New LEGO Harry Potter & The LEGO Movie 2 Activity Books Coming

The LEGO Movie 2/Harry Potter

There will be some new LEGO books coming out in the future for The LEGO Movie 2 and Harry Potter which will include possible exclusive minifigures. The book for TLM2 is called Emmet’s Guide to Being More Awesome and it will be similar to the first one.

Emmet is BACK and ready to show us all how to be even MORE awesome! The LEGO(R) Movie 2 hits theaters February 9, with an all-star cast, including Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Alison Brie, and more! The sequel is sure to delight fans of all ages with its special brand of LEGO humor. This one-of-a-kind guidebook is narrated by Emmet himself(!) and comes with a buildable Emmet minifigure. It’s a must-have offering for fans of the film.

The Harry Potter one is an activity book filled with puzzles and games and it also has an unannounced minifigure.

This LEGO(R) Harry Potter(TM) activity book is packed with comics, puzzles, mazes, games, and more! Featuring all your favorite characters from the Harry Potter films, these pages are full of endless fun — plus, a buildable minifigure!

Both books have a listed release date of December 26 which is just a placeholder so that date will change. I’ll update when the book covers are revealed along with the minifigures.


DK Releases New Braille LEGO Book

LEGO DUPLO Farm Braille

DK has recently released a new book for young readers with visual impairment called DK Braille: LEGO DUPLO: Farm. This is the first LEGO book of its kind and teaches young children using both braille and tactile images. It is now available for purchase on Amazon for $14.99.

A high-quality LEGO DUPLO book with braille and tactile images for blind and partially sighted parents and children to share with their sighted family members. Produced in consultation with braille experts, this LEGO DUPLO board book explores LEGO DUPLO farm animals such as pigs and cows, and vehicles, such as tractors. It combines high-contrast colors with embossed images of the models for children to feel. Large-size text is printed alongside the braille, enabling sighted children to share the bonding experience of reading with their visually impaired parents, or for sighted parents to share with their visually impaired children.

LEGO DUPLO Farm Braille2

LEGO DUPLO Farm Braille3

LEGO DUPLO Farm Braille4

LEGO DUPLO Farm Braille5


LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path U-3PO Minifigure Revealed

LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path U-3PO

LEGO has revealed the U-3PO minifigure that’s in the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path book that’s coming this summer. It’s a real disappointment as it looks to be the exact same as the one found in the LEGO Star Wars 2016 Advent Calendar unless my eyes deceive me. Usually the DK books will include an exclusive variant of a character but this is just lazy on both DK and LEGO’s part. If you didn’t get the advent calendar, the book is the cheapest way to get U-3PO unless you get it individually on BrickLink or eBay.

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path


LEGO Ninjago Build Your Own Adventure: Greatest Ninja Battles First Look

LEGO NINJAGO Build Your Own Adventure: Greatest Ninja Battles

Continuing with some of the upcoming LEGO books this summer, there’s also a new LEGO Ninjago book that will be available starting in August. DK has previously some of the Build Your Own Adventure books in the past but there’s a new one called LEGO Ninjago Build Your Own Adventure: Greatest Ninja Battles. The book will be updated with some of the new Sons of Garmadon villains as well as ones that came after the previous book. As with the other books, there will be a LEGO minifigure as well as an exclusive model. There’s no word on what the build will be but there’s an outline of it on the cover.

LEGO Ninjago Build Your Own Adventure: Greatest Ninja Battles will be available on August 4 but you can pre-order it now on Amazon for 22% off the retail price as of this writing. It will also have Prime shipping and the Pre-order Price Guarantee.

Children will be inspired to create, play, and learn all about the awesome LEGO® NINJAGO® world. This build book combines more than 50 novel ideas for building with captivating story starters. It features five separate stories of the ninja’s greatest battles with their enemies the Anacondrai, Ghost Army, Sky Pirates, Vermillion, and the new 2018 villains: the Sons of Garmadon. Get building, then play out adventures of your own using your LEGO collection. The book comes with the bricks to build an exclusive vehicle that is featured in the story as well as a fold-out play mat and a bookmark.


LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path Book Coming in June

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path

Back when I was in grade school, there were these popular books called Choose Your Own Adventure in which you, the reader, are taken through an adventure and you’ll face options at various points to be taken to a number of different endings. This summer, DK will be releasing their own CYOA book with LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path which has the same premise. The book has 128 pages and will be available on June 5.

As with many other DK books, there will also be a minifigure included as well. Note that it doesn’t say “exclusive” minifigure so it could be one that has already been released. We’ll just have to wait and see who it will be as we get closer to the release date.

You can pre-order it now on Amazon for $19.99 with free shipping for Prime members who also get the Pre-order Price Guarantee.

Be the hero of this book and choose where to go in the LEGO® Star Wars(TM) galaxy. Learn how to battle, who to team up with, which side of the Force to join, plus much, much more. Read the text, then decide where to go next by selecting one of two options on every page. Do you want to travel around Jakku by speedy quadjumper or by four-legged luggabeast? Will you choose to join the rebels over Scarif, or to fly after the Inquisitor? On Mustafar, do you dare to battle Anakin, or will you join him on the dark side of the Force?!

Navigate the book and learn all about key LEGO Star Wars characters, creatures, vehicles, and locations. Every page is packed full of facts, stats, and stunning photographs of LEGO Star Wars sets, minifigures, vehicles, and characters. Once you reach an ending, go back and see where the paths will take you next time!

LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path comes with a cool LEGO Star Wars minifigure to join you on your adventures through the galaxy.


LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary Initial Look

LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary

We haven’t talked about any LEGO books in quite a while but it looks like there’s now an image of the upcoming LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary that is slated to come out later this year. It is basically an updated version of the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes: Batman Visual Dictionary but this book will include pretty much everything LEGO DC-related that has been released from the past few years. You’ll also notice the blank space for an exclusive super hero minifigure which is basically the main draw for most fans. There’s no word yet on who this character is but hopefully it’s somebody that we haven’t gotten before. Chances are it’s another variant of an existing character but it’s fun to guess. Who do you think this exclusive minifigure will be?

Anyways, you can now pre-order the book on Amazon and it’ll be released on September 4. You also get the Amazon pre-order price guarantee where if the price drops after you place your order before the release date, you’ll only pay the lowest price that it’s offered at.

Celebrate the entire world of LEGO® DC Super Heroes with this comprehensive visual guide to all the minifigures, vehicles and sets, including the LEGO BATMAN MOVIE sets.Explore every detail of LEGO Batman’s Batcave, look around Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, examine Lex Luthor’s awesome mech and find out about all the LEGO DC Super Heroes minifigures’ weapons and gadgets. Find out how the awesome sets and amazing video games are created in the Beyond the Brick chapter, which features concept art and an interview with a LEGO designer. LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary will tell you everything there is to know about LEGO DC Super Heroes.The book comes with an exciting exclusive LEGO DC Super Heroes minifigure! Zap! Pow! ©2018 The LEGO Group.TM & ©DC Comics

**Via BrickFanz**


The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Collection Sale on Amazon

There’s a sale on Amazon for The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Collection which includes the exclusive Arkham Asylum Penguin minifigure. The price of the collection has dropped down to $5.40 which is 73% off the list price of $19.99.

This collection includes both The Essential Guide as well as the Ultimate Sticker Collection but basically you’re just paying for the exclusive Penguin minifigure which is down to a great price.

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