New Rumors of LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon Coming

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and rumors have started to swirl about a LEGO Star Wars UCS set that has been rumored for a while. It’s pretty easy from the image above that it’s the Millennium Falcon. There are various users on Eurobricks who have some information about the new UCS Millennium Falcon. Paperballpark mentions that it’ll have interchagable radar dishes, one round and one rectangular, so you can display it as it is shown in Episodes 4-6 or in Episode 7.

To give more speculation on the UCS Millennium Falcon, the box on the updated UCS Death Star (75159)icon shows a blacked out silhouette of the Falcon on the bottom left corner that is more prominent than the silhouettes of the other ships. This could absolutely mean nothing at all or LEGO could be hinting at it for a while.

Given that the original 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon is one of the most definitive sets in LEGO Star Wars history and a holy grail for many fans, a new one would be great news. Fans weren’t too happy with the re-release of the Death Star since it wasn’t retired for that long but it’s safe to say that they would welcome a re-release of the UCS Falcon with open arms and wallets. There are many factors that contribute to the set being legit such as the Star Wars 40th anniversary and reports from good sources like Paperballpark and a “friend” that makes me think the set will be coming sooner than you may think.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Death Star (75159)

  • Brian h

    Oh please!!!
    Only then I will find peace after having it almost bought so many years ago.
    I just wanna see the auction and third party traders’ stupid faces when they realize their 3000 Dollar set isn’t worth that much anymore and the true fans finally get their 2nd chance.

    • Mason

      The original UCS Falcon will still retain a lot of its value. There will be less buyers willing to pay those prices who will settle for the new one, but there will always be the diehards willing to pay exorbitant prices to obtain the originals.

      I’ll be happy with a new one so long as they don’t dumb it down. For all we know, they could release a smaller, more expensive (than the MSRP of the original UCS Falcon) and overall lesser design, knowing everyone will buy it anyway. Here’s hoping they’re better than that.

      • Brian h

        That’s true and I have the same worries concerning a “dumbed down” version. What if the Deathstar reproduction has been something like a test run. Have there been any reproductions of this size before?

        • PeteH

          All seem to have been slightly bigger (better?).

      • Deva Vulcan

        I dropped 1200.00 for a UCS Star Destroyer. Best 1200.00 I ever spent.

    • Martyn Abbott

      An object is only worth what somebody is willing to pay, so you could actually blame the buyers and not the sellers for the high price.

      • Brian h

        I wonder what a casual collector would pay for a original packaged UCS Falcon. Auctions for 2nd hand items went up to 1.5k while custom rebuilt sets still made up to 1.2k
        Can’t imagine a casual collector would spend 3-4k.

        It is just the same with the recently posted R2 Polybag. Is this item really worth more than 120USD?

      • Mark S

        If you are blaming the buyers for the high prices, then why are there any for sale still? There is more to the greed aspect on the seller’s part I think.

    • Hooper

      STFU. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Most of who were fortunate enough to have one …. built it and have no plans to sell! “Stupid faces”? ? Really? Grow up man!

      • Deva Vulcan

        Calm the hell down. And he’s right; your set WILL lose value. But congrats on owning an original one. I do not.

        • Hooper

          NO, you calm the hell down. I am proud of my MF. I’m not going to let someone label me. Even if doesn’t have anything to do with me… I’m going to stand up to lego bully’s once and for all. We want lego freedom and a promise of no more!

      • Brian h

        Hooper, I was speaking of “third party traders” or so called hoarders. Those who buy multiple items (mint) solely for the reason to resell at high prices.
        I wasn’t speaking of fortunate people owning it for their collection. And someone who collects LEGO is never grown up,k ?

        Those collectors who payed the original price, lucky them.
        Those collectors who payed more than that, well poor them but they have one after all.
        Those hoarders who just wait to cash in, well deserved when demand suddenly focuses to another set and the price for the old set goes down.

        • Hooper

          Oh well, I guess I’m an idiot for over reacting. God I feel stupid. I’m so sorry guys. Please forgive me.

          • Brian h

            Happens to us all internet folks 😉

  • láz

    LEGO pls shut up and take my money 😀

    • OurToyWorld

      LOL! Yup!

  • sixwashington4

    Oh my goodness!!! This is excellent news. The release of an updated UCS Falcon would be awesome! Lego, get this out a.s.a.p. I want to buy it now!!

  • Lorbaat

    I was literally just discussing this set with some non-Lego friends last week. I would buy this in a heartbeat. The first release occurred during a Dark Age and the original set almost pulled me out of it single-handed.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      I for one, would be fine without a new one. I would rather see a few of the Star Wars scenes and locations that have been missing since the beginning of the theme. (Geonosian Arena, Theed Palace, Jedi Temple, Dagobah, Cloud City, etc.) It seems like Lego has just been making a lot of re-issues lately, and nothing new.

      • Brian h

        The Freemaker Adventures?

        • The Anonymous Hutt

          While I was typing this, I was thinking of UCS sets mostly, although you have a good point.

          However, I still believe there needs to be more new content in sets. Yes, I am aware that Lego is releasing entirely new sets for Rogue One and TFA, but they need to make more content for the original movies, and more importantly, the prequels. While they might not be the best movies, some of the scenes from them would make great Lego sets, such as the Jedi Temple.

