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LEGO Dimensions Gaming Capsule Available on Amazon

LEGO Dimensions Gaming Capsule

Back in August, I reported on an accessory item for LEGO Dimensions called a Gaming Capsule which is a storage case for your Dimensions minifigures and builds. It was originally available over in the UK but we are now able to order it Amazon. According to the description, it has 12 compartments to store various items and it retails for $14.99. It’ll be available on December 20. Thanks to Jason for the heads up on this.

Speaking of LEGO Dimensions, Amazon has a sale going on for the Starter Packs for $59.99 on all systems. This is 40% off the retail price and is the lowest we’ve seen so far. If you’ve been holding off on getting it, this is the perfect time to pick it up.


LEGO Dimensions Gaming Capsule Storage Accessory

LEGO Dimensions Gaming Capsule

As we’ve already seen before, there are a lot of minifigures and builds for the upcoming LEGO Dimensions video game. The folks over at Hoth Bricks has found the first accessory to be associated with the Dimensions. Over on Amazon UK, there is an accessory called a Gaming Capsule which is able to store game units as well as being able to fit the minifigures and builds for the expansions packs. I’m not sure at this time if the LEGO Dimensions Gaming Capsule is a European item or if it’ll be available here in the US as well. It is currently out of stock on Amazon UK but you can still order it and it’ll be delivered when it is available.

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