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LEGO Wins Four September Toy of the Year 2023 Awards

The 2023 Toys of the Year Awards were handed out today and not surprisingly, LEGO came out a winner in a few categories. One of the non-toy related ones included the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year which they won the bronze award for LEGO Replay. There was a also a tie for the Infant/Toddler category which they share the award with Mattel. Check out the winning categories below.


LEGO Disney 100 “Up” House (43217)


LEGO Icons Lord of the Rings Rivendell (10316)

Infant/Toddler – Shared with Mattel

LEGO DUPLO 3-in-1 Tree House (10993)


LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance (42158)


LEGO 2024 Set Names Revealed

Hold on to your butts because Dutch retailer Eldorado International has posted official names for over 100 LEGO sets for the first half of 2024. There are no images or details about the sets yet but they do confirm a lot of rumored sets such as Dune Ornithopter well as confirms the set numbers for the new LEGO Animal Crossing theme.

Animal Crossing

• 77046
• 77047
• 77048
• 77049
• 77050


• Pair of Parrots (31211)


• Space Hoverbike (30663)
• Police Off-Road Buggy Car (30664)
• Race Car (60399)
• Go-Karts with Racers (60400)
• Road Roller (60401)
• Blue Monster Truck (60402)
• Ambulance & Snowboarder (60403)
• Burger Truck (60404)
• Rescue Helicopter (60405)
• Race Car Transporter (60406)
• Fire Engine (60410)
• Fire Helicopter (60411)
• Fire Truck with Lifeboat (60412)
• Fire Fighter (60413)
• Fire Station with Aerial Ladder Vehicle (60414)
• Police Car and Muscle Car Chase (60415)
• Police Truck with Laboratory (60418)
• Prison Island Police Station (60419)
• Space Mech (60428)
• Space Asteroid Recovery (60429)
• Spaceship (60430)
• Space Rover with Aliens (60431)
• Modular Space Station (60433)
• Space Base with Launch Pad (60434)


• Creative Animals (11034)
• Creative Horses (11035)
• Creative Vehicles (11036)
• Creative Space Planets (11037)


• Gift Animals (30666)
• Animal Birthday Party (30667)
• Easter Bunny with Colorful Eggs (30668)
• Iconic Red Plane (30669)
• Santa’s Sleigh Ride (30670)
• Red Dragon (31145)
• Flatbed Truck with Helicopter … Continue

LEGO October 2023 Shopping Guide

October is fast approaching and there a few new LEGO sets that will be available on the LEGO Shop. The list isn’t big but it does include some Christmas sets as well as some big hitters like the UCS Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser (75367) and Viking Village (21343).

The promotions for October 2023 are still unknown at this time but I’m guessing the LEGO Halloweenn Fun VIP Add-On Pack (40608) could be launching some time during the month.


Mini Disney Palace of Agrabah (40613) – $39.99
Asha in the City of Rosas (43223) – $19.99
King Magnifico’s Castle (43224) – $99.99
Asha’s Cottage (43231) – $49.99


Alpine Lodge (10325) – $99.99


Viking Village (21343) – $129.99


The Hoopty (76232) – $89.99


LEGO Nutcracker (40640) – $12.99
Gingerbread Ornaments (40642) – $12.99

Star Wars

Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama (40658) – $29.99
UCS Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser (75367) – $649.99


LEGO Icons Transformers Optimus Prime (10302) Amazon Sale – September 2023

Amazon has the LEGO Icons Transformers Optimus Prime (10302) on sale for 15% off the retail price. It is now listed at 152.99 which is the lowest it has been since mid-August. Optimus Prime was one of my favorite sets from last year when it announced back in June.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


LEGO Icons Winter Village Alpine Lodge (10325) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced the next set for the Winter Village Collection with the LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (10325). Releasing on October 1, the set has 1,517 pieces and will retail for $99.99.

The Alpine Lodge is a two-story building with a bar and sitting space on the lower level and a room on the upper level. There’s a light brick that illuminates the two fireplaces inside. Outside the lodge is a frozen pond along with an outhouse as well as a snowmobile pulling a tree.


Today the LEGO Group reveals the LEGO® Icons Alpine Lodge set, the perfect display set for the holiday season. A captivating addition to the holiday season that represents the essence of a quaint and whimsical winter wonderland, the LEGO Icons Alpine lodge is the latest addition to the Winter Village Collection.

This 1,517-piece set is packed with a host of wonderful features, the main being the snowy lodge, which is surrounded with warm interiors, such as a bar offering hot drinks, a cozy seating space in front of the fireplace and a little Christmas tree.

Excitingly, there is a light brick within the lodge, and it can be activated by pressing the top of the chimney, where it illuminates two different sections, the fireplace on the ground floor and the small fireplace in the child’s room. The outside space contains a small frozen pond with a wooden pier, snowman, trees, a desk where you can rent some ice


LEGO Icons Concorde (10318) Designer Video

LEGO has just released the designer video for the new LEGO Icons Concorde (10318). LEGO Designer Milan Madge and LEGO Element Designer Yoel Mazur talk about the details that went into the iconic plane such as the tilting nose and the tail. Real-life Concorde Pilot Jacky Ramon also chimes in of his experiences while flying the plane.


LEGO Updates Retiring Soon List – September 2023

LEGO has updated their Retiring Soon part of the LEGO Shop with a vast number of sets that will be going away soon. Some of the sets on the list have already been discounted which means that LEGO was having a hard time trying get rid of them as they were flops.


Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch (75571) – $44.99
Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson (75573) – $99.99


Fire Rescue Police Chase (60319) – $39.99
Fire Brigade (60321) – $99.99
Smashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop (60338) – $69.99
Double Loop Stunt Arena (60339) – $149.99
The Knockdown Stunt Challenge (60341) – $34.99
The Shark Attack Stunt Challenge (60342) – $34.99
Wild Animal Rescue Missions (60353) – $39.99
Water Police Detective Missions (60355) – $39.99
Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge (60357) – $59.99
Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge (60359) – $29.99
Spinning Stunt Challenge (60360)
Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge (60361) – $99.99


Bricks and Functions (11019) – $29.99

Creator 3-in-1

Street Racer (31127) – $19.99


Belle and the Beast’s Castle (43196) – $89.99
Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure (43208) – $44.99
Buzz Lightyear’s Planetary Mission (10962) – $29.99
Zyclops Chase (76830) – $19.99
Zurg Battle (76831) – $29.99
XL-15 Spaceship (76832) – $49.99


Creative Animal Drawer (41805) – $24.99
Bracelet Designer Mega Pack (41807) – $29.99
Mickey & Friends Bracelets Mega Pack (41947) – … Continue

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