The Iron Golem (21123)

Just2Good is back again with another holiday treat. In this video, he has provided the high quality box art images for the 2016 wave of LEGO Minecraft sets. The theme is still going strong as I keep hearing kids wanting more Minecraft sets. There will be four sets in this upcoming wave which includes The Iron Golem (21123), The End Portal(21124), The Jungle Tree House (21125), and The Wither (21126).

The Iron Golem will have have four minifigures: Iron Golem, Alex, Zombie, and a Baby Pig.

The End Portal has four figures: Steve in Diamond Armor, two Endermen, and a Cave Spider.

The Jungle Tree House has six minifigures: Alex, Steve, Creeper, Skeleton, an Ocelot, and a Sheep.

The Wither has four figures: the Wither itself, two Wither Skeletons, and Steve.

The End Portal (21124)

The Jungle Tree House (21125)

The Wither (21126)

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