In some major news across the pond, LEGO announced today they have ended their two-year promotional partnership with The Sun. This comes after a parent took his anti-Page 3 campaign to LEGOLAND and Wapping. However, LEGO denies that ending the partnership was not linked to the online petition but the partnership naturally ended on it’s own.

Fiona Wright, Lego’s vice president and general manager in the UK and Ireland, told one anti-Page 3 supporter: “The recent promotion in the Sun was part of a two-year agreement which started in 2011 as part of our marketing strategy. This is our final promotion with the Sun.”

The Guardian notes that:

The Sun said the partnership officially ended in November 2012, and that the recent “Lucky Dip” promotion used stock from the previous agreement.

There’s no word as of now on how LEGO will handle their polybag promotions.

**Via Brickset**