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LEGO Indiana Jones Sets Officially Announced

Although we’ve seen some early images of the sets, LEGO has officially announced the return of the LEGO Indiana Jones theme with sets coming in April. There will be three sets based on scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Last Crusade. You may be wondering about the set for The Temple of Doom and LEGO didn’t say if it was cancelled or it will be released in the future but they have released a statement about it.

Throughout 2022, the LEGO Group worked closely with Lucasfilm to optimize our planned product line up for the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones product launches in April 2023.

As an outcome of this, we consolidated the launch to focus on three products (77012, 77013, 77015) that feature some of the most iconic scenes from the Indiana Jones franchise.

We hope our fans love the new range and can’t wait to get their hands on them.

Fighter Plane Chase (77012) – 387 pieces/$34.99

Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013) – 600 pieces/$39.99

Temple of the Golden Idol (77015) – 1,545 pieces/$149.99

The LEGO Group Reveals Three New Sets Inspired by Indiana Jones™

Pay homage to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade through brick building fun with three new sets launching April 1st
March 13, 2023- Indiana Jones™ returns to the LEGO portfolio with three new sets encompassing memorable moments from the franchise. Children and adults will have a chance to jump into the world of thrill and excitement


LEGO Indiana Jones 2023 Sets First Look has posted product listings of the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones sets. If you’ve been on social media the past week, you may have already seen images of it but if you haven’t yet, check them out below although they aren’t as clear. There’s also supposed to be a Temple of Doom set but there’s speculation of whether the release date has been changed or not.

The sets are scheduled to be released in the next few months so we’ll most likely see higher quality official images soon. There’s been reports of people purchasing them early in store but there was no picture of the receipt taken so we couldn’t post them at that time.

Fighter Plane Chase (77012) – 387 pieces

Escape From the Lost Tomb (77013) – 600 pieces

Temple of the Golden Idol (77015) – 1,545 pieces


Eight LEGO Indiana Jones Sets Rumored for Summer 2023

There some big pieces of news that came out yesterday, one of which includes the return of LEGO Indiana Jones theme in 2023. It was earlier reported that the theme that was codenamed “Coconut” was for it but was instead for the LEGO Avatar which comes out in a few months.

The return of LEGO Indiana Jones will consist of eight sets next summer, four for the older movies and the other four for Indiana Jones 5 which is set to be released on June 30. Below are the rumored sets from Promobricks that we could be seeing with the sets from the older films being updated and re-released from previous sets. Note that the images used are from the original sets.

Fighter Plane Chase (77012) – 387 pieces/$34.99

Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013) – 600 pieces/$39.99

The Temple of Doom (77014) – 801 pieces/$79.99


LEGO Indiana Jones Theme Rumored for 2022

There’s a new rumor that we could be seeing the return of the LEGO Indiana Jones theme later this year. StoneWars is reporting that an online ship has listed a range of sets (75571-75574) codenamed “Coconut” that will be releasing in October that suggests that the theme will make its return after 13 years. LEGO does codenames for various themes which includes “Banana” for Minions and “Leaf” for Super Mario and the coconut may be referencing the ones found in the LEGO Indiana Jones 2 video game. As always, these are purely rumors until LEGO announces them or images show up at an online shop.

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