LEGO Voltron Minifigure Shirt Re-Released on Ript Apparel

Last year, Ript Apparel released a LEGO Voltron minifigure shirt which turned out to be pretty popular and they have re-released it again for those who missed it the first time. The shirt will go for $13 and will be available for 24 hours.

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The AFOL Poster Subscription Service Releases New April Artwork

Interested in LEGO Art? The AFOL Poster Subscription Service from Bricks on the Dollar has begun its mission to bring you original LEGO Artwork every month with their latest release, Galaxy Squad by Joe Cerniglia.

Every month a new artist will create distinctly LEGO-themed art in their own style. 11”x17” posters are available from the AFOL Poster Service website. Posters are tube-shipped to their recipients. For only $10 per month you will get the newest poster tube-shipped to you on the 1st of each month. Subscribers also get a short bio about the artist and the artwork as well as an official LEGO Minifigure from the depicted theme! If you want to pick and choose, the posters will be individually available on the 15th of each month for $13 shipped.

Check out the posters which are available right now. A new poster will be available each month while supplies last. Upcoming themes include Monster Fighters and more. Pick your favorites or sign up for the subscription to never miss a poster!

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New Chinese Brick Company Producing AFOL Sets

Here’s something that has popped up on my feed and also readers emailing in about it but I questioned whether I should post about it or not. You may have heard of a few well-known builders in the LEGO community like The Arvo Brothers, Firas Abu-Jaber, Paul Boratko (CrowKillers), and Bangoo H, many of which have been featured on The Brothers Brick and other LEGO sites. Their LEGO builds are an envy of many builders who have tried to replicate themselves or take inspiration from.

The 29th Guangzhou Toy & Hobby Fair kicked off yesterday and there’s a Chinese “new” brick company who has appeared to be making sets based on the designs of some of the builders I’ve named above. In a post on Facebook, there are images of a company called Xingbao (星堡) who is owned by Meizi Model (美致模型), which is the same company that owns LEPIN, at the convention displaying some of the sets based off of the AFOL designs including The Arvo Brother’s Kaneda’s Bike and Alien, Bangoo H’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky music box, Fira’s Volkswagen Beetle, Ford GT, and Rolls Royce Springfield Roadster, and Paul’s Balisong supercar, just to name a few. It also appears that some of the designers have confirmed to have licensed their models out to the company.

This new company is essentially helping AFOLs who want their models become easier to obtain by their followers who do not have time to BrickLink the parts or whatnot. This whole thing brings on a whole bag of worms with licensing to intellectual properties but more importantly, morals. For LEGO purists, they will most likely not purchase these off-brand sets and try to recreate the models using official LEGO parts to their best of their abilities.

There’s also one other side of the story. If you remember from last year, I did a post about LEPIN starting to produce AFOL designed sets. The designer would basically have their models stolen and would get no compensation whatsoever. Basically Xingbao is reaching out to AFOLs and asking them if they want their models produced and paying them compensation which is a step up but at the end of the day, they are still a knockoff brand. Chances are if you’ve been contacted, they’re already planning on making it through LEPIN.

If you didn’t know yet, BrickLink has a service going for a while where you can sell your MOCs which uses actual LEGO parts. Now that LEGO Ideas has somewhat cracked down on restricting active licenses, will this sway AFOLs to Xingbao who want their models available to the public in an easier way?


The Brick Fan March 2017 Monthly Recap

March has passed and there was some pretty interesting LEGO news for the month, especially towards the end of the month.

The LEGO Group Ranked Second as Most Regarded Company in 2017 – The Reputation Institute released their annual RepTrak 100 survey and The LEGO Group was ranked second as the most regarded company in the world.

The LEGO Movie Sequel to be a Space Action Musical? – During the Shanlian on Batman podcast, Chris McKay stated that The LEGO Movie Sequel is going to be a “big musical and space action movie.”

The LEGO Group 2016 Annual Results – LEGO released their annual results for 2016 and it was reported that the company had the highest revenue in their history.

LEGO Brand Stores to Start Carrying Store Exclusive Sets – My source has told me that LEGO Brand Stores will start carrying every set from a particular theme and the there will no longer be any store exclusive set.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales The Silent Mary (71042) Review – I did my review of the newest set for the upcoming and it is now available at LEGO Stores and on [email protected].

