LEGO Galaxy Squad Officially Retired

If you held off on getting any LEGO Galaxy Squad sets, it looks like your time is up. The theme has officially been retired and has been removed from LEGO [email protected]. Although you can still find the sets individually if you search hard enough on the site, you can’t purchase anything. The theme was first introduced in 2013 and had two waves since then and had a mixed reaction with fans. Some really liked it because of the elements that came with it, some just didn’t get into it at all. Personally, it seemed kind of cool but wasn’t my kind of thing.

If you still need to pick up a couple of the LEGO Galaxy Squad sets, Amazon as well as Toys R Us currently has them on sale. I highly suggest picking them up before prices start to rise in the next few months.

What were your thoughts of the LEGO Galaxy Squad theme? Did you like it? Did you not like it?

  • Aaron M. Litz

    This just sucks. I consider Galaxy Squad to be the coolest line Lego has had in a very long time, and it was what got me collecting Lego again after 20+ years away. I have almost completed my collection of the full line, and will then try to finish a second set to build a diorama of them all.

    It is really irksome; this gets canned, and yet corny lines like Ninjago keep right on going. 🙁