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LEGO August 2022 Shopping Guide

August is just around the corner and it is usually one of the biggest months for new LEGO sets, at least in North America. There will be over 90 sets that will be dropping in a few days on the LEGO Shop and here’s a shopping guide for what we can be expecting. Note that there will also be price increases on current sets that are already available which go up to 25%.


Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) – $129.99


The Rolling Stones (31206) – $149.99
Floral Art (31207) – $79.99


Manchester United Go Brick Me (40541) – $14.99
FC Barcelona Go Brick Me (40542) – $19.99
Koi Fish (40545) – $14.99
Poodle (40546) – $14.99
Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Vader (40547) – $19.99


Touring Stunt Bike (60331) – $7.99
Reckless Scorpion Stunt Bike (60332) – $7.99
Bathtub Stunt Bike (60333) – $7.99
Train Station (60335) – $99.99
Freight Train (60336) – $189.99
Express Passenger Train (60337) – $179.99
Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop (60338) – $69.99
Double Loop Stunt Arena (60339) – $149.99
The Blade Stunt Challenge (60340) – $34.99
The Knockdown Stunt Challenge (60341) – $34.99
The Shark Attack Stunt Challenge (60342) – $34.99
Grocery Store (60347) – $69.99


Build Together (11020) – $99.99

Creator 3-in-1

Sunken Treasure Mission (31130) – $34.99
Downtown Noodle Shop (31131) – $44.99
Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent (31132) – $119.99


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s Camping Trip (10777) – $24.99
Mickey, Minnie and Goofy’s Fairground Fun (10778) – $34.99
Mini Disney The Continue

LEGO Galaxy Explorer (10497) Pre-Order Live on LEGO Shop

You can now pre-order the new LEGO Galaxy Explorer (10497) on the LEGO Shop. The 1,254 set costs a reasonable $99.99 and it will ship on August 1. It does qualify for the Forest Hideout (40567) when you hit the $150 purchase requirement as well. Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back on your purchase.

**As a Rakuten/LinkShare Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.**


LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle (10305) Revealed

LEGO at LEGO Con 2022 has revealed some of the 90 Years of Play sets that pays homage to the old classic sets and they include the Lion Knights’ Castle (10305). Releasing on August 3, the Lion Knights’ Castle has 4,514 pieces and retails for $399.99.

LEGO® Lion Knights’ Castle (10305)

It’s the build adult LEGO® fans have been waiting for. A classic – reimagined. Celebrating 90 years of LEGO history, the Lion Knights’ Castle is a new interpretation of the iconic LEGO Castle theme. The impressive set is packed with details, and with 4,514 pieces it offers a project to savour. So, rekindle your childhood joy as you uncover the many stories and surprises packed into this model.


LEGO Galaxy Explorer (10497) Revealed

LEGO has revealed one of the 90 Years of Play sets with the Galaxy Explorer (10497). The 1,254 piece set releases on August 1 for $99.99 and is a reimagining of the Galaxy Explorer from 1979.

LEGO® Galaxy Explorer (10497)

– Age: 18+; 1254 pieces; August 1, 2022; $99.99 / £89.99/ €99.99
– Celebrate 90 years of LEGO® creations with this nostalgic building project for adults. This special anniversary edition of the Classic 497 LEGO Galaxy Explorer retains all the features of the 1979 set but on a bigger scale. Step back in time and enjoy a relaxing build, crafting all the details. With 4 astronaut figures and accessories, there’s lots to explore in this tribute to a LEGO fan classic.


LEGO Space Stars Puzzle Pre-Order on Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books has a pre-order up for a new 1000 piece puzzle called LEGO Space Stars. The puzzle costs $17 and it features eight minifigures in the foreground and the Galaxy Explorer (497) and Galaxy Commander (6980) in the background. The puzzle will be released on November 2.

Get ready LEGO® Space fans, your next jigsaw puzzle challenge is here! These 1,000 colorful pieces come together to reveal the ultimate interstellar exploration squad. Perfect for the whole family, but just as fun to take on solo, this puzzle features a team of iconic spacemen as well as vintage spaceship sets from the LEGO archives.

• BROAD APPEAL: This jigsaw puzzle is perfect for all types of LEGO fans—from longtime LEGO builders to casual fans to parents sharing their love of the brand with their children.
• CREATIVE AND CHALLENGING: This puzzle will test your skills as it showcases the creative spirit integral to the LEGO brand.
• LEGO SPACE THEME: This puzzle image features a colorful array of classic LEGO spacemen—some of the most beloved minifigures in history.
• AT-HOME ACTIVITY FOR GET-TOGETHERS: Family, friends, and LEGO fans 9 years and older will love putting this puzzle together during holidays and parties.

INCLUDES: 1000 puzzle pieces, 25 x 20 inch puzzle when built, 11 x 9 x 2 inch box, and full color printout of puzzle image.


LEGO Space Logo Collectible Coin Sold Out

The LEGO Space Logo Collectible Coin in the Rewards Center was launched late Wednesday afternoon here in the US and it may be the fastest one to sell out from the four coins that have been released. Even at 1,150 VIP points, LEGO ran out of stock on it within a few hours.

Now that all four of the Classic themed coins have been released, fans are now trying to get the previous ones they may have missed. The Space one may be the hardest to get as “pre-orders” on the secondary market have already reached over $200 for it. I’m guessing it’ll drop to about $150 once people start to get their orders in and they lowball each other.

There’s still one coin left to collect next month which is the golden one that goes in the middle of the display case.


LEGO Classic Space Collectible Coin Available in Rewards Center

It’s not the Ulysses Space Probe but the LEGO Space Collectible Coin is now available on the Rewards Center. It is the fourth coin to be released and it costs 1,150 points to get it. The coin features the Classic Space logo on one side that LEGO VIP on the other. You’ll need to use the code within 60 days of redeeming it.

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