          • James Boxell

            i agree with your point, i’m dying for a cloud city and can’t believe they haven’t re-produced the duel between Luke and Vader

          • Christine McGarvey

            I’d like to see a UCS Krenic’s ship, or do kylo correctly as a ucs… but lego keeps screwing their collectors over…

          • Brian h

            yes, more detailed sceneries or locations. When I saw

            75139 Battle on Takodana for example, I thought “is this a joke?” A door and a wall? This whole part of the movie featured

            -a bar
            -a cellar

            -the castle exterior and some forest

            -an anamzing tower.
            This whole set could have been set up like the old Hogwarts castle. Even Jabba’s Palace had more to offer

            Prequels, well haven’t they almost released something of everything? Even then there would be a lot of reruns

          • DutchDude

            the prequals are, to be honest not half as good as the original trilogie, they are still decent, and the story was good. but, i think they are really underestemated. i to think there are still a lot of decent sets to be made, but i would prefer the original trilogie ones.

      • Impecunious Joe

        The Millennium Falcon is such an iconic, essential vessel, though, and needs to (more or less) always have a version available if the theme is going. And even as great as 10179 is, there’s room for tons of improvement.

  • James Boxell

    how much do people think it will be? the death star went up by about 100 for no reason so does that mean the falcon will be £450?

    • PeteH

      At today’s exchange rates £450 would be a pleasant surprise. I would guess closer to £500 in the UK, $US600 or 650 over the pond.

      • James Boxell

        It’s going to be fun getting that amount of money together

        • PeteH

          More fun than raising >$2K for a second hand 10179.

  • JamesFranks

    I am conflicted about this; I just finished a scratch built version last year.

    • Brian h

      that sucks. How long did it take to finish?

      • JamesFranks

        hmmm about 3 months to get all the parts through Bricklink and Brickowl and a couple weekends to assemble it.

    • DutchDude

      how much did it cost?

  • PeteH

    2 boys who are Star Wars & Lego fans.

    One dad who is a Star Wars & Lego fan.

    I’ll take three please!

  • Rick Sanchez

    meh. whatever. i’m just glad they’re making another if-tx tank from the original battlefront, and this time it’s not oversized. plus aayla secura without a goofy clone wars face (finally. they did a normal vos before her… what even.)

  • gwai-lo

    but what will it be?? original trilogy or a force awakens???

    • Mark Dempster

      hopefully they could include a way to make it look like both, include separate dishes etc

      • DutchDude

        or download a instruction or build one from a tutorial

  • Lego guy

    No this is a very bad idea it already came out and I have it. Time to move on and make sets that have never been USC sets like the tie bomber or the landspeeder. Or the A-wing that’s 3 sets that should be USC sets not doing old sets like the falcon or th Death Star. O and please don’t get me started with the both base set. Who ever thought at Lego that was a good idea should be FRIED and killed that person was and is a dumbass.

    • PeteH

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Did you pay over the odds for yours then?

    • DutchDude

      yeah i can understand that, but you dont always have to think for yourself. ok, maybe they have to move on and be loyal to the people who bought it years ago and have the one and only UCS millenium falcon, and the people who sell them for 5k and upwards. but how many of the REAL legofans are left over who bought it because it was a millennium falcon on minifig scale, and NOT because it is one of the most rare legosets?

      maybe they have to listen to the FANS wich is the overwhelming majority and not to the small numbers who are selfish and the people who are buying and selling them for a profit.

  • Spudo

    They need a UCS AT-AT

  • PeteH

    I’m glad I didn’t order the Lepin knock-off!

  • Andrew Larsen

    if they do..i hope they do.. i will buy two one to build and one to keep mint.

  • mangouste

    Nice Lepin 😉

  • Eric Poulin

    Hello all!
    1- it’s the 40th anniversery of épisode IV or the Star Wars Saga? If it’s Épisode IV they will go with a ship in the movie. They should go with à New iconic ship. If i Was Lego, i will do the Tantive IV figurin scale! If the MF its 5k, it will be 10k. Averybody will tell me im creazy, to big, to expensive, etc,etc…but averybody will buy it and they find the place!
    But its just a dream and they should do the AT-AT or Dearh Star trench with XWing and Tie.


    I think this rumour has some substance you know, take a look on ebay and you’ll see a great deal more of these sets than you would normally see. Panic selling maybe?

  • Dimitri Petrenko

    You bricklinked Lepin? What a joke..

  • 99.99% confirmed for May 4.

    • Dimitri Petrenko

      What about the millenium falcon, any new news about that?

  • jermain burnett

    They make a new version of the Lego Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon I hope is had better build and new build of the Lego Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon sets.

  • Christine McGarvey

    lego needs to stop redoing these UCS collectibles, they are screwing the price on our items. It killed just not the price on the sandcrawler, but in the end, both… The death star has now been overdone! The snowspeeder was next… But the Falcon, I’m pissed, and many collectors are. There’s nothing sacred anymore and it’s all about money to Lego and Disney! Many collectors are ending their collections now and selling off because of this. I love lego, but I don’t love what they are doing for their almighty dollar!

    • PeteH

      Did you just buy an original 10179 for silly money?

      • Christine McGarvey

        no, that’s not what I said… I’ve had mine since it came out… I’m a disgusted that lego keeps ruining our collectible value…

        • PeteH

          How hypocritical to complain about Lego & Disney chasing the almightly dollar, and yet at the same time complain that they are ruining the value of your collection. Whatever your collection is worth is irrelevant, enjoy it for what it is. A TOY. There’s no such thing as a surefire return on anything, stocks, shares, Lego, classic cars, property. The list goes on.

    • Deva Vulcan

      Wahh. Sorry your pile of plastic isn’t worth 6k anymore. How will I sleep at night?

  • Vendetta

    I just want a Star Destroyer of some sort…. c’mon LEGO… do you first 10,000+ piece set! Executor class, Sovereign Class.. whatever! Just make it sooo big and awesome! And start putting LEDs in these mammoth sets already!

    • Deva Vulcan

      There is First Order SD coming. Not finalizer, though.