German shopping site Spielzeugschutte has posted official images of a few of the LEGO Star Wars 2016 sets. These include a new Star Wars Rebels set, some new Battle Packs that are based off the recently released Star Wars Battlefront video game as well as Series 3 of the Microfighters sets. Expect the images for the rest of the winter wave sets to come out pretty soon as they’re expected to be released late next month/beginning of the year.

The Ghost (75127)

LEGO Star Wars The Ghost (75127)

TIE Advanced Prototype (75128)

LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype (75128)

AT-DP (75130)

LEGO Star Wars AT-DP (75130)

Rebels Battle Pack (75133)

LEGO Star Wars Rebels Battle Pack (75133)

Galactic Empire Battle Pack (75134)

LEGO Star Wars Galactic Empire Battle Pack (75134)

Kanan’s Speeder Bike (75141)

LEGO Star Wars Kanan's Speeder Bike (75141)

**Via Hoth Bricks**

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