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales The Silent Mary (71042)

LEGO Dimensions Coming to an End? – There was a report by Bricks to Life that LEGO Dimensions is at the end of its life and will be cancelled.

LEGO Dimensions Year 2

The LEGO Ninjago Movie D2C Ninjago City Set Coming? – My source has told be that there will be a Direct-to-Consumer set for The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 18 Rumored to be Costume Party Theme – There’s a rumor on Eurobricks that the Series 18 LEGO Collectible Minifigures will be themed around costumes.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) Officially Announced – LEGO announced the next LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series set with the Snowspeeder (75144) which will be coming out on April 29 for LEGO VIP early access and May 4 for the general public.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144)

LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 (30611) to be May the 4th Promo Polybag – My source has told me that the LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 (30611) will be the May the 4th promotional polybag which was confirmed on the May 2017 Store Calendar.

LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 (30611)

LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn-V Rocket Officially Revealed – LEGO released a first look at the upcoming LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn-V Rocket which will be coming out in June.

LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn-V Rocket

LEGO DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman Warrior Battle Revealed – The set will have 286 pieces and will be available on May 1 with a reported price of $29.99.

LEGO DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman Warrior Battle (76075)


LEGO April Fool’s Day 2017 Roundup

April Fool’s Day is pretty much over and the LEGO community again this year came together to spread hoaxes and playing jokes on their readers. There’s a little recap of some of the things that happened today around the LEGO community. You can see from the list below, there’s similar topics from various sites. If there’s something that I missed, let me know and I’ll try to add it to the list.

For my annual joke, I reported that I would start reviewing LEPIN sets but that will never happen. Many of you guys caught on which isn’t that surprising.

Adeel Zubair

A reader named Adeel made The Simpsons The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop (71062) and made it seem that LEGO tweeted it out.


They reported that Beijing would be opening up the first LEPIN certified store.


The announced the MEGA Brick Loot box which contains a build that had over 20,000 pieces.


BrickNerd also put out a “new” LEGO Star Wars set with The Destruction of Jedhi (040117) that only consisted of tan bricks and would only be available during the May the 4th promotion.


They had two posts for April Fool’s with the first one being a new LEGO Game of Thrones theme complete with set descriptions.

Their other post was “confirming” a new UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) with an image of [email protected] with an image and pricing of the set.


They did a post of Google & LEGO joining together for a Google Build Assistant.

Bricks to Life

They released a press release announcing three new LEGO games with LEGO Deadpool, LEGO Flintstones, and LEGO The Twilight Saga.


They put the Beatles as minifigures crossing Abbey Road on Google Maps.

Jay’s Brick Blog

They released a press release about LEGO completing their acquistion of LEPIN


They reported of Pockyland branded brick separator.

A member has reported on a UCS Brick Separator.

Pop Culture Uncovered

They released a press release announcing a Star Wars expansion for LEGO Dimensions.


There was a made up image of The LEGO Batman Movie Wayne Manor (70918) that could’ve been believable if the user didn’t do a similar post so close together.

CM4Sci created a nice mock up of the rumored UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). This one is hard to figure out if it’s real or not because there is a legit rumor that one is actually coming.

The Brothers Brick

TBB’s post says that LEGO is a worse investment than gold. This is an exact opposite of reports from a few years ago from many major world news sites such as Time that reported LEGO was a better investment than gold.


The Brick Fan Expanding to LEPIN Set Reviews

There’s a point in time where you have to take a step back and see where you are in life and at this point, I’ve decided to expand The Brick Fan. A few people have asked me whether I would do this or not but I think it’s about time that I do so. I’ve decided to go ahead and also review LEPIN sets.

We’ve all seen a company called LEPIN which many call a knockoff company. Essentially, they take official LEGO sets and make bootleg sets out of them with subpar plastics. There aren’t that many reviewers of LEPIN sets and I feel that I should take this opportunity to test them out and let the public know how I feel about them. I’ve set up a website called The LEPIN Fan for my the reviews and I encourage you to head on over and check it out.

Click to see

PFx Brick LEGO Kickstarter Project

There’s a new LEGO Kickstarter project that has been launched by Michael Gale and Jason Allemann (JK Brickworks) that may interest you. This project is called PFx Brick which is used to add advanced lighting, sound, and motor control to your LEGO models. There’s lot of information about PFx Brick to list so head on over to the Kickstarter page above to check out the details.

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