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LEGO Icons Fairground Collection Loop Coaster (10303) Available to General Public

For those who are not LEGO VIP members, the LEGO Icons Fairground Collection Loop Coaster (10303) is now available for everyone to purchase. The set comes with 3,756 pieces and retails for $399.99 and is one of the largest sets in the Fairground Collection subtheme. Currently there are no general promotions going on in the early part of July besides the Mini Thunder Raider (30592) polybag but you have to buy LEGO Ninjago products to get it.

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LEGO July 2022 Sets Now Available on LEGO Shop

We are now into July and there are some new LEGO sets that are available for purchase on the LEGO Shop. July is a fairly quiet month at least in the US since all of our more highly anticipated sets are coming in August but there are still a couple that may be of interest to you. Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back on your purchases.


Space Mission (11022) – 69.99


Fairground Collection Loop Coaster (10303) – $399.99


Jazz Quartet (13923) – $99.99

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LEGO Fairground Collection Loop Coaster (10303) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced the next set in the LEGO Fairground Collection with the Loop Coaster (10303). Releasing on July 1, the set has 3,756 pieces and will retail for $399.99 USD/399.99 EUR/$599.99 AUD/344.99 GBP/$499.99 CAD. At 36 in (92 cm) tall, it is one of the tallest sets that LEGO has released and it will have two loops. It can also utilize motors to raise the elevator automatically to give it an endless ride.



7th June 2022: The LEGO Group has revealed the spectacular new LEGO® Loop Coaster set. Not for the faint hearted, the new set is a staggering 92cm tall – making it one of the tallest LEGO sets.

Inspired by some of the world’s most thrilling rides, the Loop Coaster is an immersive build filled with twists and turns. Exciting features will be uncovered along the build, including an innovative elevator tower for raising the car up to the top of the ride and two gravity defying loops. Builders can also power up the ride with motorized components, which are available separately, which will raise the elevator up automatically.

Guaranteed to generate a crowd, this playful set also contains eleven minifigures, including a ride operator, balloon seller, pretzel seller, hot-dog seller, a grandma, a young boy, and five rollercoaster riders.

Commenting on the set, LEGO Designer Pierre Normandin says: “When we were designing this set, we wanted to recreate the feeling experienced when it


LEGO Exclusives Available for Orders Again – August 2020

With the hype of all the new releases today on Shop@Home, LEGO has quietly switched the status of the LEGO Haunted House (10273) to backorder which means you can place orders for it again. It is listed that it will ship in 60 days which is the norm now with inventory crunch. In addition, the LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay (21322) is now available as well with no backorders so it will ship shortly after orders are placed.


LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) Review

The LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) was released a short while ago and it was one of the more highly anticipated sets in recent months. It didn’t take long for it to get to backorder status and eventually temporarily out of stock as of this post. The set has 3,231 and retails for $249.99.


LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) Now Available for VIPs

The LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) is now available for purchase on LEGO Shop@Home for VIPs. The set retails for $249.99 and it has 3,231 pieces. One of the main features of the Haunted House is the free-fall tower ride in the back. Remember that if you want to motorize the ride, you’ll need the Powered Up Hub (88009) and two Medium Motor (88008).

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How to Motorize LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273)

Yesterday’s announcement for the LEGO Fairground Collection Haunted House (10273) had an overwhelming positive response from the community and one of the main features is the Tower of Terror style free-fall ride that is in the back. Of course you can manually crank the lift up but you can also motorize it with the use of the Powered Up app.

On the back of the box, it shows that you’ll need the Powered Up Hub (88009) along with two Medium Motor (88008), and the free app. I assume all of these is to control how fast the lift goes up or down but there’s no information about that in the press release. Note that those parts are not included with the set so you’ll have to purchase them separately to get the full experience. I’m sure some of you will try to integrate the older Power Functions in it as a replacement if it is possible.

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