New LEGO Americas Community Manager Announced

It was been fairly quiet on the news front but over on the LEGO Ambassador Network, it has been announced that LEGO has found a replacement for the Americas Community Manager position which was previously held by Kevin Hinkle. As you may or may not have known, the position was in the air the past few months as Kevin was moving to another position within The LEGO Group. Starting on July 1st, Paul Striefler will be taking over and you will be able to meet him in some upcoming LEGO conventions.

I am happy to inform you that we have accomplished the very difficult task of finding a suitable candidate to replace Kevin Hinkle as Community Manager for Americas. Although we are sad to say goodbye to Kevin as a team member in AFOL Relations & Programs, we are thrilled that we are able to provide Kevin with a chance to explore new opportunities within The LEGO Group, and even within the LEGO Community Engagement (LCE) Department, ensuring that Kevin will still be a close colleague. As Kevin has already told you through an earlier LAN post, he will move into a new role as Business Integration Manager, using his years’ of experience engaging with and supporting the TFOL and AFOL community to build a stronger collaboration between the LEGO markets, business units and community.

We are very happy to announce that our new Community Manager for Americas is Paul Striefler. Some of you already know Paul as he has been assisting Kevin for more than 6 months a couple of days per week. Paul has a background in Consumer Services as an advisor and joins us from his current position as Executive Assistant to our Vice President of D2C Americas / Pacific in Enfield where he has taken on projects such as large scale events, primarily managing the mobile LEGO Brand Retail Stores at LEGO Kids Fest in the US for the past several years.

Paul will officially be taking over his new responsibilities on the 1st of July. At the same time, Kevin will be moving into his new position. There will be a thorough handover from Kevin to Paul throughout the year and you will all receive additional information about whom to reach out to once this takes place. They will also be travelling to some of the AFOL events in Americas together, so some of you might get a chance to say hi and goodbye. Please assist me in welcoming Paul into the amazing world of AFOLs and TFOLs!


LEGO 2016 Color Palette

LEGO 2016 Color Palette

LEGO over on the Ambassador Network has just released an updated version of the 2016 color palette. This consists of all of the colors that are currently used for various LEGO elements.

You can download the PDF version here.


LEGO VIP Program Questions

As you may or may not know, I am part of the LEGO Ambassador Network and from time to time there are workgroups where input is needed from members of the LAN as well as from the LEGO community. Below are some of the questions that were presented to us and LEGO would like some input on the current state of the LEGO VIP program. You can either answer anonymously or with your login below. Please answer seriously and honestly to your ability. Thanks for your help!

1) Please describe how you and your family make use of the VIP program today.

2) Please identify the key benefits the LEGO VIP program provide for your family as a whole.

3) How does the VIP program influence your and your family’s LEGO experiences, such as the LEGO sets and themes you are interested in?

4) Please brainstorm ideas related to additional experiences family oriented VIP members would like access to.

5) Please look into how family oriented VIP members would want to be treated as a VIP when they come to the LEGO store, call the contact center and otherwise get into contact with the LEGO Group.


BrickUniverse Columbus 2016 Press Release

Greyson over at BrickUniverse has sent over a press release regarding their next LEGO fan expo in Columbus, Ohio in August. There’s still time to sign up to be a registered attendee if you want to display your creations and join in on activities.

The center of the LEGO universe will be in Columbus, Ohio this August! BrickUniverse Columbus AFOL Convention will be coming to the Greater Columbus Convention Center August 19-21, 2016 for three full days of fun for adult and teenage fans of LEGO. The website is www.brickunvierse.org/columbuscon

Over the three days, convention attendees will be able to meet fellow adult LEGO fans including Jonathan Lopes from San Diego, Dan Siskand of Brickmania, Rocco Buttliere from Chicago, The Brick Show, and more!

