LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 16 (71013) Complete Set Giveaway

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 16 (71013)

A few days ago, I finally did my review of the Series 16 LEGO Collectible Minifigures (71013). As I mentioned, I do have a couple of complete sets to giveaway so here is the first one. If you’ve entered my giveaways before, it’s nothing new. For all the new readers that haven’t entered before, you just follow the instructions on the widget below.

The contest is open worldwide and will end at 11:59pm on October 9, 2016. Good luck to everyone!

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 16 (71013)

  • Darrell Martin

    Absolutely love this series. Banana Suit Guy is my favorite, but the Penguin suit and Eskimo Kid are right behind him.

    • David4

      Eskimo Kid?

  • madboy1973

    I realy like the banana guy.

  • Justin Hoar

    Banana Man and the Mariachi look awesome

  • BrickJonas

    Wow, great giveaway – good luck everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jeroen Olthof

    Great prize! Serenader is my favorite.

  • Agent_of_Nothing

    The Spy is my favourite!

  • David4

    The hiker install hugely underrated!

  • Narda Segal

    Penguin Guy is my favourite

  • The Boxer!

  • PENGUIN!!!!!!!

  • bulba.thor

    Arctic Explorer guy!

  • Squidy

    Banana Suit Guy!

  • Luke McKay

    Cute Little Devil is my favorite. Love the tail element!

  • TheBrickNinja

    The spy!

  • Jon Sharp


  • ghostspider


  • Bill Gowdy

    The hiker — mainly for the “Greeble” map!

  • DT Rayel

    Banana Man!

  • Walooo

    Thanks a lot for this giveaway.
    I love the spy

  • Starlord88

    Banana Guy and Ice Queen are best hands down

  • Matt Elliott

    Banana suit guy! Goes nicely with the banana truck and driver from the gorilla grodd set.

  • TheTank264

    Gotta go with dog show guy because his dog looks like my Bean!

  • Lucas Gondreau

    It’s hard to choose, but I think the Ice Queen is my favorite.

  • Alex

    Rogue is my favorite!

  • Daniel Blanchard

    I think the penguin suit kid is my favorite! I really like penguins! (can you tell?)

  • Jenni B

    The penguin suit is so cute! Love!

  • Anthony Markham

    Ice Queen is my fave

  • RickM

    Hiker. The lost expression is priceless.

  • Super Flash

    I don’t know why but I really like the guy with the guitar!

  • kitz

    Banana suit for sure

  • AnthonyKR

    We had to pass on this set do to focusing funds on higher priorities. It would be awesome to win this! Either way, it’ll make someone happy.

  • Karen

    Love the penguin costume!

  • Bob

    Rogue looks like the best minifigure!

  • Jessica HZ

    I like the wildlife photographer the best. But this is a particularly good set. I’ll be trying to get several of them.

  • Rick

    Hiker ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andron Dykstra

    The Ice Queen Figure

  • Snowx2k5

    That Banana Dude!!!

  • Savannah Hadden

    My son loves the banana suit guy!

  • jmcfarlane19

    Love the Hiker figure.

  • Rdrunr89

    I like the mariachi guy.

  • Terry Beacom


  • bidden1032

    My favourite is the wildlife photographer; love that new penguin mould!

  • Mauricio Ochoa

    My favorite is the Mariachi! One of the best minifigs of all time!

  • Mark Nelson

    The Mariachi Guy! because I can finally get a LEGO acoustic guitar.

  • Anna Bitanga

    Wildlife Photographer

  • Greg Slezinger

    Definately Banana Man

  • James Sobotka

    The Hiker

  • parsom

    Ice Queen rules!

  • Samuel Torralba

    banana man

  • kjk007

    I always wanted to be a wildlife photographer as a kid, so naturally it’s my new favorite plus that penguin is just too awesome!

  • I really really like the Rouge minifigure – I can’t wait to amass a small army of them!

  • Got to be the Banana Man.

  • margaret

    The mariachi player. He’s so cute.

  • James Morse

    The boxer!

  • Ry D

    Banana Man

  • LHitch

    The little penguin and the camera lady.

  • Monica Brauer

    my son loves banana man

  • Derrick Jang

    Banana Man

  • wayneallen

    The Banana guy!

  • Calen Bergren

    Easily the Ice Queen. I give a close second to the Hiker or Cyborg.

  • nixtron1

    Cyborg. I love space!

  • Chris Rideout

    The Imp!

  • orochi07

    ice queen!!!

  • Kelly Chua

    The wildlife photographer is my fave

  • hollow man

    The banana guy really stands out ! I love it, although the whole series is really great.

  • Obiwankenobrick

    My favorite is the babysitter! But the whole serie is close to perfection!

  • Sandra T

    The penguin suit kid is my favorite, he’s adorable

  • Marcel-Alexander Bemme

    I love the Banana-suit-guy

  • Brian Foster

    The little devil

  • idk lol

    Banana suit guy for sure

  • Nathaniel Falslev

    Hiker for sure. That backpack, face, and hair (albeit in dark brown) were adopted onto my sig fig. That’s how much I like it.

