LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 17 (71018) Highwayman Revealed

It looks like the Series 17 LEGO Collectible Minifigures (71018) have started to show up early in some places and we have a first look at the secret Highwayman minifigure that is included with wave. A user named lego_collector_dad has gotten a hold of the Highwayman at LEGOLAND Billund and he shown off the minifigure over on his Instagram page.

He has a black torso with dual molded legs. To complete the look he has a tricorn hat with a bandana, and a cape. The accessories include two Flintlock pistols. I’m not sure of all the secrecy behind it but he appears to be a fairly generic character.

**Via Reddit**

  • I see this making a great Headless Horseman with a trans-clear headpiece swapped in.

  • A spoiler warning would have been nice!

    • Scarilian

      Not really seeing the need for a spoiler warning

    • David4

      After 18 years of Star Wars I have something I need to tell you…

      Come on! Spoiler warning for a lame minifigure? Really?

    • I would have liked to only find out the details about this, when opening the pack. I don’t think the purpose of having a mystery figure is to simply have everybody know long before its release anyway.
      But whatever, the ship has sailed.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    That is actually a pretty nice figure. Too bad I don’t like most of this wave, but I guess I can just get this specifically.

  • Guyon van Oers

    looks like some kind of mix between a pirate and a assasin

  • Scarilian

    Looking at this, it looks fairly generic and bland. I expect the secrecy was simply a test to see whether the idea of hiding a figure would increase sales.

    Overall this wave as a whole seems pretty dull – likely it lost out in regards to the CMF’s as the Batman and Ninjago CMF’s probably got more attention.

  • chuckschwa

    it’s hard to tell, but his face looks similar to the Frightening Knight from series 15

  • Calen Bergren

    See, when I go to Google images and look up “highwayman,” I’m greeted by many images of a man astride a horse, with lace details and a bright red or blue coat. A mustache and a mask over his eyes is pretty common, too.

    As such, the bland blackness disappoints me. I expected a man straight out of Alfred Noyes poem. This is not worth the secrecy.

  • Denis Stich

    bloodborne lego

  • Bongo Beans

    Bah! Not “Darth Ted” after all – curses!

  • ZeeBricks

    Nice! I have to get this one!!

  • badbob001

    The only way for this to be a mystery is for people with no Internet access, very young children, or buyers who only purchases LEGO as gifts.