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LEGO Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight (75572) Pre-Order on LEGO Shop

You can now pre-order the new LEGO Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight (75572) on the LEGO Shop. It releases on October 1 but you can get it today for $59.99. Coming in at 572 pieces, the build features two Banshee (Ikran) and minifigures of Jake Sully and Neytiri.

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LEGO Avatar Sets Revealed for San Diego Comic Con 2022

LEGO has revealed four new LEGO Avatar sets ahead of San Diego Comic Con 2022. Releasing on October 1, the sets will be based on the first Avatar movie and you can pre-order one of them starting tomorrow. The sets will most likely be displayed at the LEGO booth at SDCC so we’ll check that out when we get in.


Hang on to your banshees: Four new sets based on the blockbuster movie, Avatar will be available to purchase on LEGO.COM, in LEGO® Retail Stores and in major retailers starting this October 1st.

JULY 20, 2022 – Revealed at San Diego Comic Con, the LEGO Group is excited to invite fans of all ages to explore Pandora and the Na’vi culture with four new sets inspired by Avatar.

At LEGO® CON in June, fans were treated to an exclusive look at LEGO Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls, the first set from the brand-new LEGO Avatar product range celebrating the overall franchise to-date in advance of Avatar: The Way of Water premiering this December.

Today, the LEGO Group has revealed four additional sets at San Diego Comic Con:

– LEGO® Avatar Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch
– LEGO® Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight
– LEGO® Avatar Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson
– LEGO® Avatar Jake Sully & his Avatar

The new setsenable fans to recreate their favorite moments from the movie, as they


LEGO Con 2022 Recap

LEGO Con 2022 completed yesterday with a surprisingly positive response from viewers and there was a lot packed in the two hours of the event. There were more LEGO reveals compared to last year and there were also some teasers that you may have missed in between. If you tuned in live for LEGO Con, LEGO is during a survey and taking feedback about the show. You have until June 27 to fill it out.


The not so obvious teaser was during the LEGO Harry Potter segment where LEGO Design Master Marcos Bessa talks to Evanna Lynch about some of the HP sets with the huge Hogwarts Express in the background. There’s been rumors of a large scale Hogwarts Express (76405) coming in the fall that has a reported 5,129 pieces and will retail for €499.99.

The more subtle teaser was during the LEGO Star Wars reveals when LEGO Designers Michael Lee Stockwell and Madison O’Neil both came out wearing shirts with the Razor Crest outline. It has also been rumored that there will be a UCS Razor Crest (75331) that will retail for around $529.99. This rumor is a little more iffy than the Hogwarts Express.

Lastly, we got a first look at potentially one of the next LEGO Minecraft minifigures. There is a fan vote that will be starting soon to choose between the Crystal Knight, Classic Knight, or Prismarine Knight. They said it will be on their Twitter page but we don’t see anything yet.


LEGO Icons Lion Knights’ Castle (10305)


LEGO Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls (75574) Revealed

We got a first look at it a few days ago but the LEGO Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls (75574) has been revealed at LEGO Con 2022. The 1,212 piece set releases on October 1 for for $149.99. It has minifigures of Mo’at, Neytiri, Jake Sully (Toruk Makto), and Tsu’tey and builds of a Leonopteryx and the Tree of Souls.

LEGO® Avatar Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls (75574)

– Age: 12+; 1212 pieces; October 1, 2022, launch; 149.99 EUR/USD
– Join Jake Sully, Neytiri, Mo’at and Tsu’Tey at the Tree of Souls! This LEGO® Avatar set reflects the scene where Jake joins with the majestic Toruk and becomes the 6th Toruk Makto. Dive into the intense effort to defend the important landmark of the Na’vi people, flying on the Toruk or riding the fierce Direhorse. Let the roots of the tree wrap around you and join the rest of the Na’vi as they commune together!


LEGO Con 2022 Scheduled Events Revealed

LEGO’s Instagram account a few hours ago looks to have announced all the events and panels that will be happening for this week’s LEGO Con 2022. It will be two hours long starting at 9am PT/12 pm ET and there will be new theme and set reveals which includes the LEGO Avatar: The Way of Water and the rumored Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum (76218). It also shows that LEGO Ninjago is “getting ready for a grand finale.” This does sound kind of ominous because it could be the end of the LEGO Ninjago theme as we know it. There’s been talk on social media that the theme could be getting a reboot but we’ll see what happens with that.


LEGO Teases Brand New Theme Announcement for LEGO Con 2022

LEGO has released another teaser for LEGO Con 2022 and this time, it is for something big and out of this world. The video also shows a brand new theme that will be launching this year. All signs are pointing towards LEGO Avatar: The Way of Water as the official Avatar Twitter account already teased it a few weeks ago but LEGO has never posted about it until now. I’ll be very surprised if it is something totally different but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


LEGO Avatar: The Way of Water Reveals Coming to LEGO Con 2022

We already know that there will be a LEGO Avatar: The Way of Water theme coming and we may be seeing the sets very soon. A few days ago, LEGO announced that LEGO Con 2022 will be on June 18 and shortly after, the official Avatar Twitter account quote retweeted with the eyes emoji and #LEGOCON. This most likely means that we’ll be seeing the sets shown off during the event. We’re less than a month away from the event so there’s still more time for plenty of teasers for what they have in store.

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