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LEGO Ideas Classic Tractor Achieves 10,000 Supporters

Classic Tractor by pezzz is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The build features a 1950’s tractor with actual functions for both the tractor and the trailer.

The project joins Modular Heritage Museum, Great Temple of Abu Simbel – With Secret Treasure, Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 “Phantom of Love”, Moon Palace, NASA’s SLS Block 1 & 1B Rockets – Artemis Missions, LEGO Anatomy, WTC Twin Towers & Vista International Hotel 1979, Coraline: The Pink Palace, Good Ogel’s Garden, Happier Than Ever, City Burger, Phineas and Ferb!, JWST, Harry Styles Love on Tour 2023, LEGO Microscope, Sequoia Tree, Tesla Center, Working Canal Lock, Christmas Theater, Wreck-It Ralph 10th Anniversary, Stray Kids “Oddinary Maniac”, Rainforest Frogs, Steve Irwin & Majestic Crocodile, and Kaamelott The Knights of the Round Table as the ones to reach the Third 2023 Review Stage.

LEGO Classic 2024 Sets Revealed

The 2024 LEGO Classic sets have been revealed online and if you know Classic, they’re the boxes that lets your imagination guide your building. You guys said you wanted more Classic Space and LEGO has obliged.

Creative Pets (11034)

Creative Houses (11035)

Creative Vehicles (11036)

Creative Space Planets (11037)

Vibrant Creative Brick Box (11038)

LEGO Fortnite Style Transfer Details

Yesterday LEGO officially announced LEGO Fortnite and earlier today they dropped another video showcasing a ton of characters transformed into LEGO minifigures. With the latest update, there will be over 1,200 Outfits that will also have a LEGO Style. If you already own a particular Outfit, you will also get the LEGO Style for free. This will be the same for any Emotes you own as well. LEGO Fortnite will be launching this week on December 7.

As for any LEGO sets, there hasn’t been any information about them besides one for the Supply Llama set with set number 5008257.

With the Fortnite v28.00 update, over 1,200 Outfits now have a LEGO® Style in addition to their regular Fortnite Style! LEGO Styles are playable in upcoming LEGO experiences inside Fortnite, including the all-new survival crafting adventure LEGO Fortnite. LEGO Fortnite launches December 7, 2023… the adventure is building!

LEGO DREAMZzz 2024 Sets Revealed

LEGO DREAMZzz returns with a new wave in 2024 with a few sets that have more wild designs but actually look very nice especially the tower. Of course, LEGO is doing a whole Space thing next year that which have been integrated into various themes and LEGO DREAMZzz gets that treatment as well.

Mateo’s Off-Road Car (71471)

Izzie’s Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon (71472)

Mr. Oz’s Space Car (71475)

Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl (71476)

The Sandman’s Tower (71477)

LEGO Minecraft 2024 Sets Revealed

Some more 2024 LEGO Minecraft sets have been revealed with one of the sets based on the Minecraft Legends game. Not much to say here but there are some more locations and types of buildings.

Steve’s Desert Expedition (21251)

The Turtle Beach House (21254)

The Nether Portal Ambush (21255)

The Frog House (21256)

The Devourer Showdown (21257)

LEGO Fortnite Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced their long-awaited partnership collaboration with Epic Games by revealing LEGO Fortnite which will be launching on December 7. The game will be your standard Fortnite Battle Royale but everything will be in LEGO, from the maps to the characters.

Build, Play, Survive: The LEGO Group and Epic Games Unveil LEGO® Fortnite

The LEGO Group and Epic Games today announced LEGO® Fortnite, a new survival crafting game that will go live inside Fortnite starting Dec 7 2023. LEGO Fortnite will be the first play experience to come from our long term partnership with Epic Games to develop fun and safe digital spaces for children and families.

Within LEGO Fortnite, players can explore vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO building and Fortnite collide. Designed for people of all ages to enjoy together, the game will encourage creativity, experimentation and collaboration through play.

Last year, the LEGO Group and Epic Games announced their partnership to shape the future of the metaverse and make it fun and safe for all. Together the companies will build positive digital play experiences that enable young players to become the creators of tomorrow.

LEGO Fortnite is rated E10+ by the ESRB, and will launch inside Fortnite.

The LEGO Fortnite journey is just beginning, follow along at

LEGO Friends 2024 Sets Revealed

The new 2024 wave of LEGO Friends sets have been revealed on JB Spielwaren and boy, there’s a lot to take in. Like with the other LEGO themes, we’ll also see Friends go into space with a couple of sets for that subtheme. Plus, there’s a lot more buildings to add to your Friends layout including the Family Homes which have a connecting sidewalk. LEGO Friends is continuing upping the quality of sets that we see out of this theme.

Stargazing Camping Vehicle (42603)

Mars Space Base and Rocket (42605)

Mobile Cafe (42606)

Autumn’s Baby Cow Shed (42607)

Mini Boutique (42608)

Electric Car and Charger (42609)

Karaoke Party (42610)

Cat Playground Adventure (42612)

Vintage Fashion Store (42614)

Heartlake City Talent Show (42616)

Farm Animal Sanctuary (42617)

Pop Star Tour Bus (42619)

Olly’s and Paisley’s Family Homes (42620)

Farm Animal Hospital (42632)

Hot Dog Truck (42633)

Horse and Pony Trailer (42634)

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