Will X-Men Characters Be in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Agent Venom

E3 2017 is now over and there has been a lot of coverage for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. On the character select screen that has been shown off plenty of times, one thing that we haven’t seen yet are X-Men characters. If you’ve played the first game, you probably remember that there were plenty of X-Men who were playable.

One thing that has been asked over and over during E3 is that will there be any playable X-Men characters in the sequel. The question has been dodged or ignored but we finally may have gotten a hint about it. IGN did a dev interview with Arthur Parsons and he has stated that he “can say absolutely nothing” with a little smile and “do not be worried.” To me, that sounds like a hint that there might be some X-Men characters in the game.

We’re still months away from release so there’s still time for TT Games to add them in if they haven’t yet. Their next even is San Diego Comic Con and Arthur has confirmed that he will be there to talk about the game. We’ll most likely see more character reveales and hopefully see some X-Men characters.

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  • James Busch

    Now what I want to know is if the Fantastic Four will return.

    • Dane M

      They won’t. Marvel stopped making comic books with them in it altogether. The franchise is as good as dead to them as long as Fox holds the film rights and keeps screwing it up. Given the failure of the last film on every level, Fox will probably give up the license eventually…or hire Corman to make another unreleased, low-budget version to keep the franchise in their possession. Ha!

      • Well one of their primary villains is the big bad of this game, so it’s entirely possible they’re still in this.

        • The Anonymous Hutt

          The Fantastic Four are awesome. I just think the new film was not what people were expecting. I would be surprised if they were not in this game at all.