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LEGO Seasonal Halloween Cat & Mouse (40570) Revealed

Some of the sets that I look forward to every year are the LEGO Seasonal sets and there is a new one that has been listed on the LEGO Shop with the Halloween Cat & Mouse (40570). Releasing on August 1, the set has 328 pieces and retails for $12.99 and it features a black cat along with a mouse popping out of a pumpkin. The back of the box also shows the Christmas set that looks to be polar bears.

Build a cute seasonal display with this LEGO® Halloween Cat & Mouse (40570) set. The adorable cat and mouse are playing hide-and-seek, and the mouse has found the perfect hiding spot inside a big pumpkin. Spot the mini pumpkins and colorful autumnal flowers that decorate the rotating base. This set makes a great addition to any Halloween display and it’s also a fun Halloween gift for kids aged 9 and up.

• Build a Halloween display – Assemble a seasonal scene complete with pumpkins and a cat and mouse that rotate playfully on the base when it’s turned by hand
• A Halloween gift – This LEGO® Halloween Cat & Mouse (40570) building kit is designed for Halloween fans and LEGO builders aged 9 and up
• Measurements – The model stands over 3 in. (8.5 cm) tall


LEGO 2022 Keepsake Ornaments Revealed

The 2022 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Dream Book was released today and it has revealed some new LEGO Keepsake Ornaments for this year. There are four to collect this year and they include Benny, Yeti, Harry Potter, and BB-8. Each of them costs $16.99 each and there are varied release dates for them. Thanks to everyone who messaged in about them.

Yeti – July 9

Astronaut – October 8

Harry Potter – October 8

BB-8 – October 8


LEGO Easter 2022 Promotions Live on LEGO Shop

The LEGO Easter promotions are now live on the LEGO Shop and there are a few things you can pick up for free when you meet certain requirements. First is the LEGO Seasonal Easter Chicks (40527) with purchases of $65 or more in LEGO Stores and on the LEGO Shop. This will run from now until April 16, while supplies last.

The second is the LEGO Creator Easter Bunny (30583) that is only available at LEGO Stores with purchases of $40 or more. This will run in the same time period.

Lastly, we have the LEGO Vintage Taxi (40532) which was a previous promo that LEGO seems to have a lot left over. From now until April 7, you can get it with purchases of any of the current Modular Building including the Assembly Square (10255), Bookshop (10270), Police Station (10278), and Boutique Hotel (10297).

In theory, you can probably get all three promos if you make a purchase in store but not everybody lives nearby one. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the in-store Creator polybag being sold at another retailer so I wouldn’t worry too much about that one.

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LEGO Easter Chicks (40527) Gift with Purchase First Look

There is now a first look at the upcoming LEGO Easter Chicks (40527) promotional set. It features two chicks along with a buildable egg which you can customize the color with the extra tiles. There’s no details yet on the availability or price threshold but I’m guessing it’ll be early April since Easter happens later this year on April 17.


Free LEGO Year of the Tiger Minifigure at LEGO Stores

I’ve recently gotten a few emails regarding a LEGO Year of the Tiger minifigure that LEGO stores are giving out free to kids and there is now a image of what it looks like. It is to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the minifigure features a kid with a printed tiger face with printed torso and tail. The cap with the ears is also printed and removable as well. I’ve been told that it is the same as the one from the October 2020 Build a Minifigure. Either way, it’s a free minifigure that doubles up for the Year of the Tiger. Depending on how much traffic your store had since they started, they might or might not have any left over. Were you able to get one?

**Via Reddit**


LEGO February 2022 Shopping Guide

February is right upon us and there will be new LEGO sets available starting tonight. The list isn’t huge but the first is the newest LEGO Ideas set with The Globe (21332) which I think is one of the more attractive display pieces in recent years. The other sets that will be available are some licensed BrickHeadz from Toy Story, Stranger Things, and Looney Tunes.

As for the promotions, the LEGO Vintage Taxi (40532) is still available with purchases of $200. There’s also a LEGO Friends Market Stall (30416) polybag with Friends purchases of $40. Both promotions will run until February 13.


Stranger Things Demogorgon & Eleven (40549) – $19.99
Buzz Lightyear (40552) – $9.99
Toy Story Woody and Bo Peep (40553) – $19.99
Looney Tunes Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote (40559) – $19.99

LEGO Ideas

The Globe (21332) – $199.99


Easter Rabbits Display (40523) – $12.99

As a Rakuten/Linkshare Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


LEGO Seasonal Easter Rabbits Display (40523) Review

LEGO Seasonal Easter Rabbits Display (40523)

A new LEGO Seasonal set releasing in a few days is the Easter Rabbits Display (40523) which consists of 288 pieces and will retail for $12.99. The 2022 Seasonal sets feature a pair of animals corresponding to a particular holiday as well as a small scene. What’s nice about this year’s sets is that two people can build at the same time as the instructions are separated by builds as well as it having numbered bags.

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