LEGO 2016 Official Images Surfacing Online

LEGO has started to upload official images of a few of the 2016 LEGO City, Creator, and Technic sets to their servers. A few of the sets have also been listed on Shop@Home if you can find the link with them being scheduled for release on December 1. This is probably the first time I’ve heard of 2016 sets being released before Christmas so if the listings are indeed true, there are more options for your holiday shopping. Check out some of the official box images below.


Fire ATV (60105)

LEGO City Fire ATV (60105)

Fire Starter Set (60106)

LEGO City Fire Starter Set (60106)

Rally Car (60113)

LEGO City Rally Car (60113)

Race Boat (60114)

LEGO City Race Boat (60114)

4×4 Off Roader (60115)

LEGO City 4x4 Off Roader (60115)

Ambulance Plane (60116)

LEGO City Ambulance Plane (60116)

Garbage Truck (60118)

LEGO City Garbage Truck (60118)

Prison Island Starter Set (60127)

LEGO City Prison Island Starter Set (60127)

Police Pursuit (60128)

LEGO City Police Pursuit (60128)

LEGO Creator

Super Soarer (31042)

LEGO Creator Super Soarer (31042)

Chopper Transporter (31043)

LEGO Creator Chopper Transporter (31043)

Park Animals (31044)

LEGO Creator Park Animals (31044)

Ocean Explorer (31045)

LEGO Creator Ocean Explorer (31045)

LEGO Technic

Display Team Jet (42044)

LEGO TECHNIC Display Team Jet (42044)

Hydroplane Racer (42045)

LEGO TECHNIC Hydroplane Racer (42045)

Getaway Racer (42046)

LEGO TECHNIC Getaway Racer (42046)

Police Interceptor (42047)

LEGO TECHNIC Police Interceptor (42047)

Race Kart (42048)

LEGO TECHNIC Race Kart (42048)

Mine Loader (42049)

LEGO TECHNIC Mine Loader (42049)

Drag Racer (42050)

LEGO TECHNIC Drag Racer (42050)


LEGO Technic Design Contest Held on Rebrick

The LEGO CEE Team has sent over some details on a new LEGO TECHNIC contest being held over on Rebrick with some awesome prizes for the winners included an unannounced set as well as the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (42043). Check out the details of the contest below.

Build THE Mercedes-Benz Truck of the future!

One day during the early 1920’s Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler sat down in Germany and agreed to merge their two car companies into one and start producing Mercedes-Benz cars. They had each made their own versions of the world’s first petrol-driven cars back in 1886. Within years, Gottlieb Daimler sold his first truck – almost 120 years ago!

Some of the first Mercedes-Benz branded diesel powered trucks were built in Stuttgart in 1923. Today, in 2015, half of all trucks on the German roads are Mercedes-Benz trucks.

Just imagine how Karl and Gottlieb would react if they were time-warped from 1925 to 2015 to witness just how big, fast and capable the Mercedes-Benz trucks have become 90 years later! What would they say if they could see what their vision has led to?

Your vision…

Think the new LEGO® Technic 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 is the coolest Technic set ever made? (Yeah, we like it, too!) And have you thought about what the perfect truck would look like if you could design your own?

Hold that thought, and now, imagine yourself traveling 30 years into the future, to 2045. You’re taking a brand new Mercedes-Benz Truck out for a spin. It’s the truck of your dreams! What does it look like? How does it move, and what will it haul? What will be required of a truck in the year 2045? What will it be fueled by – diesel, electricity, recycled waste, or something completely different?

Be a visionary, and build the ultimate Mercedes-Benz Truck of the future with LEGO Technic!

Ready, research, design!

How to join:

Look back 30 years: how have truck designs evolved since 1985? And looking ahead, can you spot the latest trends in truck design, alternative fuels, transportation needs, infrastructure changes, and combine it all into the perfect future truck?

To join the competition, research, design, and build your model, take a great picture and upload it, and if you feel like recording a video of your design process, feel free to send that to us, too.

Rev up your engines, and join the competition on ReBrick.com! (http://rebrick.lego.com/technic) You will find all the fun details and small print there – we can’t wait to see your designs. Enter now until October 5th, 2015!


One talented design winner will take home an exclusive first prize: LEGO Technic models worth 1,000 EUR, a signed LEGO Technic 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 box, and a specialized Winner certificate.

Nine runners-up will each be awarded a signed LEGO Technic 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 box, and a specialized Winner certificate.

Happy building, and good luck from the LEGO Technic Team!


LEGO TECHNIC Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (42043) Official Images

LEGO TECHNIC Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (42043)

The official images for the new LEGO TECHNIC Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (42043) are now available on Amazon Japan. The set consists of 2,793 pieces and will retail for £170. The box features some of the new module cylinders which many people are pretty excited about and it also includes Power Functions. Below is a video from Promobricks of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 in action.

LEGO TECHNIC Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (42043)

**via Eurobricks**


LEGO TECHNIC Summer 2015 Official Box Art Images

LEGO TECHNIC Crawler Crane (42042)

We’re finally at the end of the summer 2015 official box art images from BrincaLandia with LEGO TECHNIC. There are three LEGO TECHNIC sets scheduled to be released the rest of the year, I believe, with the Fire Plane (42040) and Crawler Crane (42042) out this summer, and the Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245 (42043) which will be available in late 2015. As you can see above, there are only images of the Crawler Crane available at this time.

