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LEGO Ultra Agents Summer 2015 Official Box Art Images

LEGO Ultra Agents Ultrasonic Showdown (70171)

We’re almost to the finish line for the summer 2015 official box art images from BrincaLandia with everyone’s favorite crime fighting team, the LEGO Ultra Agents sets. Like with the LEGO Creator sets for this wave, there are only three sets being released that we know of. The small number of sets in the wave makes you think if this will be the final wave for the theme. Keep in mind that the LEGO Legends of Chima also has three sets coming out for their final wave but are still continuing with releasing minifigures and small sets via LEGO Dimensions. The above set is the Ultrasonic Showdown (70171).

AntiMatter’s Portal Hideout (70172)

LEGO Ultra Agents AntiMatter's Portal Hideout (70172)

Ultra Agents Ocean HQ (70173)

LEGO Ultra Agents Ultra Agents Ocean HQ (70173)


Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015 LEGO Videos

If you still haven’t gotten enough of the LEGO sets shown at the 2015 Nuremberg Toy Fair, Spieletest has post some videos of various themes showing off some of the summer 2015 sets including LEGO City, Ninjago, Elves, Speed Champions, BIONICLE, and Ultra Agents. Here you can get a closer look at some of the sets that weren’t seen in images the past week or so. You can also get a nice look at some of the minifigures that will be included with the sets. Unfortunately, there are no videos of the licensed sets. The videos fly through the sets pretty fast but at least you can pause the video to see some of the details.


LEGO Ultra Agents App Brick Trailer

For those who are wondering what the new App Bricks in the upcoming LEGO Ultra Agentsicon are about, LEGO has released a short video detailing their features. Each of the five sets in the wave will have a couple of App Bricks included which will let you create gadgets to use with the free app. The app also has more comics and games that continue the Ultra Agents storyline and the built App Brick Gadgets are used to find clues within the games. The app also has alternate builds that you can create with the sets. The app is recommended for tablet devices so if you’re just using a cell phone, it might not be as optimal. Check out the video below to see the App Bricks in action. The next wave of LEGO Ultra Agents sets will be released on March 1st.


London Toy Fair 2015 LEGO Set Report

The 2015 London Toy Fair has kicked off and the folks over at Brick Fanatics has given the rundown of the Summer 2015 LEGO sets of various themes. Instead of doing separate posts, we’re going to condense everything here with details that were given and update as more details come in.

Updated with more sets with reports from Brickset.

Updated with details of the licensed sets from Brickset.


Not much details here. They are the same size as the Toas and have a darker color scheme.

Skull Warrior (70791) – £12.99
Skull Slicer (70792) – £12.99
Skull Basher (70793) – £12.99
Skull Scorpio (70794) – £12.99
Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder (70795) – £24.99


Space Starter Set (60077) – £8.99
Utility Shuttle (60078) – £17.99
Training Jet Transporter (60079) – £39.99
Spaceport (60080) – £69.99

Deep Sea Explorers

Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (60090) – £4.99
Underwater Starter Set (60091) – £8.99
Deep Sea Submarine (60092) – £24.99
Deep Sea Helicopter (60093) – £39.99 – Twin-rotor helicopter with a submersible vehicle that drops out from it.
Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095) – £79.99

City Square (60097) – £139.99 – Includes 14 minfigures (green Futuron and knight), Coffee kiosk, LEGO Store with a Pick-A-Brick Wall, Truck, Garage, Tram, Hot Dog Cart (different from polybag), and Police Station.

LEGO Creator

Adventure Vehicles (31037) – £17.99 – Green and white SUV.
Changing Seasons (31038) – £39.99 – Square house about the size of the Beach Hut with a garden and a barbecue. It comes … Continue

LEGO Ultra Agents Summer 2015 Set Rumors

Demitri over on Eurobricks is back with more information about LEGO Summer 2015 sets and this time it is for the LEGO Ultra Agents.

The Ultra Agents line is back with a third wave of sets which has a rumored six sets in 2015, three of which have set names provided by demitri. Before we’ve only had vehicles to go with the sets but it looks like this wave could have building playsets to go along with the vehicles. AntiMatter is also back with his villainous schemes while the Ultra Agents are trying to prevent him from succeeding.

Ultrasonic Showdown (70171)
AntiMatter’s Portal Hideout (70172)
Ultra Agents Ocean HQ (70173)


LEGO Ultra Agents 2015 4×4 Agent Patrol (70169) Revealed

LEGO Ultra Agents 4x4 Agent Patrol (70169)

The last of the 2015 LEGO Ultra Agents set, the 4×4 Agent Patrol (70169), has finally been revealed by the German toy shop Spielwaren-Bludau. It retails for $49.99 and will contain four minifigures: Toxikita, Jack Fury, an Astor Scientist, and unknown agent. It looks like this set is the only one in next year’s wave to have Toxikita return as a villain character. These new sets also make use of an App Brick that is used as a play feature as well as in conjunction with a downloaded app.

LEGO Ultra Agents 4x4 Agent Patrol (70169)


LEGO 2015 US Set Prices

A forum member on Eurobricks named Amazingbricks has been posting prices for various LEGO 2015 sets. We’ve had pricing for some of these themes but they were in a different currency. We’ll keep updating this post with more details as they become available. Click on the theme logos to see the official images of the respective sets.

Protector of Jungle (70778): $9.99
Protector of Stone (70779): $9.99
Protector of Water (70780): $9.99
Protector of Earth (70781): $9.99
Protector of Ice (70782): $9.99
Protector of Fire (70783): $9.99
Lewa Master of Jungle (70784): $14.99
Pohatu Master of Stone (70785): $14.99
Gali Master of Water (70786): $14.99
Tahu Master of Fire (70787): $19.99
Kopaka Master of Ice (70788): $19.99
Onua – Master of Earth (70789): $19.99
Lord of Skull Spiders (70790): $14.99

Blue Racer (31027): $4.99
Sea Plane (31028): $4.99
Cargo Heli (31029): $9.99
Rainforest Animals (31031): $14.99
Red Creatures (31032): $14.99
Vehicle Transporter (31033): $24.99


Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025): $19.99
Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas (76026): $39.99
Black Manta Deep Sea Strike (76027): $39.99
Darkseid Invasion (76028): $59.99
Brainiac Attack (76040): $24.99

Strainor’s Saber Cycle (70220): $19.99
Flinx’s Ultimate Phoenix (70221): $19.99
Tormak’s Shadow Blazer (70222): $29.99
Icebite’s Claw Driller (70223): $59.99
Tiger’s Mobile Command (70224): $69.99
Lion Tribe Pack (70229): $9.99
Ice Bear Tribe Pack (70230): $9.99
Crocodile Tribe Pack (70231): $9.99
Sabre-Tooth Tribe Pack (70232): $9.99
Mammoth Tribe Pack (70233): $9.99

Anacondrai Crusher (70745): $19.99
Condrai Copter Attack (70746): $29.99
Boulder Blaster (70747): $29.99
Titanium Dragon (70748): $39.99
Enter the Serpent (70749): $69.99
Ninja DB … Continue

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