The LEGO Movie Everything is Awesome Edition Blu-Ray Image Update and Price Change

The LEGO Movie Everything Is Awesome Edition Blu-Ray

Walmart yet again has updated their page for The LEGO Movie Everything is Awesome Edition Blu-Ray but this time the page shows a nice-looking image of the box. If you followed our earlier post, you would’ve seen that the price dropped to $29.96. Unfortunately, Walmart has been finagling with the price of the Blu-Ray and now the price has been upped to $39.96. It seems like they’re not even sure what they want to sell it for. I expect the price to fluctuate even more in the months between now and August.

  • Tyler Scruggs

    Is it a walmart exclusive? I don’t suggest anyone pre-order b/c Walmart doesn’t price adjust for pre-orders.

    • Walmart’s the only place so far that I’ve found that has the Vitruvius minifigure.

  • Tyler Scruggs

    Also this looks marvelous.

  • Matt

    I don’t think it will go much lower than the 2996. Even if it does I am satisfied at this price.