LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285) Widespread Issues

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285)

If you purchased the LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285) from Toys R Us and intend to use her in the game, you may want to return it or contact LEGO Dimensions Support as there has been reports of widespread issues with the NFC chip. Basically, the tags for Marceline herself are coming up empty and it contains no data for the system to detect. I’m hearing that this issue is only affecting North America and the ones in the UK seem to be fine.

As far as I know, TT Games has not acknowledged the issue publicly but Toys R Us has issued a stop sale on the Fun Packs and has started pulling them from the floor. The link for the TRU product page has also been taken down. If you see them available for purchase, I suggest don’t buy it until the issue is fixed. For those who just collect the minifigures and have no interest in playing the LEGO Dimensions itself, that doesn’t really matter but for those who do, I suggest contacting support in the link above to see about getting a replacement tag.

  • idk lol

    I’ve found a couple toy tags not working, and there is an easy way to fix this. The instructions on how to do so are here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Legodimensions/comments/3oixfa/for_those_having_trouble_with_toy_or_figure_tags/

  • Purple Dave

    She’s actually the first Wave 7 pack I picked up, and I didn’t have any problems. The only issues I’ve ever had was back before Wave 2 came out, I tweaked the color schemes on some of my maxed-out vehicles and when I tried to load them back into the game, I found that they’d all lost the ability to shift to higher level builds. I could downshift the Flying Delorean to the regular version from the character wheel, but then it was stuck like that until I rebooted the game. The Batmobile was permanently stuck in its original form. They eventually released a fix that allowed you to wipe the vehicle tags and rewrite them from scratch, and I was able to fix everything.

  • Wonderkarp

    I havnt had any issues with her. She works good.