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LEGO Winter Village Elf Club House (10275) Review


LEGO Winter Village Elf Club House (10275)

The LEGO Winter Village theme continues this year but in a slightly different way with the Elf Club House (10275). The set has 1,197 pieces and retails for $99.99. The contents of the box include 11 bags numbered to 5 along with the two instruction booklets packaged with the small sticker sheet.


Amazon Prime Day 2020 Announced for October 13-14


Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2020 will be happening in a few weeks on October 13-14. It was delayed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic but shoppers don’t need to worry as they can find some great deals soon.

In the past, there have been some pretty good deals on LEGO products including sales on some of the larger sets. Amazon hasn’t given any hints on what sales they will be having this year.

If you haven’t yet, sign up for a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime to get the benefits of being a member which goes beyond just getting deals on products.


LEGO Super Mario Toad’s Special Hideaway (77907) Revealed


A few months ago, I reported that there was a LEGO Super Mario Toad’s Special Hideaway (77907) set that was supposed to be sold as San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately, SDCC didn’t happen and we were left wondering what would happen to the set and it looks like there’s some info about it.

According to jamiebricks on Instagram and Cool.lego_pics, the set is being sold at a LEGOLAND Discovery Center for $19.99. The set has 120 pieces and is a cheaper way to get the Toad minifigure which was previous exclusive to the Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set (71368). There’s no word on where it will be available but I assume it’ll go up on LEGO [email protected] at a later date along with the other SDCC 2020 exclusive sets.

**Via Just2Good**


LEGO DC Comics 2021 Rumored Set Details


Next up for the 2021 LEGO rumors, we’ll talk about some of the LEGO DC Comics sets and it’ll be a short one. According to Promobricks, there will only be two sets for the beginning of the year and they won’t be out until May. First is a 4+ set featuring vehicles for Batman and the Joker. The other set is more interesting with the Batman Cowl helmet. Similar to the popular LEGO Star Wars Helmets, the theme eventually branched out to the Iron Man Helmet and next year, we’ll be seeing Batman’s cowl.

76180 Batman and Joker Vehicles – 29.99€
76182 Batman Cowl – 59.99€


LEGO Announces New Partnerships to Support Racial Equality


Last week, LEGO announced that they are entering some new partnerships that support racial equality. They will be donating to four organizations that are dedicated to supporting Black children and educating all children about racial inequality. You can read more about these organizations below.

In June 2020, the LEGO Group made a commitment to stand together with the Black community against racism and inequality and that we would donate to organizations dedicated to supporting Black children and educating all children about racial inequality.

Today, we are proud to introduce our newest partners:

SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity) – SEO is a free, eight-year academic program for motivated young people from underserved and/or underrepresented communities. More than 90% of SEO students graduate from college and, as part of the SEO network, receive help with internships and career training.

EmbraceRace – A national initiative that supports adults to nurture healthy racial learning in children, with emphasis on the preschool through middle school years. EmbraceRace provides resources and community to parents, educators, and other adult caregivers who want to model and support critical race thinking and inclusive behavior for the children in their lives. Offerings include children’s book resources, webinars, action guides, blogs and personal stories, curricula, and more.

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) – For 25 years, this social justice organization has empowered young people to become agents for social change. This grant will expand on programs that address food insecurity and provide paid internships to high school students and alumni who maintain green spaces (a 6,000 sq/ft Community Garden, Farmer’s Market, and Public Plaza) in Harlem. Each month, their emergency food distribution system provides 80,000 meals to predominantly Black and Latinx families.

Year Up – Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. Year Up’s mission is to close the opportunity divide and achieve economic justice for all. Across the U.S., Year Up ensures that young adults gain the skills, experience, and support to empower them to reach their potential through meaningful careers and higher education. And their impact is proven: Year Up alumni earn 40% more on average than their peers, just two years after program completion.

In addition to financial support, the LEGO Group will also extend their resources, expertise, and platforms to aid in these partnerships. This includes mentorship and counsel to students near the LEGO Group’s offices in Connecticut and other cities.


LEGO City 2021 Rumored Set Details


There are some new details of the LEGO City 2021 sets which will focus on the Police and Fire subthemes along with others. The rest of the sets will feature a variety of vehicles and buildings along with the rumored new LEGO City road system that is supposedly built using tiles on a baseplate.

60275 Police Helicopter – 51 pieces/9.99€
60276 Police Prisoner Transport – 244 pieces/19.99€
60278 Crook’s Hideout – 99.99€
60279 Mini Fire Truck – 87 pieces/9.99€
60280 Fire Truck – 88 pieces/19.99€
60281 Fire Helicopter – 212 pieces/29.99€
60282 Mobile Fire Brigade Control Center – 380 pieces/49.99€
60283 Vacation Motorhome – 190 pieces/19.99€
60284 Construction Site Truck – 58 pieces/9.99€
60285 Sports Car – 89 pieces/9.99€
60286 Beach Rescue Quad – 79 pieces/9.99€
60287 Tractor – 148 pieces/19.99€
60288 Racing Buggy Transporter – 210 pieces/19.99€
60289 Air Show Jet Transporter – 281 pieces/29.99€
60290 Skate Park – 195 pieces/29.99€
60291 Modern Family House – 388 pieces/49.99€
60292 City Center – 790 pieces/99.99€
60304 Road Crossing with Traffic Lights – 112 pieces/19.99€

**Via Promobricks


LEGO Adidas ZX 8000 Raffle Now Live in VIP Reward Center


The raffle for the LEGO Adidas ZX 8000 shoes are now live in the VIP Reward Center. You can enter the raffle by choosing a size from 6-11.5 and each entry costs 50 VIP points. You can enter each size a maximum of 15 times for a total of 750 points and it ends in 17 days as of this post. The actual purchasing of the shoes for 15,600 points will go up tomorrow morning as well as it being sold on a number of shoe retailer sites.