LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes 2017 Mighty Micros Sets Revealed

LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros: DC Comics Superman vs. Bizarro (76068)

LEGO has announced that they will be continuing the LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros line in 2017 and today they have shown off a sneak peek at some of the sets that will be coming next year.

The first set, shown above, is Superman vs. Bizarro (76068). This is the first time that the Bizarro minifigure has been in a widely available set and not the San Diego Comic Con exclusive.

Next is Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday (76070) in which Wonder Woman gets an Invisible Plane Mighty Micro made up of lots of clear pieces. Also Doomsday now becomes an official minifigure although he is the chibi version.

Last up is Batman vs. Killer Moth (76069). This version of Batman is the chibi version of the Adam West classic Batman which includes the retro Batcopter.

LEGO has hashtagged their post with #SDCC so we can probably expect to see these in person at San Diego Comic Con next month.

LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros: DC Comics Batman vs. Killer Moth (76069)

LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros: DC Comics Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday (76070)

  • Justin Hoar

    I’d like to see a Doomsday(comic version) bigfig eventually

    • Dan

      I think this is a preview of what may come since every other mighty micro minifigure has had a regular bigfig/minifigure

  • Darrell

    I think it is INCREDIBLY lame that Lego is not using a Wonder Woman villain in her set. I don’t collect these figures normally, but if they had given her, say, Cheetah to race against I would have snapped it up. Doomsday is a poor choice of a villain for her, even if she did help kick his butt in Batman vs. Superman.

  • Doug

    I’m super happy for Bizarro!! His car is a backwards version of Superman’s! It’s great!

  • Mayurnath Reve

    All look really Rad! Wanna purchase it as soon as its released in India.

  • Mai Nam Thang

    Watching Lego Stop motion with Lego mighty micros.Thanks you so much.
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