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LEGO Classic Bricks Box (11717) Official Images

The LEGO Classic brick boxes have been a known for having a lot of different colored elements in one set and a new one coming out soon will have some extras. The LEGO Classic Bricks Box (11717) will have 1,500 pieces, similar to the previous version, but it will also include four 16×16 baseplates in green, brown, teal, and white. The product listing on Amazon Japan states it will be released on May 1.


LEGO Classic Green Baseplate (10700) Amazon Sale – April 2020

The LEGO Classic Green Baseplate (10700) is now currently on sale for 50% off on Amazon. It is priced at only $4.99 each and it pretty much the lowest price it has been at which is a great deal if you’re doing large layouts. Amazon says it is in stock and does have Prime delivery available.


LEGO Classic Green Baseplate (10700) Amazon Sale – March 2020

Amazon currently has the LEGO Classic Green Baseplate (10700) on sale for only $4.99 each. It is listed at 50% off on Amazon but [email protected] has the listed price at $7.99 so that only makes it a 37% discount. Either way, getting a baseplate for this price is great especially if you’re needing a lot of them for a layout.


LEGO Classic Bricks and Animals (11011) Walmart Sale – February 2020

If you’re looking for a large quantity of bricks at a great price, Walmart currently has the LEGO Classic Bricks and Animals (11011) set on sale for $34.76 which is 42% off the regular price. The 1,500 piece set features a variety of parts in various colors. Some of the parts are very common while some are still fairly rare. The price per piece ratio with the discount goes down to $0.02 which is the lowest I’ve seen in any set.


Walmart Black Friday 2019 LEGO Deals Now Live Online

Walmart has kicked off their Black Friday 2019 LEGO deals online already as the two main items are currently on sale. These sets includes the LEGO Classic Creative Fun (11005) and the LEGO DUPLO My First Creative Fun (10887) which are both priced at $20 each. Both sets are worth is price as you get a variety of parts in different colors. I’m sure resellers will like to gobble it up as they have been doing in the past. These sets will also be in stores but be prepared to fight the crowds for it later today.


LEGO Classic White Baseplate (11010) Official Image

Last month, we reported that we will be getting a LEGO Classic white baseplate and it looks like there’s now an image of the packaging for it. As mentioned before, it will be product number 11010 have a price point of $7.99 but what’s interesting is that it doesn’t seem to be 32×32. Counting the studs across, it seems that it will be 30×30 instead. The white baseplate will join the lineup of other LEGO baseplates which includes Green, Blue, and Gray for next year and will be great for snowy landscapes.

Update: A few readers have correctly assessed that it will be 32×32 according to the image at the bottom.


LEGO Walmart Black Friday 2019 Deals

Walmart has released their Black Friday 2019 ad and they will have a couple of LEGO sets on deep discounts. From November 28-29, they will be selling the LEGO Classic Creative Fun (11005) and LEGO DUPLO Creative Fun (10887) for only $20 each which is half off the regular price. Obviously, you’re going to get your money’s worth with the Classic set with it having 900 pieces but the 120 piece DUPLO set is also a good deal especially if you’ve purchased DUPLO sets before and you know how pricey they are.

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