  • trybat

    The hiker is my favorite minifigs from the series!

  • Chadwick VonVeederVeld

    The Mariachi

  • Andrew Barton

    Either the Banana Guy or the Penguin Kid

  • rainey Smith


  • Dahkier

    Banana Guy… because there is always money in the banana stand! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • TypoCorrecto

    Banana Suit Guy

  • Lorbaat

    Has anyone else noticed that the Little Devil gives us two of three of Nigtmare Before Christmas’ Lock Shock and Barrel?

    I expect a Little Witch trick-or-treated next.

  • Spooky Boy

    The spooky boy! He reminds me of Nico di Angelo from percy jackson. And he is really a badass!

  • Will Reed

    Banana Suit Guy. I like him bunches. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Patrick Ramberg Singler


  • Alexander

    Wildlife photographer

  • Daniel Jorgenson

    Halloween trick or treater!

  • Angela Beaumont

    My fave is the babysitter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Justin Dinger

    Definitely want the Hiker!

  • Marc

    The penguin guy!

  • Wendy Doorn

    the Devil with pitchfork

  • Greg Gnerdly

    BananaMan all the way!

  • Juli Guthrie

    The banana man is fantastic!

  • Stephanie Haven

    The cute little devil is my favorite because my son’s favorite holiday is Halloween.

  • David Nickels

    Penguin guy

  • Geoffrey Steenberge

    Banana Suit guy if only for reminding me of Arrested Development

  • Khoo Guofeng

    Penguin guy

  • Bethany M.

    My favorite minifig is either the banana suit guy or the spooky boy, because I already have the spooky girl from a previous series and then I would have a matching pair…

  • Jon M

    Banana Man and Penguin Suit Guy

  • Armageddon Bosswald-Quilt

    Forest Rogue

  • R Dahl

    Penguin kid!

  • Craig Andrews

    The one in the Penguin Costume!

  • Aaron Engling

    little devil

  • strelly

    Penguin guy

  • Landon Graves

    I’m very excited for the lego babies so the choice of the babysitter is obvious.

  • Sarah Reed

    The ice queen is my favorite.

  • Mike Thurlow

    Spy or Cyborg

  • Dani Vello

    Ice Queen!

  • Andrew D

    Forset Archer

  • Mary Williams

    I love the penguin guy!

  • Morellopocalypse


  • Brian

    Love the Cute Little Devil

  • Wildlife Photographer

  • Andrew L.

    Wildlife Photographer

  • Chan Crockett

    I love the cyborg

  • Rowland Crawte

    Got to be the banana man!

  • Andrew

    Banana Man!

  • Rob N. Hood


  • Michael L

    Wildlife Phtographer

  • Sander Zakharia


  • PixelatedFez

    Banana Man!

  • TriforceOfPower2000


  • Banna man!

  • David Gonzalez

    Banana Guy

  • HotEMI

    Ice Queen

  • Djeeloo

    Mariachi !

  • Dusty Crophopper 97

    Banana man, babysitter and Halloween devil boy

  • Charlou

    Wildlife photographer !

  • MrSpoike

    I really like the ice queen.

  • justin

    Banana man!!!!

  • justin

    how to know when we won?

  • mounir18

    when the winner is going to be annouced

  • Alexander Hamilton


  • Sneaky121

    Penquin boy

  • Nb

    Love the banana guy

  • Natelu

    The Mariachi Man!

  • Maggie

    The Arctic Explorer!

  • Charlou


  • Jack LeBlanc

    Baby sitter!

  • Creepyredstone

    Penguin guy !!

  • ร‰tienne

    Banana guy

  • Colorado Cantaloupe

    Penguin suit guy and banana guy

  • Banana guy!

  • Matt Keilty

    Banana Man!

  • Lego Man


  • Celldrom

    Banana Guy

  • randomdude

    The banana guy looks cool

  • Lori Velazquez Lancaster

    The Mariachi guy is pretty cool ^_^

  • Samuel Fisher


    • Samuel Fisher

      Also, thank you for the giveaway!!

  • Marc

    Thank you!

  • Banana guy

  • Rossome

    This is awesome!


    I love the look of the rogue figure

  • Ken Choong

    I like the SPY!

  • tha_snazzle

    Gloomy Boy!

  • atacam

    Thank you for the chance of winning these figs. awseome comp. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Penguin Boy…because it’s a penguin ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kelly Crissy Nickerson

    Spooky boy!

  • rizulli

    Banana Man

  • Brickwrath

    Penguin Kid

  • Kon Sumer

    Dog Show Winner – love lego dogs

  • Darius Jdc

    Mariachi Guy!

  • OhioBricker

    Mariachi Guy (by far!)

  • choanata

    The babysitter

  • Kyle Kubler


  • Zee

    The Spy or The Desert Warrior!

  • Zee

    When will the winners be announced?