In more LEGO sustainability news, LEGO has announced that baseplates will also be changing their plastic packaging to paper packaging. The baseplates themselves will be the same colors but they will have new product numbers. The baseplates with the new paper packaging will be in available around March 2022.

Current Product Number Product Number as of March ’22 Product Name
10700 11023 Green Baseplate
10701 11024 Gray BasePlate
10714 11025 Blue Baseplate
11010 11026 White Baseplate

Over the next few months you will likely see some products with “retiring soon” branding or perhaps a local retailer reporting that they are no longer able to order certain products. We want to share ahead of time that there is no need to be alarmed about baseplates.

In 2022, baseplates will be changing from their current plastic packaging to more sustainable paper packaging. Besides packaging, there are no additional changes with the LEGO baseplates and you will still be able to get the same colors and sizes in 2022 that you can purchase today. You can expect to see the new packaging around March 1, 2022.

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