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LEGO Ideas International Space Station (21321) Review


LEGO Ideas International Space Station (21321)

Last year, LEGO ran a contest on LEGO Ideas called the 10 Year Anniversary Fan Vote in which we would be voting on some previous LEGO Ideas projects that were previously not approved and the winner would have a second chance on becoming an official set. The winner of the fan vote was the International Space Station (21321) by fan designer Christoph Ruge. The set has 864 pieces and will retail for $69.99 and will be available starting on February 1. The contents of the box include six numbered bags and the instructions.


LEGO Ideas International Space Station (21321) Officially Announced


LEGO has officially revealed the LEGO Ideas International Space Station (21321) which was the winner of the 10 Year Anniversary Fan Vote. The set has 864 pieces and will retail for $69.99 and it will be available starting on February 1.

21321 International Space Station

Ages 16+. 864 pieces

US $69.99– CA $99.99– DE €69.99– UK £64.99 – FR €59.99– DK 549DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit shop.LEGO.com for regional pricing.

Stunning LEGO® brick International Space Station for display

Build and display this spectacular LEGO® Ideas 21321 ISS (International Space Station). Packed with authentic ISS details, including a posable Canadarm2 and 2 rotating joints that coincide with 8 adjustable ‘solar panels’, this 864-piece set is a wonderful gift idea for space enthusiasts, adult LEGO fans or any experienced builder.

Beautiful centerpiece
This awesome LEGO spaceship model comes with a display stand, a buildable mini NASA space shuttle and 3 mini cargo spacecrafts, plus 2 astronaut microfigures to create a striking centerpiece in any room. Illustrated instructions are included, plus a 148-page booklet with fascinating ISS facts and information about the LEGO fan who created this space model kit and its LEGO designer.

Amazing ideas!
The infinitely diverse array of LEGO Ideas sets are all created by LEGO fans and voted for by LEGO fans. Inspired by real life, action heroes, iconic movies, popular TV series or totally original concepts, there is something to delight all ages.

• Challenge your construction skills with this LEGO® Ideas ISS (21321) display model, featuring 2 rotating joints with 8 adjustable ‘solar panels’, posable Canadarm2 and other authentic details to discover as you build.
• This ISS model comes with a stand, 2 astronaut microfigures, a brick-built mini NASA space shuttle and 3 mini cargo spacecrafts to create a spectacular display and rekindle nostalgic memories of childhood LEGO® projects.
• Also includes a 148-page booklet featuring fascinating facts about the International Space Station, the spaceship model’s fan creator and LEGO® designer, and a celebration of the LEGO Ideas theme’s 10th anniversary.
• A super treat for yourself, birthday present or holiday gift idea for space fans, adults aged 16+ or any experienced LEGO® builder, this 882-piece set offers hours of creative fun, whether built solo or with friends.
• This ISS (International Space Station) toy building kit for adults, measuring over 7” (20cm) high, 12” (31cm) long and 19” (49cm) wide, makes a beautiful display model that will catch the eye of every passerby.


LEGO Wins Final Decisions in Major Intellectual Property Lawsuits Against Lepin


LEGO has announced that they have won final decisions in in major intellectual property lawsuits against Lepin. The Guangzhou courts have decided to uphold all the rulings of the infringement cases back from 2018. This means that Shantou Meizhi Model Co., Ltd will have to pay LEGO a total of RMB 4.7 million in damages and have to make a public apology. This is only a minor setback to Lepin as they have already changed company names to continue producing counterfeit products.

The LEGO Group wins final decisions in major intellectual property lawsuits against Lepin manufacturer in China

The LEGO Group announced today that it has received favourable final decisions from the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court against the appeals raised by defendants of multiple intellectual property infringement cases in China. It marks a significant legal victory for the LEGO Group to combat against imitators.

The court decided to uphold all of the first-instance rulings on the 18 copyright infringement and one unfair competition cases, which were handed down in favour of the LEGO Group in November 2018. These second-instance decisions are final and have entered into legal effect immediately upon issuance.

In these cases, Shantou Meizhi Model Co., Ltd. and its affiliates are liable of manufacturing and selling the infringing Lepin products. The 18 LEGO® sets and corresponding LEGO minifigures at dispute, are ruled as artworks protected under China Copyright Law belonging to the LEGO Group. Unauthorized copies of the same constitute copyright infringement, said the court.

The LEGO NINJAGO, NEXO KNIGHTS, and LEGENDS OF CHIMA series of toy sets are recognized by the court as products of certain influence in China. The trade dress for these products (and packaging) as well as the characters of LEGO NINJAGO are protected under the Anti-Unfair Competition Law in China, the court said in the final ruling.

Meizhi Model and all other defendants are ordered to cease infringement immediately, and to pay the LEGO Group a total of RMB 4.7 million (around DKK 4.5m) as damages. They are also ordered to make a public apology on the websites of China Toy and Juvenile Products Association and Guangdong Toy Association to the LEGO Group for Lepin infringement.

Robin Smith, Vice President and General Counsel, China & Asia Pacific, The LEGO Group, said “[i]ntellectual property rights are very important to the LEGO Group, and we constantly strive to enforce and protect our LEGO trademarks, copyrights, designs and patents. We are pleased with the court’s final decision and appreciate the efforts from all stakeholders in this case. It also shows the Chinese authorities’ commitment in creating a favourable business environment for multinational companies.”