Attendees will also be able to experience:
Seminars, Roundtable discussions, and Workshops: insightful talks led by fellow members of the community
Incredible Displays: 27′ long LEGO model of the USS Missouri built by Dan Siskand, urban landscapes built in a custom LEGO scale by Jonathan Lopes from California, a 180 sq. foot LEGO Renaissance Fair built by James Burrows from Florirda, and more!
Games: multiple AFOL games like speed build and combo with chances to win free LEGO
Interaction: Meet LEGO fans from across the the country. Fanss from California, Chicago, Florida, Virginia, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Georgia, and of course locally in Ohio have already registered for the convention
Charity: there will be a silent auction and raffle supporting Creations for Charity
And what’s even more awesome is that the convention is FREE OF CHARGE for those who display! Registration to the convention includes:
Two 1×8 bricks for a brick badge: one brick printed with your name and one for the event
Ability to attend AFOL seminars
Ability to attend free AFOL games
Raffle tickets for the many prizes
Ability to participate in the ceremonies and other impromtu activities
Raffle tickets for various drawings with thousands of dollars worth of LEGO.
A Goody Bag full of awesome and exclusive LEGO items.
This 3-day convention is open to all LEGO enthusiasts interested in connecting with other adult and teenage fans and having their creations on display for the public to enjoy during the public hours of BrickUniverse. To register for the 3-day convention, please go to www.brickuniverse.org/columbuscon

If your LUG would like to participate, please contact [email protected]


The LEGO Group Owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen Announces His Successor

Yesterday, LEGO released a press release regarding the future of the company. It was announced that Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and his son, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen will be switching roles on the board of directors as Thomas Kirk will be the new deputy chairman while his father becomes an ordinary member of the board.

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen says:

“The family has for some years been making careful preparations for the future. I am very pleased to say that we are now ready to take certain important steps toward the smooth generational handover that will continue to maintain active family ownership of the LEGO Group – not just for the next generation but also for generations to come.

“As part of the preparations, we have decided that in each generation one person should be taking on the role as the most active owner. The most active owner will on behalf of the whole family be close to the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation and KIRKBI. We in the family have agreed that Thomas should assume this role in the fourth generation. Thomas has built up an in-depth knowledge of the companies, and he enjoys the backing of the whole family.”

You can read more on the story in the link above or if you’re subscribed to The Wall Street Journal, they did their own piece about this story.


LEGO April Fool’s Day 2016 Roundup

Another year, another April Fools Day has passed. As a tradition, there were plenty of LEGO fan sites that put out some false articles in hoping to catch readers off guard.

We announced LEGO Ideas Revisited which gives rejected LEGO Ideas projects a second chance in passing the review stage.


The popular service introduced the 1×5 Finder.


They did a review of the 7538491478894966 Assault on Echo Rebel Wampa Snowspeeder Base on Hoth which makes fun of the upcoming UCS Assault on Hoth (75098).

They also announced the expansion of the LEGO Cinematic Universe consisting of Deadpool, Galidor, and DUPLO movies.

Brick Fanatics

An Australian and New Zealand breakfast cereal called Weet-Bix announced Weet-Brix which is a new cereal based on LEGO bricks.


They announced Little Bricks Magazine which focuses on DUPLO.


They uncovered LEGO’s secret communist society.


They revealed the AutoSort 2600 which is an auto sorting machine costing around $9,000 and will be released in 2017.


They changed the primary language on the site to Korean.


LEGO themselves announced that LEGO minifigures have been granted legal population status.


They announced their latest minifigure, Mr. Invisible.

Mixels Wiki

They announced Background Mixels which takes a look at some of the not so prominent characters.


Mattel takes over LEGO which has been used before on other sites in previous years.

The Brothers Brick

They announced the Ghost White X-Wing as part of this year’s May the 4th promo with purchases of $199 or more of Star Wars products.

Also they showed off their Contributor Showcase which consisted of Galidor builds.


BrickCon 2016 Builder Registration Now Open

If you want to be a registered attendee for BrickCon 2016, the registration for the event is now open. This means you can bring your MOCs, attend games and activities, access to seminars and presentation, and more. You’ll also get two engraved, customizable 1×8 bricks as well as the red BrickCon 2016 brick.

Early Bird Registration – until August 1st – $65
Regular Registration – August 2nd through September 18th – $75
Late Registration – September 19th through September 25th – $100
At-The-Door Registration – Beginning September 30th – $120

This year’s theme is MADNESS.

MADNESS – What is it?

Is it Anger? Hysteria? Absurdity? Foolishness? Mania? Delusion? Stupidity? Lunacy? Craziness?

Explore what MADNESS means to you.

Build something to show us your MADNESS!

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