Updated with Fire Plane.

Crawler Crane (42042)

LEGO TECHNIC Crawler Crane (42042)

Make way for the LEGO Technic crawler crane. This 2-in-1 model comes with the Power Functions motor that lets you use the joysticks to operate the boom, raise and lower the claw, rotate the superstructure, and drive the caterpillar tracks. It includes a double winch and pulley system with extensive cabling and rebuilds into a mobile tower crane.

Fire Plane (42040)

LEGO TECHNIC Fire Plane (42040)

LEGO TECHNIC Fire Plane (42040)

Take to the skies for aerial firefighting adventures with the awesome 2-in-1 LEGO Technic fire plane. This model is packed with authentic details and features, including a detailed 2-cylinder engine, joystick-controlled elevators and ailerons, and large pontoons. When you’re done fighting wildfires, rebuild the fire plane into a high-speed jet plane.


LEGO TECHNIC 2015 Official Images Revealed

LEGO TECHNIC Cherry Picker (42031)

LEGO TECHNIC fans, you now get in on the official images for the 2015 LEGO TECHNIC sets courtesy of Just2Good. The Race Truck gets a slight update from the set of the same name (8041) from 2011. Although I’m not into LEGO TECHNIC, I must say that the 24 Hours Race Car looks pretty nice. There’s also a set that does not have images yet and that’s the Record Breaker (42033) which is some sort of rocket car.

Update: The images for the Record Breaker are now available via Spielwaren-Bludau.

Cherry Picker (42031)

LEGO TECHNIC Cherry Picker (42031)

Compacted Track Loader (42032)

LEGO TECHNIC Compacted Track Loader (42032)

LEGO TECHNIC Compacted Track Loader (42032)

LEGO TECHNIC Compacted Track Loader (42032)

LEGO TECHNIC Compacted Track Loader (42032)

Record Breaker (42033)

LEGO TECHNIC Record Breaker (42033)

LEGO TECHNIC Record Breaker (42033)

LEGO TECHNIC Record Breaker (42033)

Quad Bike (42034)

LEGO TECHNIC Quad Bike (42034)

LEGO TECHNIC Quad Bike (42034)

LEGO TECHNIC Quad Bike (42034)

Mining Truck (42035)

LEGO TECHNIC Mining Truck (42035)

LEGO TECHNIC Mining Truck (42035)

Street Motorcycle (42036)

LEGO TECHNIC Street Motorcycle (42036)

LEGO TECHNIC Street Motorcycle (42036)

Formula Off-Roader (42037)

LEGO TECHNIC Formula Off-Roader (42037)

LEGO TECHNIC Formula Off-Roader (42037)

Arctic Loader (42038)

LEGO TECHNIC Arctic Loader (42038)

LEGO TECHNIC Arctic Loader (42038)

24 Hours Race Car (42039)

LEGO TECHNIC 24 Hours Race Car (42039)

LEGO TECHNIC 24 Hours Race Car (42039)

Race Truck (42041)

LEGO TECHNIC Race Truck (42041)

LEGO TECHNIC Race Truck (42041)


LEGO TECHNIC 2015 Rumored Set List

We’re almost getting to the end of the 2015 LEGO set news but before we end, we have a list of LEGO TECHNIC sets courtesy of Ghostmind on Eurobricks. Pricing in New Zealand Dollars again are from CM4Sci and David. I’m not into TECHNIC sets that much the 24 Hours Race Car, aka 24 Hours of Le Mans, look very promising and could possibly use the new tires from The Tumbler (76023).

Compact Tracked Loader (42032) – 29.99
Record Breaker (42033) – 34.99
Quad Bike (42034) – 34.99
Mining Truck (42035) – 39.99
Street Motorcycle (42036) – 59.99
Formula Off-Roader (42037) – 99.99
Arctic Truck (42038) – 139.99
24 Hours Race Car (42039) – 199.99


Incredible LEGO Technic by Sariel Available for Pre-Order

Paweł “Sariel Kmieć has been hard at work this year to release his second book, Incredible LEGO Technic: Cars, Trucks, Robots, and More! For this book, Sariel with the help of Blakbird from Technicopedia has brought together a number of people in the LEGO community who specializes with Technic to produce a book of some of their best work.

Incredible LEGO Technic includes 74 models filled with photos, details, facts, and specs of not just cars and trucks, but planes and mechs as well. Many of the builds also includes see-through renders by Blakbird so you can see the inner workings of the vehicles. In addition to the details of the builds, you also get an in-depth look at the builders themselves which includes:

2LegoOrNot2Lego, Amida, andrea Grazi, Barman, Brunojj, Crowkillers, Designer Han, Dirk Klijn, Dmac, Drakmin, Edwin Korstanje, Efferman, Eric Trax, Francisco Hartley, Gyuta, Jennifer Clark, Jerac, Jurgen Kroopshoop, Klaupacius, Konajra, Lasse Deleuran, M_longer, Madoca, Mahj, Makorol, Marat, Nathanael Kuipers, Nico71, Oryx Chen, RoscoPC, Sariel, Senator Chinchilla, Sheepo, Spiderbrick, Splat, Thirdwigg, and ZED

As mentioned before, Incredible LEGO Technic is the second book that Sariel has released with the first being his very popular The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide. You can now pre-order the 280 page book from No Starch Press for $29.95 and it will be available in October.