LEGO 2016 Set Name Listings on Amazon.de

Today Amazon.de has upload a ton of listings for various upcoming LEGO 2016 sets. There were many posts on Eurobricks on these listings but I’ve organized them alphabetically by theme. Thanks to CM4sci for the heads up. The set names are loosely translated from German so they might not be the official names but they give you an idea of what the sets are. This list does correspond to the list that came out a few days ago.

Update: LEGO has asked sites to remove the list. Amazon.de messed up and accidentally posted it just a little bit too early. Sorry folks.

  • Akindu Dasanayake

    It looks like we might be getting 3 “battle pack” type sets for the Marvel and DC sets. I can’t wait for these new sets!!

    • Dane M

      I’m always up for cheap Super Heroes sets! Moving into Battle Pack territory a la Star Wars should tell us that the theme is here to stay.

      • The Redcoat

        sadly they seem to be ultrabuilds aka bionicles to me

        • legozebra

          Probably not for $10. I’m expecting something more like the Chima Legend beasts, utilizing the Mixels joints, at that price point. Maybe not for SH, though.

          • The Redcoat

            I would prefer that but I won’t get my hopes up for any thing better.
            They did try super hero ultrabuilds before

            and the price seems low for a modern bp


            I know the star wars ultrabuilds cost more but there have been £9.99 bionicles recently


            I would much prefer mircofighters or mixel joint beasts but to me it seems less likely due to a lack of ionic superhero vehicles but I do like the idea.

          • legozebra

            The $9.99 Bionicle Protectors are the small “villager” sets, though. Unless we’re looking at chibi representations of the characters, $9.99 won’t cut it for a large set.

            Now that you bring up Microfighters, though, a batmobile in that style would be sweet…

          • The Redcoat

            Although there is a lack of ionic vehicles there is not lack of iconic variations of the batmoblie. They could use this to bring in new batman variants like Adam west from lego barman 3 or even batman beyond. But I doubt they would sell anything licensed bigger than 76010 these days. 🙁

        • Dane M

          SH Bionicles would be a huge letdown. Even if it turns out to like a Microfighters version for the SH, that would be far better than ultrabuilds. I’m still holding out hope for regular small sets or battlepacks.

  • Ambrose

    Woo more speed champions! Nexo Knights are the rumored Steam Punk line then? And no modular listing? Is it because the next modular is released in late 2015?

  • Nathan Lantz

    While Nexo Knights sounds cool, I really hope they have more regular castle also.

    • Matt Wheeler

      Based on what I am hearing no new basic Castle for this run only these Nexo Knights

      • Nathan Lantz

        I’m kinda sad about that, since that is my favorite theme.

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  • Alpinemaps

    In Germany, Korallina is Ariel (The Little Mermaid)’s pet. I believe it’s “Treasure” in the US.


  • Marvelitas

    Way to many avenger s sets. I mean don’t get me wrong I like that avengers, but there is just to many.

  • Francis Altura Japson

    why no more hero factory?

    • Matt Wheeler

      Hero Factory and Bionicles alternate in releases, so Bionicles will be around for about 3 to 4 years then Hero Factory will come back for 3 or 4 years.

      • Lol

        Umm where did u get THAT info? Every 3-4 years?.??

        • Matt Wheeler

          I work at legoland in ca in retail so I deal with sets alot

          • Kek

            Even still, Bionicle lasted 9 years and HF lasted 4. HF was never as popular as Bionicle was, which is apart of the reason why they brought it back.

          • onehalfheffer

            Any idea as to whether or not we’ll see Dodge in Speed Champs?

          • Matt Wheeler

            It all depends on Licensing if Dodge give them the rights too it then we should see it.

      • Francis Altura Japson

        What I demand that you bring back the hero factory. Greek heroes would be a good version.

  • Igpay Atinlay

    Why no Mia Khalifa?

  • Greg Slezinger

    I notice that super heroes 2 under Marvel has the same set number as the BvS batmobile. Perhaps some of these may be mixed up a little bit.

    • Thanks, it looks like they had some stuff switched up. It’s been fixed.


    Glad to see that Speed Champions is returning, I already have the 6 non-Formula 1 style cars and love the sets.

    I’m a little disappointed that nothing Jurassic Park/World is coming. I was hoping that getting the Jurassic license would mean some sets based on the original trilogy would appear until the next movie comes out.

    This certainly isn’t an official list so I guess there is still some time for more things to come.

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  • ʕ◕ᴥ◕ʔ INƒΔMOUϟD0PΞ™

    When’s the next SW UCS???

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  • prime00

    where are the photos?

    • Too early for photos.

    • Evster

      Pictures for upcoming sets usually start popping up on the net during the last quarter of the year. I’d give it 2 or 3 months.

  • The Redcoat

    Are there no more doctor who sets I was hoping it would become more than one set like minecraft I guess only time will tell.

  • Dio

    I’m the only one that noticed that star wars set are most expensive set since disney took over.

  • Evan Z.

    Wish we had more to go off for the Super Hero ad Star Wars sets but I guess that’s what it’s like when you’re dealing with upcoming movies. Surprised by the lack of Kopaka and an Ice creature in the Bionicle sets but I like how we’re getting creatures and presumably a new villain. Also I’m intrigued by Nexo Knights. I can’t wait to see more and if this is supposedly Lego’s next media based line I’m interested to see some of the potential storyline stuff.

  • Evster

    Good to see that the Speed Champions line is gonna continue but where’s the new Ford GT? I see the Mustang GT but not the supercar GT. Although, I do see a gap in between the set numbers of two of the sets so I shouldn’t give up too much hope on it.

  • legozebra

    There was also set 71311 Kopaka and Melum Unity Set that was also confirmed for Bionicle

  • bohrokman

    ford mustang,camaro,sweet sounding bionicle,and ninjago, steampunk! lego just kill me now! awesome

  • Jose Cohen

    I’ll be interested to see what Nexo Knights is like. I can’t believe how sour everyone on Eurobricks was being about the possibility of a non-standard Castle-style line, though. It was literally enough to make me swear off visiting the site completely.

  • jermain burnett

    I hadn’t there have a new Lego Nexo Knights set coming soon Lego.