If you’ve been to past LEGO events and conventions and there are LEGO employees attending, there’s times where they could hand out minifigures representing their business cards. The minifigure would resemble the employee in some ways and would also have their names on it. Since these are fairly rare, and do fetch a premium on the secondary market.

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Today LEGO has announced that they will be discontinuing this tradition and will only be for the owner family and their Executive Leadership Team. There’s no official reasoning given in the statement but there’s a chance that LEGO could bring it back for other LEGO employees and departments, although there’s no guarantees yet at this point. I was fortunate to get one from a former employee many years ago and I’ll keep it stashed away in my vault.

We recognize the culture of trading amongst fans and trading minifigures with employees. We recently made the change that employee minifigure business cards will be for the active owner family and ELT. We could see a new culture develop for other LEGO employees and departments but with this change just happening, we don’t know what the future holds.

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