LEGO Botanical Collection Bonsai Tree (10281) Amazon Sale – May 2021

I know I’ve recently posted about this recently in stock but the LEGO Botanical Collection Bonsai Tree (10281) is now also discounted on Amazon. It is now priced at $40 which is 20% off and a great deal for a bunch of pink frog pieces. I’m kidding but saving $10 on a still newer set is still winning. The only downside is that it won’t ship until June 15.

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