The LEGO Group will follow up with the court on the collection of damages granted and enforcement of public apologies by Meizhi Model. It will also continue to support Shanghai police and procuratorate in the ongoing criminal case against executives of Meizhi Model who were arrested during the police’s raid against Lepin factories in April 2019.

The LEGO Group is dedicated to enforcing intellectual property rights against copiers and infringers and to protect its consumers. It has obtained many positive outcomes in its intellectual property enforcement actions in China in the past several years. In October 2017, the LEGO Group won a case at Shantou Intermediate Court against Bela, a Chinese toy manufacturer, for infringing the copyrights of the LEGO Group and for unfair competition. In another case decided earlier in July 2017, the LEGO logo and the LEGO word mark were recognized by the Beijing Higher Court as “well-known” trademarks in China.


LEGO Ideas International Space Station (21321) Teaser


LEGO has released a teaser for the upcoming LEGO Ideas International Space Station (21321) with the reveal coming some time tomorrow. The teaser doesn’t show much as far as the ISS itself but it does show a nanofigure of an astronaut. If you’ve been following me, I did a post for a signing event in Germany next week and the flyer showing off the set. We’ll have high quality images during the official reveal.


New Food Concept Coming to LEGO House


LEGO has closed the LE GOURMET restaurant at the LEGO House and will introducing a new food concept in which you can name the restaurant.

Guest record and new food concept in LEGO House

2019 was a huge success in LEGO® House, reaching no less than 281,786 paying guests and thus a 15% growth compared to 2018. But this success comes with a cost, says Managing Director Jesper Vilstrup:

“We are really proud that we in 2019 exceeded our expectations for the number of guests in both the Experience Zones and in the public area of LEGO Square. But unfortunately having this many guests means that we cannot provide the dining experience we would like to in our eateries – the capacity is simply too low. And that applies both to the kitchen and in the restaurant areas.”

Therefore, management has made the decision to close the fine-dining restaurant, LE GOURMET, and the restaurant will therefore not open with the rest of the house after the winter close-down on January 18, 2020.

Jesper Vilstrup says:

“Closing LE GOURMET has been a difficult decision as we basically love the restaurant and the idea of having a great gourmet restaurant in Billund. On the other hand, it is no secret that it has been difficult to attract a continuous flow of guests into the restaurant. And when you consider that we have capacity challenges for our dining LEGO House guests during the day, it ultimately makes sense to utilise the space better.”

Already in weeks 6 and 7, LEGO House will test a new food concept. It will be a modern “share food” concept, where guests do not receive individual servings, but share the meal with their friends and families at the table.

It is therefore not a question of involving the upper floor to expand the popular MINI CHEF restaurant – but instead to offer an entirely new food concept, which is especially relevant on the days when there are a lot of guests in LEGO House.

“Our kitchen, which serves MINI CHEF, is already too low on capacity, so we can’t increase the production in there. With the new “share food concept” we get a delicious alternative to MINI CHEF and our BRICKACCINO café, which we expect our guests will welcome. It is still very important for us to provide a high quality experience, and this applies whether you play in the Experience Zones or whether you have to refuel in the eateries, ”says Jesper Vilstrup.

Do you have a good name for the new restaurant in LEGO House?

As mentioned in the press release LEGO House will be closing the LE GOURMET restaurant and opening up to a new food concept that can run during daytime.

Maybe some of you remember that the AFOL community played a vital role when all three restaurants initially were named back in 2017 – and BRICKACCINO is actual the result of an AFOL suggestion.

Therefore LEGO House has decided to try their luck again to see if some of you can come up with a strong name for the new restaurant.

The restaurant will be placed in LE GOURMET’s old location and the concept is social dining. The food will be characterized as share food where you have a social dining experience and share the food with your friends and family at the table.

The menu is not quite in place, but LEGO House will create a playful, gastronomic break for especially families. Guests can compose and design their own serving based on what is served at the table.

The values are that guests should be able to relax and get creative fuel before going back to play in the experience zones.

If you feel energized and have good ideas, please send your suggestion to Jan Beyer on [email protected] no later than Sunday the 26th January at 18.00 (Danish time).


The Brick Fan Turns 8 Years Old


I was working on a future LEGO project and I suddenly realized that The Brick Fan turns eight years old today. It’s been a long road going from just another site on the internet to a Recognized LEGO Fan Media site. All of that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for you readers who frequent the site, whether be for one random post or if you’re a regular who visits every day.

I’ll still continue doing what I’ve been doing since I started this thing and that is to bring you LEGO news articles along with reviews and maybe throw in some editorials. Last year, we hit the most traffic we’ve had on the site so hopefully that trend continues this year.

Again, thank you everyone for visiting and for being a brick fan yourself.


LEGO Ideas Tesla Cybertruck Achieves 10,000 Supporters


The Tesla Cybertruck by BrickinNick is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. Late last year, Tesla revealed their new electric pickup truck and it’s something that many weren’t expecting. The details of the Cybertruck are minimal but it does have an opening hood and tailgate.

The project joins Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree Lane as the projects to reach the First 2020 Review Stage.