LEGO Ideas Wonders of Peru Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The Wonders of Peru by cdwboy1979 is the latest project 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The project displays some of Peru’s landscapes and ecosystems as well as gastronomy, culture, and race. The whole set is built as a portable box and opens up to show all the details inside.

It now joins the Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner as the projects to reach the Second 2017 Review Stage. LEGO is still working on the results for the Third 2016 Review Stage so that should be announced whenever they’re ready.

  • Chris

    Looks amazing. I would have preferred the box to be more white instead of yellow because I mostly have seen these boxes with white being their main . a change that should be made if it does get selected.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    This is a fantastic idea, and even if it never makes it, I’m going to keep this in mind for a great display of my home country.

  • HUN_Sector

    Probably I won’t be too famous among you, but I dont like it.
    The other competitives are much better.

    Furthermore it’s only for a little part of the fanbase. You can be sure, a sweden, british, or for example italian fan won’t be very interested about this, only latin-americans, mostly people from Peru and neighbour countries.

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      I’m glad it got to 10k so that people are aware of this as an idea though, because I can totally see people taking inspiration here.

  • Milan Csaplár


  • NJacob

    These box already exist as a cultural thing in peru. They are really nice. For people that did visit peru, this is a really good idea and I sure will get one if it does come out

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      I think that was likely the point

  • NJacob

    They are normally made out of wood and good quality one are very expensive

  • Sydney Song

    Now this is a fantastic project! I love the creativity and design, especially the box with hinges concept. I would buy this in a heart beat.