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LEGO Mall of America Brand Store 30th Anniversary Celebration

If you’re near the Mall of America at the beginning of September, the LEGO Brand Store there will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. There will be some giveaways and building events happening from September 3-4. The first 375 shoppers each day will reeive an exclusive LEGO Anniversary Minifigure Pack (5007499) when you spend $50 or more. There will also be a LEGO Birthday Cake build happening as well as a photo op. The page also says there’s goodie bags available as well.


LEGO 90th Anniversary Mini Castle (6426244) Walmart Exclusive Shipping Out

There is only a few days left for the Walmart exclusive LEGO 90th Anniversary Mini Castle (6426244) offer and it looks like they are already shipping it out to qualified orders. Our friend FikinBricks has already received their set and it appears that it is packaged in a plastic bag and not in a box as many were expecting. There is a printed shield piece for the 90th anniversary logo and the instructions are printed in a small booklet showing that it has 158 pieces.

There is still two days left to get your orders at Walmart for it. You have to spend $50 in qualifying sets and upload your receipt to the dedicated page by August 31.


LEGO Updates VIP Point Redemption During Checkout

If you get emails from LEGO, you may have received one regarding the LEGO VIP Program that may give some good news on how you use your points for discounts. You now don’t have to know how much of a discount you want ahead of your purchase as you can now apply discounts at increments of $1/£1/1€ with a minimum amount claimed to be $5/£5/5€. Another benefit of the new system is that you can pay for an order using only VIP points if you desire. This will also work at LEGO Brand Stores as well. All you need is your email or your physical/digital card when you checkout.

Important update to your LEGO® VIP Program

We’re introducing some changes that will make it easier for you to get discounts on LEGO® products using your VIP Points.

You now no longer need to decide in advance how or where you want to use your discount. Any discount redeemed with VIP Points can be spent online, in store or by phone.

We’re also looking to make the in-store VIP experience more secure. To earn or use your VIP Points, you’ll now need to provide your card number or email address for your account. Please make sure you bring your card or details with you, as store associates will no longer be able to access your account without that information. The email address used for this communication should be the one associated with your account.

If you have any unused discounts from in-store or phone discount rewards that


LEGO Nominated for September 2022 Toy of the Year Awards

The September Toy of the Year 2022 nominations have been announced and LEGO is in the running again for a few categories. Normally, the TOTY awards are given in February but they have shifted it to a new fall timeline to give companies the opportunity to promote their products during the holiday shopping season. LEGO isn’t nominated that much as with previous ones but they are still in five.

Collectible Toy of the Year

LEGO The Muppets Collectible Minifigures (71033)

Construction Toy of the Year

LEGO City Rocket Launch Center (60351)

LEGO Marvel I am Groot (76217)

Grown-up Toy of the Year

LEGO Ideas The Office (21336)

Playset Toy of the Year

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Course (71403)

Vehicle Toy of the Year

Klutz LEGO: Race Cars

LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car (42141)


LEGO Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Today LEGO celebrates their 90th anniversary and is holding their first World Play Day. LEGO is holding various activities around the world for their 90 Years of Play.

Building the LEGO® Legacy – celebrating 90 years of creativity and playing well

The LEGO Group celebrates its 90th Anniversary with its first World Play Day as new research finds more than 80% of families want more play in their day.

Billund, Denmark: On Wednesday, 10th August, the LEGO Group will celebrate nine decades of fan creativity and helping children reach their full potential though LEGO® play. To mark the occasion, the brand will host its first ever World Play Day – a full day of play-packed global events, collaborations and surprises dedicated to helping families and communities play more.

From the moment Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a young Danish carpenter, picked up his tools and made his first wooden car in 1932 he was focused on making high-quality toys that teach children about the world and give them the skills to thrive in it. He named his company “LEGO” from “Leg Godt”, meaning “Play Well” in Danish. Inspiring fun, playful learning remains the toymaker’s purpose today.

In his small workshop in Billund, Demark, Ole hand-carved a collection of vehicles, ducks and yoyos and later started experimenting with plastic building bricks. His son, Godtfred, added a few small tubes to make the bricks click and stick together, officially launching the interlocking system we know today. The LEGO® brick that offers limitless creative building possibilities was born in 1958.


LEGO Opens $500 Million Expansion at Monterrey, Mexico Factory

The LEGO Group has announced that have officially opened a 33,850 m² expansion at the Monterrey, Mexico factory. This is part of the $500 million investment for the location that will increase production capacity to meet growing demand in the Americas.

The expansion will includes new molding building which is set to open in 20204 and will have a 50% increase in production capacity. As a result, this will add another 1,000 jobs to the site as well. The investment is on top of the $1 billion that was put into the new factory in Virginia which was announced a few months ago.

The LEGO Group invests in the expansion of factory in Monterrey, Mexico

New warehouse, moulding hall and processing facility will increase site’s capacity to support long-term growth in Americas.

Monterrey, Mexico – August 5, 2022: The LEGO Group today officially opened a 33,850 m² expansion at its factory in Monterrey, part of a $US500 million investment in the site which will increase production capacity to meet growing, long-term demand in the Americas region and globally.

The expansion includes a fully automated high-bay warehouse and a building dedicated to assembling and decorating LEGO products which was completed 2022 The multi-year investment will also include a new moulding building which is set to open in late 2024 and will contribute to a 50% increase in production capacity.

An extra 1,000 jobs will be created to support the expanded site, taking the total number of employees to more than 6,000 by the end of next year.


New LEGO Movie in Development – Announcements “Soon”

We haven’t gotten a LEGO movie in theaters in three years but there’s recent news that one is currently in development. The LEGO Movie producer Dan Lin tells The Ankler podcast that the next movie is in the works and there should be some kind of announcement soon. At the end of the podcast, Lin says,

“We are very active in developing the next LEGO movie. We know we have to switch it up and take it a different kind of art form that’s still true to LEGO so we’ll have some announcements soon. I’m actually really excited about the progress that we’ve made. Lord and Miller really raised the bar for what a LEGO movie should look like and feel like and the tone. I think we’ve reinvented it in a really cool way but eager to announce it.”

If you don’t remember, LEGO signed a five year exclusive deal with Universal Pictures for development, production, and theatrical distribution for more LEGO movies after talks with Warner Bros. broke down. It’s been two years since the deal was signed and there has been absolutely no details about what the next LEGO movie will be about so we’ll see how long “soon” is.

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