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LEGO Trophy Award (40688) GWP Officially Revealed

Another LEGO gift with purchase set has been revealed on the LEGO Shop with the Trophy Award (40688). Like with the Firework Celebrations (40689) we do not know the promotional date for it or the price requirement to get it at this time although this one should be cheaper to get given the price on it is $2 less.

Give a fun celebration gift with this buildable LEGO® Trophy Award for ages 7+. The customizable trophy comes with a variety of stickers and tiles so kids can switch up the design to match their latest success. Alternatively, they can choose a message for a friend or loved one. The set includes 4 smaller tiles with stickers to represent first place, gaming, music and sport, 5 larger stickers with different messages, plus customizable ribbon details in a variety of colors.

LEGO Double Insider Points Live on LEGO Shop – June 2024

The LEGO Double Insider Points event is now live on the LEGO Shop and from June 12-16, you can earn double points on all your purchases. These events are some of the best ones of the year since you can you can get more for your money which also includes pre-orders for any of the upcoming summer 2024 sets. Also now is the best time to get some of the new June sets like the Barad-Dur (10333), LEGO Delivery Truck (60440), or the Tuxedo Cat (21349), even if they’re listed as backorder.

There’s also a new bundle that is available called the Out-of-This-World Bundle (5008941). It includes the LEGO Creator Space Astronaut (31152) and LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340) which is going for $83.98 and that saves you 20% if you would’ve purchased the sets separately.

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LEGO Celebrates Inaugural International Day of Play

Today the world celebrates the first ever International Day of Play which was adopted by the United Nations. Whether you’re an adult or have kids, just take some time today and play. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new LEGO set or playing a board game with familiy and friends, the point of today is to have fun.

Everyone needs to play more – our future depends on it

The first International Day of Play is celebrated on June 11, 2024. On this day every year hereafter, the world will celebrate the power of play.

By Niels B. Christiansen, CEO, LEGO Group
Sidsel Marie Kristensen, CEO, LEGO Foundation

Play is never just play. Play is universal and taps into children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity to learn. Play teaches children to explore, to wonder, to connect ideas and experiences and help them gain a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds them. When children play, they develop essential life skills such as creativity, confidence and resilience that help them thrive as they grow up.

Playing takes little more than picking up a stone or a stick. The only real investment is time. Yet, both parents and children indicate that the demand for children’s time away from play is increasing – with play time often being deprioritized.

In a recent survey of 25,500 children and 36,000 parents in 36 countries commissioned by the LEGO Group, 59% of parents indicated they worry that their children do not have enough playtime, do not have enough access to fun activities


LEGO Double Insider Points Event Coming June 12-16

LEGO has officially announced that the next LEGO Double Insider Points event will be happening from June 12-16. This means that you can earn more points for your purchases which also includes pre-orders for any of the upcoming summer 2024 sets. Also if you’ve been holding off on some of the new June sets like the Barad-Dur (10333), LEGO Delivery Truck (60440), or the Tuxedo Cat (21349), now will be the perfect time to get them.

As a Rakuten/Linkshare Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

LEGO Insiders Community Shutting Down June 26

A while back, LEGO launched the LEGO Insiders Community which served sort of a forum/news area for AFOLs by AFOLs. LEGO today has announced that it will be shutting down June 26 and the content will be integrated into LEGO Ideas. I don’t think many people used the LEGO Insiders Community platform since it was newly launched and I didn’t really see LEGO advertising it too much. The last content update was back in March while fans sparingly posted in the forum area. Did you use this platform or did you even know about it in the first place?

We wanted to share an update with you. As part of the LEGO Group’s journey to offer fantastic experiences for adult builders, we’ve decided to close the LEGO® Insiders Community platform, effective June 26, 2024.

We’re eager to innovate and find more ways to connect with you and other builders, and whilst we’ve taken lots of great learnings from the platform, this decision allows us to streamline and focus on making improvements to our other experiences.

We’re asking our fans who use LEGO Insiders Community to join LEGO Ideas. Additionally, we’re moving the content from LEGO Insiders Community over to LEGO Adults Welcome and we’ll be broadening out our offerings there as well.

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