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LEGO Mixels Ending After 2016?

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Screeno (41578)

If you’re a LEGO Mixels fan, there may be some bad news about the theme. It was reported yesterday by Brickset that the fairly popular theme may be coming to an end after this year. There are some clues into this theory when the show’s producer on Cartoon Network, Jordan Reicheck stated that the last episode will premiere in September.

We already know there will be another wave of LEGO Mixels coming this October with Series 9 but there hasn’t been any information about any future waves and the rumored 2017 set list made no mention of them.

Of course, nothing is really set in stone as the show ending may not mean that the LEGO theme itself is ending. If you enjoyed the theme whether it be the weird characters or because they’re great parts packs, LEGO Mixels did have a good three year run. As people always say, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


LEGO Mixels Series 9 Official Images

CM4Sci has let us know that the official high-quality images for the LEGO Mixels Series 9 are now available via the Mixels Wiki. In this newest wave, the names of the three tribes are Newzers, Nindjas, and Trashoz. They continue to look more and more interesting as the theme goes on as they have some interesting pieces and make great parts packs.

Screeno (41578)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Screeno (41578)

Camsta (41579)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Camsta (41579)

Myke (41580)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Myke (41580)

Cobrax (41575)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Cobrax (41575)

Spinza (41576)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Spinza (41576)

Mysto (41577)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Mysto (41577)

Gobbol (41572)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Gobbol (41572)

Sweepz (41573)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Sweepz (41573)

Compax (41574)

LEGO Mixels Series 9 Compax (41574)


LEGO Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 Set Images

Just like that and then 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair has started and there are now some images of the summer wave of LEGO sets. The guys over at PromoBricks and Zusammengebaut are there and they have provided the images for the world to see. There will also be videos as well from both sites later as well as more higher quality images when they are settled in after each day. Again, I’ll keep this post updated as more images are shared. Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, I’ve compiled a list of some of the sets we should be seeing in summer 2016. Images continued after the break.


LEGO 2016 Official Set Images (Partial)

I’m not sure how long these will stay up but Bothan spies (whung, CM4sci, J2G) over on Eurobricks has found a slew of LEGO 2016 set images found on LEGO’s servers already. Note that these images are official and do not have watermarks but LEGO can decide to remove them from the servers at any time. Some of the images are system sets while some are promotional or polybag sets. What sets are you looking forward to?

Update: LEGO has taken down all their links on their server but the good folks at Brickset had them backed up.

Update 2: LEGO has begun telling sites to remove the images so I’ve complied to their wish. If you’re looking for them, they’re still out there on the web. You just have to find them.


LEGO Mixels Series 6 Images

Brickset has now posted images of the packets for the Series 6 wave of the LEGO Mixels sets that which come from Portuguese site BrincaLandia via the Mixels Wiki.

LEGO Mixels Series 6 introduces two new tribes with the Weldos which are a construction type Mixels and the Munchos which revolves around them eating food. Finally also returning are the Glorp Corp which were first seen in Series 3.

Thanks to Huw for the name of the Munchos tribe.


LEGO Mixels Forx (41546) LEGO Mixels Kramm (41545) LEGO Mixels Wuzzo (41547)

Glorp Corp

LEGO Mixels Dribbal (41548) LEGO Mixels Gurggle (41549) LEGO Mixels Slusho (41550)


LEGO Mixels Snax (41551) LEGO Mixels Berp (41552) LEGO Mixels Vaka-Waka (41553)


LEGO Mixels Series 5 Images

LEGO Mixels Series 5 - Klinkers

Brickset has posted images of the Series 5 wave of the LEGO Mixels which shows all nine characters in the wave as well as the Max model for each tribe. These were spotted at Toy Fairs earlier in the year but photography of them were prohibited.

The Klinkers have a brown and grey color scheme and has a very steampunk feel to them. The Frosticons make their return with three more characters from the tribe. Finally, the Lixers are mainly yellow with their main features being their tongue.

The Series 5 LEGO Mixels are set to be released in June.

Update: The images were first found on the Mixels Wiki.

LEGO Mixels Series 5 - Frosticons

LEGO Mixels Series 5 - Lixers


LEGO Mixels Gox (41536) LEGO Mixels Jinky (41537) LEGO Mixels Kamzo (41538)


LEGO Mixels Krug (41539) LEGO Mixels Chilbo (41540) LEGO Mixels Snoof (41541)


LEGO Mixels Spugg (41542) LEGO Mixels Turg (41543) LEGO Mixels Tungster (41544)


London Toy Fair 2015 LEGO Set Report

The 2015 London Toy Fair has kicked off and the folks over at Brick Fanatics has given the rundown of the Summer 2015 LEGO sets of various themes. Instead of doing separate posts, we’re going to condense everything here with details that were given and update as more details come in.

Updated with more sets with reports from Brickset.

Updated with details of the licensed sets from Brickset.


Not much details here. They are the same size as the Toas and have a darker color scheme.

Skull Warrior (70791) – £12.99
Skull Slicer (70792) – £12.99
Skull Basher (70793) – £12.99
Skull Scorpio (70794) – £12.99
Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder (70795) – £24.99


Space Starter Set (60077) – £8.99
Utility Shuttle (60078) – £17.99
Training Jet Transporter (60079) – £39.99
Spaceport (60080) – £69.99

Deep Sea Explorers

Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (60090) – £4.99
Underwater Starter Set (60091) – £8.99
Deep Sea Submarine (60092) – £24.99
Deep Sea Helicopter (60093) – £39.99 – Twin-rotor helicopter with a submersible vehicle that drops out from it.
Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095) – £79.99

City Square (60097) – £139.99 – Includes 14 minfigures (green Futuron and knight), Coffee kiosk, LEGO Store with a Pick-A-Brick Wall, Truck, Garage, Tram, Hot Dog Cart (different from polybag), and Police Station.

LEGO Creator

Adventure Vehicles (31037) – £17.99 – Green and white SUV.
Changing Seasons (31038) – £39.99 – Square house about the size of the Beach Hut with a garden and a barbecue. It comes … Continue

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