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LEGO Reveals at 2019 Nuremberg Toy Fair

The 2019 Nuremberg Toy Fair has kicked off today and our colleagues over at Zusammengebaut has given live updates of some of the summer 2019 LEGO sets that we could expect to see later this year. As usual, photography is not allowed but there are a number of LEGO sets and prices from a variety of themes that we can discuss. Everything is loosely translated from German but we get an idea of what they are. I’ll update as more information comes in.

Some things to note that were not seen at Nuremberg were LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Toy Story 4, and LEGO BrickHeadz.


-Trafalgar Square (21045) – 79.99€
-Empire State Building (21046) – 99.99€


-Maintenance Mission Shuttle (60224) – 9.99€
-Rover Test Drive (60225) – 19.99€
-Mars Research Shuttle (60226) – 29.99€
-Moon Base (60227) – 49.99€
-Space Research Rocket Control Center (60228) – 99.99€
-Fire Truck (60231) – 19.99€
-Service Station (60232) (4+) – 39.99€
-Doughnut Shop Opening (60233) – 79.99€
-People Pack – Theme Park (60234) – 39.99€
-2019 LEGO City Advent Calendar (60235) – 19.99€

Collectable Minifigures

-Eighteen minifigure series coming in May – 3.99€ each
-Sixteen minifigure series coming in September – 3.99€ each


-Carousel (31095) – 49.99€
-Double Rotor Helicopter (31096) – 49.99€
-Townhouse and Pet Store (31097)- 79.99€

DC Super Heroes

-Batman and Robin vs. Mr. Freeze (76118) – 24.99€
-Batmobile: Joker Pursuit (76119) – 29.99€
-The Riddler Heist (76120) – 49.99€
-Batcave: Clayface Invasion (76122) – 99.99€
-Batman vs. The Riddler (76137) (4+) – 9.99€… Continue

LEGO Architecture 2019 Set Images

LEGO Architecture San Francisco (21043)

Last month, we gotten some details on the upcoming 2019 LEGO Architecture sets and we now have images of the two sets.

San Francisco (21043) has 565 pieces and will include the Painted Ladies, 555 California Street, the Transamerica Pyramid, the Salesforce Tower, the Coit Tower, Fort Point, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

LEGO Architecture San Francisco (21043)

Paris has 694 pieces and it will include the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, the Tour Montparnasse, the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

LEGO Architecture Paris (21044)

LEGO Architecture Paris (21044)

**Via Promobricks**


LEGO Architecture 2019 San Francisco (21043) and Paris (21044) Details

LEGO Architecture

We have some new details of the 2019 LEGO Architecture sets that will be coming next year. has listed two sets which are San Francisco (21043) and Paris (21044) and both will be the Skyline style that has been fairly popular among fans.

San Francisco has 565 pieces and will include the Painted Ladies, 555 California Street, the Transamerica Pyramid, the Salesforce Tower, the Coit Tower, Fort Point, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. The set is priced at € 49,99.

Paris has 694 pieces and its build will include the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, the Tour Montparnasse, the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. It is also priced at € 49,99


LEGO Hogwarts Castle, 2018 Advent Calendars, Las Vegas Sets Now Available on [email protected]

It’s technically September 1 over on the east coast and that means there are new LEGO sets available for purchase on LEGO [email protected]. The biggest highlight is the LEGO Wizarding World Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043). It goes for $399.99 and has 6,020 pieces. I’m still trying to get my review done on the set so stay tuned in the next few weeks for it.

Next up are the annual LEGO Advent Calendars. There are three themes to choose from: Star Wars, City, and Friends.

LEGO Star Wars 2018 Advent Calendar (75213) – $39.99

Open the doors of this galactic 75213 LEGO® Star Wars Advent Calendar each day in December to discover themed LEGO minifigures, starships, vehicles and other collectibles. When you’ve opened all the doors, there’s even a foldout playmat with desert and ice-planet scenes for playing out epic Star Wars adventures. This great gift with 5 minifigures and 3 figures is the perfect way for fans of all ages to get ready for the holidays.

Open a door every day to reveal 24 different LEGO® Star Wars themed gifts.
LEGO® Star Wars Advent calendar features 5 minifigures and 3 figures.
Models include a landspeeder, The Arrowhead, Republic Fighter Tank, Naboo Starfighter, Twin-Pod Cloud Car, General Grievous’ Starfighter, Blaster Cannon, Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter, Imperial Troop Transport, TIE Fighter, AT-ACT, Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle and an Imperial Speeder Bike.
Characters include Rose, Rowan, General Merrick, Battle Droid, Death Trooper, Rathtar, Guavian Security Soldier and an IG-88 droid.
Weapons include a blaster


LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047) Review

LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047)

Earlier this year, it was revealed that there was going to be a LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047) set but as we know by now, it was delayed due to the tragedy late last year at one of the original hotels in the set. Fast forward eight months and LEGO decided to swap out one of the hotels as well as changing out the box printing and a few pages out of the instruction booklet. There’s no details of the price but counting the parts in the back of the booklet, there are 501 pieces unless I calculated wrong. The contents of the box include five unnumbered bags and the instruction booklet.


LEGO Summer 2018 Sets Now Available on [email protected]

LEGO Wizarding World Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures (71022)

It’s August 1 and that means that there are a ton of new LEGO sets are now available for purchase on LEGO [email protected]. LEGO sets from various themes ranging from DC Super Heroes to Ninjago to Unikitty are now available. The rest of the Wizarding World sets, mainly the Fantastic Beasts ones, and the Collectible Minifigures are now up for grabs and I’m sure those will be pretty popular. In addition, there are a couple of promotions that are going on simultaneously including the LEGO Plants from Plants (40320) with purchases of $35 or more and the LEGO Unikitty Castle Room (5005239) with purchases of $25 or more.

I’ve linked pretty much every set that have gone live online below and as always, please use our links as they do help support the site.


Great Wall of China (21041)


Passenger Train (60197)
Cargo Train (60198)
Capital City (60200)

LEGO City Freight Train (60198)


Treehouse Treasures (31078)

LEGO Creator Treehouse Treasures (31078)

DC Super Heroes

Aquaman: Black Manta Strike (76095)
Batman: The Attack of the Talons (76110)
Batman: Brother Eye Takedown (76111)
App-Controlled Batmobile (76112)

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile (76112)


Heartlake City Airplane Tour (41343)
Andrea’s Accessories Store (41344)
Heartlake City Pet Center (41345)
Friendship Box (41346)
Heartlake City Resort (41347)
Spinning Brushes Car Wash (41350)

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Resort (41347)

Harry Potter/Wizarding World

LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures (71022)
Grindewald’s Escape (75951)
Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures (75952)


Voltron (21311)

LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311)


Ariel’s Underwater Concert (10765)


The Skull Arena (21145)
The Skeleton Attack (21146)
The Bedrock Adventures (21147)
BrickHeadz Steve & Creeper (41612)


Destiny’s Wing (70650)
Throne Room Showdown Continue

LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047) Official Images

LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047)

There are now official images of the updated LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047) set that have appeared on Amazon. If you remember, the set had to be redesigned due to the events of late last year at one of the hotels and in turn, the release of the set was delayed. The set will now have the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, Bellagio Hotel, Luxor Las Vegas, Encore at the Wynn, Startosphere Las Vegas, and the Fremont Street Experience. There’s no details on the price or release date yet at this time.

LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047)

LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047)

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