LEGO Lab is testing a new service over in Denmark that lets you design your own LEGO City set. Here you can choose from a selection of minifigures, vehicles, buildings, and animals to put in the set. When you’re done with the selections, you can checkout normally on the LEGO Shop and LEGO will ship it out to you. The price is fixed at 649 kr. It looks like you’ll get a customized box with what you’ve chosen as well as your name on the bottom right corner.

I’m not sure if or when LEGO will roll it out to other countries but it seems like a cool idea to make your own set albeit with limited options. Hopefully they’ll get enough feedback to allow more options in the future.

To use LEGO Lab, you have to be in Denmark or VPN to it. The images below are from Brickset since I don’t use any VPNs.

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