LEGO Amazon Prime Day Sale 2016

Amazon Prime Day has started and there aren’t that many LEGO deals but the LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter (75095) is one of the deals that is going on for Prime members. The regular price of the UCS TIE Fighter is $199.99. This deal starts at 8:05am PST.

The LEGO Education DUPLO Early Simple Machines III 4517242 deal starts at 9:05am PST and its regular price is $144.95.

The LEGO City Swamp Police Station (60069) deal starts at 10:05am PST and its regular price is $89.99.

Finally, the LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia the First Royal Stable (10594) set starts at 11:05am PST and the normal price for that set is $24.99.


More LEGO 2016 Official Box Images

We’re back again with more official box art images of a lot of LEGO sets from various themes for the first half of 2016 in preparation of the sets being sold on [email protected] very soon including Architecture, BIONICLE, City, Creator, Disney Princess, DUPLO, and Friends. To see more in-depth images of the sets, head on over to Brickset. Which sets below are you looking forward to picking up?


Venice (21026)

LEGO Architecture Venice (21026)

Berlin (21027)

LEGO Architecture Berlin (21027)

New York City (21028)

LEGO Architecture New York City (21028)

Burj Khalifa (21031)

LEGO Architecture Burj Khalifa (21031)

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LEGO 2016 Set Name Listings on Amazon.de

Today Amazon.de has upload a ton of listings for various upcoming LEGO 2016 sets. There were many posts on Eurobricks on these listings but I’ve organized them alphabetically by theme. Thanks to CM4sci for the heads up. The set names are loosely translated from German so they might not be the official names but they give you an idea of what the sets are. This list does correspond to the list that came out a few days ago.

Update: LEGO has asked sites to remove the list. Amazon.de messed up and accidentally posted it just a little bit too early. Sorry folks.


Possible LEGO 2016 Set List?

An interesting list popped up over on BrickPicker that could be a potential list of the first-half 2016 LEGO sets for various themes. This list does correspond to earlier rumors of some City and Ninjago sets for next year. The list was scrambled when I looked at it so I tried to organize it into separate themes. If you look closely, there could be a hint to what the next modular set could be. Keep in mind this isn’t an official list.

Updated: Removed


LEGO Juniors Green Goblin Minifigure Coming Summer 2015

If you haven’t been following Brickset’s report closely of the 2015 London Toy Fair, CapnRex101 has given an update on his report on the Brickset Forums. As you can see from the image above and the title of the post, there will be a classic Norman Osborn style Green Goblin minifigure included in one of the new Summer 2015 LEGO Juniors sets. You heard that right. The set will also include his Goblin Glider and at least one pumpkin bomb. This new set will be a little smaller than the current DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Defend the Batcave (10672). This piece of news is pretty cool because there hasn’t been a Green Goblin minifigure since 2003 and I’m going to guess that he will be using the Series 13 Goblin hat/ear piece.

Not only will we be getting the LEGO Juniors Green Goblin set, there is also a Marvel DUPLO Spider-Man set that will be coming out this summer. This will be the first time that DUPLO will be releasing a Marvel-themed set and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last.

Stay tuned as more and more details are slowly being released and hopefully we get to see images of these sets at the 2015 Nuremberg Toy Fair next Wednesday.


More LEGO Summer 2015 Set Rumors (Creator, Elves, Friends, DUPLO)

Just2Good has more information about some of the Summer 2015 sets from various themes. The details were provided by Eurobricks member demitri. The LEGO Elves theme is back with a second wave of sets. LEGO Friends will be introducing a new sub-theme called “Friends Pop Star.” DUPLO will be introducing the popular Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins to their lineup. Keep in mind that this is not the full list of sets and there will probably be more sets included in the summer wave, especially with Creator.

LEGO Creator Summer 2015

Adventure Vehicles (31037)
Changing Seasons (31038)
Blue Power Jet (31039)

LEGO Elves Summer 2015

Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh (41077)
Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle (41078)

LEGO Friends Summer 2015

Emma’s Tourist Kiosk (41098)
Heartlake Skate Park (41099)
Heartlake Private Jet (41100)
Heartlake Grand Hotel (41101)
Pop Star Recording Studio (41103)
Pop Star Dressing Room (41104)
Pop Star Show Stage (41105)
Pop Star Tour Bus (41106)

LEGO DUPLO Summer 2015

Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade (10597)
Doc McStuffins Rosie the Ambulance (10605)
Doc McStuffins Backyard Clinic (10606)


LEGO DUPLO 2015 Official Images Revealed

LEGO DUPLO Mother with Baby (10585)

This post may not be of much interest to many of us but Brickipedia has posted images of the 2015 LEGO DUPLO sets. Sofia the First is the latest Disney Princess to make her way to the LEGO sets. For parents who have younger children and want to introduce them to LEGO, the 2015 LEGO DUPLO sets are a nice start. Check out the images of the sets below.

Mother with Baby (10585)

LEGO DUPLO Mother with Baby (10585)

Ice Cream Truck (10586)

LEGO DUPLO Ice Cream Truck (10586)

LEGO DUPLO Ice Cream Truck (10586)

Cafe (10587)

LEGO DUPLO Cafe (10587)/

LEGO DUPLO Cafe (10587)

Airport (10590)

LEGO DUPLO Airport (10590)

LEGO DUPLO Airport (10590)

Sofia’s Royal Stable (10594)

LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia's Royal Stable (10594)

LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia's Royal Stable (10594)

Sofia’s Royal Castle (10595)

LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia's Royal Castle (10595)

LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia's Royal Castle (10595)

Disney Princess Collection (10596)

LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Collection (10596)

LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Collection (10596)

Classic Race (10600)

LEGO DUPLO Classic Race (10600)

LEGO DUPLO Classic Race (10600)

My First Tractor (10615)

LEGO DUPLO My First Tractor (10615)

LEGO DUPLO My First Tractor (10615)

My First Playhouse (10616)

LEGO DUPLO My First Playhouse (10616)

LEGO DUPLO My First Playhouse (10616)

My First Farm (10617)

LEGO DUPLO My First Farm (10617)

LEGO DUPLO My First Farm (10617)

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